On line noticeboard for Medical Physics related info:

I still don't think anybody reads this

Well things seem to be going from bad to worse in the MP land, get out whilst the going's only bad i say!

Bang and the staff were gone!

If you want to add anything, just click the edit Tab! Easy as that!

Printer repair links

HP partsurfer


Pub! Pub on Friday?@!?!! - which one?....well generally the Johnson Arms these days...

Harley has got a job and says he's gonna write a bit for the noticeboard to keep us updated!

Hi Everyone, Not sure I can make the Friday Pub, but will try Things are going well here in Canada, Michelle and I are both working, I'm working as a Territory manager for JohnsonDiversey (huge, global company), which basically entails the service, repair and account management of industrial dish machines and laundry equipement - it's not as boring as it sounds and i'm actually enjoying it. The Photography is taking off fairly well! I have enrolled on yet another course, with the intention of taking it further and hopefully making some cash out of it. Well if med fizz has produced nothing else at least it now has a famous nerd, well done banrat! Take care all and I hope the merger works out well. Cheers. Harley

Just found a Cillit Bang Remix on a website and thought Harley would appreciate it: Harl, whattya mean you can't make the pub?!! That's not like you!

try this, just up Harleys street (a bit of breaking and entering!)

Does anybody read this???????? YES! Mar 2009! ;)

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