Cookie Monster was outside in the song for the spoof of "I've Gotta Be Me". When the blue monsters chime in, the sky turns pink with Grover, Ingrid, Lulu, Elmo, Grundgetta, Oscar, Telly, Herry, and the grouch culture for the sad number for Cookie Monster.

(from Episode 2909)

Characters Featured

  • Cookie Monster
  • Cookie's Mum
  • Cookie's Sister
  • Grover
  • Herry
  • Bruce
  • Ingrid
  • Maurice
  • Harvey-like character (with black eyebrows, white eyes, a green nose and no teeth)
  • Honker-like character (with googly eyes and no horns, instead of honking his nose, he likes to say "Ba-ba-ba-ba" or "Ahhhhh")
  • Rosita
  • Mel
  • Pino
  • Henry and Harry (two-headed monster)
  • Anyone's Nose singer
  • Ronnie (appears in episode 4200)
  • Telly Monster
  • Elmo
  • Maurice Monster
  • The Anything Monsters
  • The Martians
  • Lulu (early version)
  • Darvin (likes to dance with Bert)


Oh, Me Know It True

That Me So Blue

When You Far Away

And You Not Stay In View

But Then Again

Me Just As Blue When

You Standing So Near

And Me Right Here

With You

Me Gotta Be Blue

Me Gotta Be Blue

What Else Can Me Do

Me Wish Me Knew But Me Haven't A Clue

Me Gotta Be Blue

Now You Know It Not You

Who Make Me Blue

And Me Sing This Song To Pass Along The News

Yeah, My Mom You See (You See)

She Got Blue Family (Family)

She Give All She Worth

Just To Give Birth, To Blues

Ho-ho, Get It

Me Gotta Be Blue

Me Gotta Be Blue

Me And Me Sister Too

She Baby Blue

We 2 Monsters Who

Just Gotta Be Blue

(Spoken:) Once More With Feeling!

Me Gotta Be Blue

Me Gotta Be Blue

Oh, Scoo-doo-be-do

Me Glad It True

Me One Of The View

(Spoken Again): Big Finish!

Who Just Gotta Be Blue!



In the beginning, the sky turns blue for Cookie Monster when he looks sad. The sky turns pink and orange when the monsters chime in for the "Ba-ba-ba" parts.

Cookie sings "Oh, scoo-doo-be-do" instead of "Me and my family too".


Rosita, Mel, Pino, Henry and Harry, the Anyone's Nose singer, Ronnie, an early version of Lulu, and Darvin are new characters of the song for Cookie Monster in the spoof of "I've Gotta Be Me" sung by Sammy Davis Jr.

This song is a spoof of "I've Gotta Be Me" by Sammy Davis Jr.

Air Date

December 1, 1987

Update is September 28, 2012

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