Firstly, there are 4 channels: MBC1 and 2, and RTM which took over TV3 and S4M (in Mountbattenish) to become RTM and RTM Mountbattenaeg in 2003. There also digital channels MBC News, MBC Sport, and RTM Plus.

As well as national TV channels, there are a few regional channels. There is CTV (Castlebridge), TFS (Shaftsbury broadcasting in Shafish), and MTV (Mina).

The island also has 1 national radio station MBC Radio 1 which broadcasts news and sports. There are many regional stations which broadcast music and talks about local issues. The oldest commercial radio station is Mina FM which started in 1987.



TV3 (Independent TV for Mountbatten Island)

The Beginning

The planning for a 3rd channel had already happened, but it wasn't until independence was declared that it was going to be called TV3. The planning for a 3rd channel started in 1978 and it was due to be called MTN (Mountbattenish Television Network), but due to 2 channels that were already in existence that became MBC1 and 2, it was felt a name change was a step in the right direction.



RTM Takeover

The Future

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