Meaty Is an Male Contestant, He is the Winner and Main Protagonist from Queen Island Adventures, He deciced to Invite everyone, but he Couldn't Because the Queen Island Dissapeared, his Arch-Emeny is Salty and Both Slaps Stronger, His Girlfriend on Stary (a Yellow Bright Star)


  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Meat (Possibly Ham Leg)
  • Aligment: Good
  • Team:
  1. QIA: Shartie Lemons (Formerly), Unknown Type.
  2. QIA2: Team-O-Planet.
  3. QIA3: Hot Powers (Formerly), Danger Zone.
  • Place: 1st (QIA), 17th (QIA2), 9th (QIA3).
  • Eliminated Ep: Winner (QIA), Ep: Bad Luck (QIA2), Ep: Find the Whale (QIA3)
  • Friends: Stary (Girlfriend), Jiggle (Best Friend), Glassy, Cap, Acorny, Pillowy, Gems, Magnety, Topy, Meaty's Speaker Box (His Own Speaker Box), Spikey, Butterfly (sometimes), Sparkball, Watermelon (Good Friend), Jellyflop, Camera & Goggles 
  • Enemies: Axeman, Salty (Arch-Enemy), Butterfly (sometimes), Knuckle, Shadow Blade, Sneaky, Fluffy, Calculator & Evil Meaty (Evil Twin)
  • Age: 10
  • Color: Red and Dark Red


Counterparts (Queen Island Adventures Version)

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