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WBC Markers:

White cell markers oversimplified:

     * PAS+ chunks ("blocks"): immature lymphocytes or M6 leukemia
     TdT: immature lymphocytes
     E-rosettes: T-cells

{16282} E-rosette, around a T-cell

CD4, CD8, others: T-cells (various kinds)

  • CD68: common macrophages

CD1a (T6): some T-cells, all Langerhans macrophages (* works best on frozen sections)

CD10 (CALLA): most B-cells

CD45 ("common leukocyte antigen"): all white cells (* exception: Reed Sternberg cells)

Surface Ig(M, etc): B-cells

kappa, lambda: B-cell, plasma cells

cytoplasmic Ig: plasma cells

nonspecific esterase: monocytes

Fc receptor: B-cells, monocytes

TRAP: hairy-cell leukemia

HLA-D/DR /Ia: Langerhans cells and other antigen-presenting macrophages; some other cells

lysozyme: monocytes

  • alpha1-antichymotrypsin: monocytes

erythrophagocytosis: monocytes

(myelo-)peroxidase: granulocytes

  • Sudan black: granulocytes
  • chloroacetate esterase: neutrophils, basophils, mast cells

platelet markers: megakaryocytes

  • PAS+ diffusely: erythrocytes, megakaryocytes/platelets
  • S-100, CD1/T6: dendritic ("Langerhans") macrophages
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