Me Sophia is a Discordian language received from mysterious other-beings by The Prophet Wizard of The Crayon Cake. It is well-known for its utter ability to express any and absolutely everything, as well as being the most expressive and personally exciting language known to anyone anywhere.

Me Sophia is a very mystical language, shrouded in enigmas and enlightenments, and thus cannot simply be displayed for all to read. It is a long journey, a road of sorts, to higher understanding of the syntax and minutae. As such, the specific constructs of the language are not revealed by The Cake Prophet.

In the meantime, you can guess what the language looks like. Guessing about what the language looks like is a great way to learn it. Please edit this page with any guesses you might find under your bed or in your closet.

(The lack of) Words

Me Sophia is not confined to static "words" like many other languages are. In fact, Greyface was the first to introduce the concept of such words: a series of letters divided by the same amount of spaces with the same meaning. A very very boring concept to use for a language...

Me Sophia uses "schniggles" (spelled the same for both singular and plural, for Me Sophia has no distinction between the two), which may or may not consist of an entire letter, or an entire string of letters of varying length. Each schniggle carries with it certain properties that affect the properties of all other schniggles that it is "strung" to. Spaces do not define the boundaries of schniggles, as many schniggles will reach across spaces and fondle other "words" within its reach.

A single concept, formed by a collection of exactly five schniggles, is a protokus. Protokus have no definite shape or form, and they may not even consist of letters at all. Indeed, some protokus may consist entirely of spaces.

Some protokus may be sumprotokus, and others may be otherprotokus. The distinction will be revealed later.

By stringing protokus together like schniggles you may construct even larger and more ambiguous concepts. Such things are so complicated that they must not even be given a single, unifying name.

Where, when, and how schniggles line up to form protokus, and where, when, and how such protokus may form up into things-too-cimplicated-to-name, depends on the context, the pitch of the persons voice, how it is said, and how the listener interpreters it. The only rule is that there must most absolutely needs to be exactly and only FIVE schniggles in a protokus.

How can you stare such truths in the face and not be saddened by your ashamedness?
The nature of your character shall be reflected in your answer

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