Me and My Picture 3 is in production and the release for 2015 in 3D.

Ardamanrocks Info:

Me and My Picture 3 (Also called Me and My Picture: A new Partener or either Return of Joe) is an upcoming 3D movie. The cast from Me and My Picture and the second movie will return: Danny as Rich/Rick, Alex as Fletcher and Fergul as himself. The ghost crew will return.  It has'nt been confirmed if Undertaker will star in the movie wich could mean there may be a new villain. After production it will be annouced if Undertaker will return.


The story is not confirmed yet, but it will be soon. 

Linked from Me And My Picture 2.


Danny as Rich/Rick. 

Alex as Fletcher.

Fergul as himself.

Santino as Ghost # 1.

Kenity as Ghost # 2.

The Rock as Ghost # 3.

Big Show's role: Coming Soon!

By: Roc.


On May 19th, 2013 it was confirmed that Me and My Picture 3 was in production. The movie is being filmed with returning actors Danny, Alex the Lion and Fergul. The ghost crew are in it. Undertaker may or wo'nt return. When the production is to it's end it will be confirmed if Joe will return or not wich means Big Show will star as an new charectar.

Cast information

Danny will return as Rich/Rick, Alex will play Fletcher and Fergul will return.  Santino, Kenity, and The Rock will come back as the ghost crew. Joe will be in the movie again or either Big Show will star as a new partener. When the movie is complete, it will be confirmed if Joe will be in the movie again. 

By: Roc.

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