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PassportMD, a leader in the consumer-directed healthcare and personal health records (PHR) industry, provides personal attention and assistance for time-strapped individuals who want to directly manage the healthcare of themselves and their family members.

Physician recommended PassportMD uses state-of-the- art technology, including advanced medical records software, which makes managing the personal health records of individuals and their family members, a safe, secure and effortless process. With the touch of a button, PassportMD customers can instantaneously gain access to their own electronic medical records, as well as for their loved ones whom they take care of such as children and aging parents.

PassportMD eliminates the obstacles that can go along with traditional medical record systems, such as requesting, obtaining and storing medical chart notes—all without leaving home. PassportMD also assists customers with a wide variety of health related tasks such as keeping track of shots and vaccines; being provided with medication and rehab reminders; improving therapy by easily communicating medications, allergies and personal health history, as well as keeping records of doctor’s visits and interactive health bio’s for each member of the family. PassportMD also provides the latest in health and wellness information through Harvard Health Letters and other trusted sources.

Additionally, PassportMD provides an effective means of uploading and storing critical documentation such as living wills and advanced directives, all of which can be accessed and printed anytime and from anywhere.

Dr. Steven Hacker, founder of PassportMD, is a dedicated physician who strongly believes in the importance of family and personal “health and wellness” achieved through independence and empowerment.

In four short years, PassportMD continues to experience tremendous growth, establishing itself as the premier consumer directed healthcare portal. PassportMD has received top honors for best Personal Health Record (PHR) from the prestigious Medical Records Institute and was named “Most Innovative Travel Product” as selected by the Editor-in-Chief of Porthole Cruise Magazine two years in a row.

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