This is about when me and Pikachufreak have a rivalry side.


  • ThomasDuckPercyMarioLuigiandYoshiFan: Hi everybody! I'm Pikachufreak. I lived in a apartment with my friend RingoStarrandBrittAllcroftFan. It's good to see you again. I'm glad you're here. Today, Pikachufreak is visiting me. I'm gonna show him around, while RingoStarrandBrittAllcroft is away to visit BarneyandBJSeason3Fan. (hears doorbell) Coming! (opens the door and Pikachufreak is there) Oh, hi Pikachufreak,
  • Pikachufreak: Oh, hi. You must be ThomasDuckPercyMarioLuigiandYoshiFan, I've heard about you.
  • ThomasDuckPercyMarioLuigiandYoshiFan: Come in, and I'll show you all my things I play and watch.
  • Pikachufreak: Okay.
  • ThomasDuckPercyMarioLuigiandYoshiFan: Here is my Thomas VHS & DVD collection, with my homemade ones.
  • Pikachufreak: What narrators on your homemade ones?
  • ThomasDuckPercyMarioLuigiandYoshiFan: Ringo Starr narrated Season 1-2, George Carlin narrated Season 3-4, Alec Baldwin narrated Season 5-6 from 1999-2004, Michael Angelis narrated Season 5-7 from 2004-present and Michael Brandon narrated Season 8-present.
  • Pikachufreak: Oh!
  • ThomasDuckPercyMarioLuigiandYoshiFan: And here is my Barney VHS/DVD collection.
  • Pikachufreak: Wow!
  • ThomasDuckPercyMarioLuigiandYoshiFan: And here is my studio job at my basement. Also, it has my Thomas toy models.
  • Pikachufreak: Wow!
  • ThomasDuckPercyMarioLuigiandYoshiFan: And here is my


  • Why do you guys hate Pikachufreak? He's a nice user. What excatly did he do to you?

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