Mission 7: Medical Emergency

I apologize for any bad spelling/grammar/language etc. this was written by numerous people and may seem confusing.

Part 1: Medical Emergency

Hansman sat in his office doing nothing. It had been days since the last sign of action. All the action he had seen were 2 broken bones and a mile concusion when two officers bumped into eached other in the jefferies tubes. Suddenly the 'incomming transmission' allert go's off.

Computer: Incomming priorety 10 medical transmission from Starfleet Medical for Commander Bertus Hansman.

Hansman: Okay, computer. Lock sickbay, authorissation Hansman delta 09 5 and show open channel on my desktop computer.

the desktop computer screen blinks and the face of a young Commander comes on.

SM Commander: Bertus. First of all, I do not have time for chit chat now. Starfleet Medical has a teerible situation on our hands. One of our Cargo Vessels with AT56 has been hijacked wile on route to you for new experiments. The Firebreather needs to get that ship and its load back. This is a highly secret mission. So is the drug. You are the only one who has ever worked with it. This mission will be marked as level 10 medical. That means that, if you have to, you can take command over the Firebreather.

Hansman: George, I never knew about any new experiments with the drug. And I told you not to transport it. The drug is to unstable. Last time I blew up half the labratory. I spend six month in sickbay.

George (SM Commander): I know. That's why you get full controll over this mission. You know everything about this drug. I want it savely on the Firebreather ASAP. If you contact me about anything use an Secure medical Channel. Use MC 578 delta 1.

Hansman: Yes sir. Can I fill the Captain in about the mission?

George: Yes, you can. just tell him that it's a level 10 Medical mission. He should know enough then.

Hansman: Okay, where has the vessel been seen last? And who has hijacked it?

George: The Klingons. And the ship is on its way to a gas giant near Lorca. A planet 60 lightyears from Klingon Space. I suggest you head there ASAP. It would take you about 5 days to get to Lorca at Warp 8. Lorca is still in Federation Space.

Hansman: Okay. So Starbase 343 and Lorca are 5 days apart at warp 8? But Maximam warp is 7 in Federation Space.

George: I'm giving you permission to exede that.

Hansman: Thank you sir. Anything else?

George: no. Starfleet Medical out.

Hansman was terrified about this mission. He had not thought about AT56 for a while but he knows her dangers. He walked into sickbay.

Hansman: Computer. Lock all command stations on every deck. Allert the Captain to get to sickbay, the XO too. Only let them and me enter or leave Sickbay. Authorisation Starfleet Medical Department 154. Hansman delta 09 5. Allert the Starbase that we will auto dock. Inisiate auto dock sequense. Give me full Command.

Emily had been sitting in the second officers seat looking through some files when the screen froze and then went black a quick glance around the bridge told her that it was the same case everywhere she looked at the message that appeared on her screen "commander hansman has locked all command stations and requests an audience with the captain and XO to disscuss the next mission it involves a level 10 medical clearance" the computer chimed

Rantonia got up and with darino they headed to the turbolift "Am I being kept in the dark about something?" emily asked "I don't know sullivan I just don't know" rantonia replied "what is it?" "I just hope that what I am dreading is not what hansman wants to see me about Sullivan you have the bridge" then he said to the turbolift "deck 10 sickbay" the doors closed and the lift hummed off down to deck 10

Rantonia and Darino stood before Hansman as he explained the situation. "SO captain, what do we do?" he asked sternly. "First, unlock the command system, and second Darino, tell helm to set a course for Lorca, warp 8" he ordered. He patted his friends shoulder "Everythings gonna be fine!" he smiled at the CMO.

On the bridge Darino sat in the command chair and gave helm the order. Captain Rantonia was in his ready room. He was looking at PADDS about the drug AT56, this was obviously a dangerous mission. His door beeped and he looked up. "Enter" he said. Bertus walked in. "Commander!" he smiled and leaned back in his chair. "Problem?" he asked. "Er...yes" he said worriedly. "We are 4 days jouney away from Lorca but our sensors have picked up radiation from the AT56, whatever is carrying it is leaking it into space, we must hurry!" he warned. Rantonia looked shocked. He stood up and went onto the bridge. "Helm, speed up to warp 9.99!" He took his seat back from Darino and sat waiting for any updates. Hansman sat down in the third chair.

Hansman: Captain, I want to remind you that this information is on a need to know basis. As is everything we discus about this mission. I say what information goes to the crew and what not. It is a level 10 medical mission. That gives me the authorety to take command if you do not agree with this.

Rantonia: I know that Commander and I agre fully. AT56 is a dangerous drug. I hope that that cargo vessel is not leaking to much of it.

Hansman: Me nether. If a ship goes through it at high warp it might explode. That will be cathastrophic,

Rantonia: Then we must prefent that at all costs.

Hansman: Captain. Permission to take over Bridge command untill you have reviewed all the data and are ready to get back to the bridge?

Rantonia: This is your mission. Permission granted.

Hansman nodded and left the room. Ariving on the bridge he looked at darino.

Hansman: Okay, i'm taking over here. Darino, I want you on the XO seat. Sullivan, AXO seat. Science, Do you pick up any theta radiation?

Sciece Officer: Nosir, not anymore. Why?

Hansman: Need to know basis.

ScO: Aya sir.

Hansman lissten to the gossips on the bridge and thought that it was time to end it.

Hansman: Okay, veryone, lisstn up. I do not want any gossips or speculations while I'm in the command seat, nor in this entire mission. This mission is more then anyone of you will understand. Do your job and i'll be happy. I might even put you up for promotion with Captain Rantonia.

Coms. Officer: Commander, incomming transmission from Starfleet Command.

Hansman: On screen.

The screen blinks as the face of Admiral Peak comes on.

Peak: Commander Hansman, I could have known.

Hansman: I'm sorry sir. What could you have known, sir?

Peak: Hansman, You are the only Other Starfleet Officer who knows about AT..

Hansman: Sir, That is priviladged information. We'll discuse this in the Captains Ready room. Coms, transvere the transmission to the ready room.. Darino, you got the bridge.

Hansman enters the ready room and the Com's officer transveres the transmission the ready room. HAnsman sits infront of the Captain as the face of Peak comes on again.

Peak: As I was saying Hansman, you are the only other officer, with the exception of George nd me, who knows about AT56. You must have tipped those Klingons.

Hansman: I don't know were you got that rubbish.

Peak: You were realy angry when I stoped the AT56 project because it was a failure.

Rantonia: Admiral, I'm Captain Rantonia. I know Bertus. He would never steal a medicine.

Peak: Hansman, you've got 3 months to get it back savely. Or else, you'll be out of the service.

Hansman: but Admiral...

Peak: No buts. Peak out.

On the bridge it was all go and Karina was sat at her conn making sure all the systems were working. Habsman came out of the Captains ready room looking confused, he left for sickbay quickly. Travan was working hard at his conn and Sullivan was sat in the centre chair as Darino had finished her shift.

When it was the end of her shift Karina left to get some sleep in her quarters. She saw Saren as she went on her way. "So, like the ship?" she asked him. "Yeah, it's good, i like the crew too." He smiled at the pregnant officer. She smiled back and resumed her course to her quarters.

Karina walked past main engineering and felt a sharp pain in her back and rubbed the small bump on her belly. It happened again. She caught her breath and found she couldn't breathe normally and she stumbled into a turbolift before saying "Sickbay!" and she fell unconscious. The turbolift headed for sickbay.

Emily had left just after Saren arrived she left him in charge of the bridge and went down to sickbay where commander hansman had asked for her help she arrived a couple of minutes later

"well commander what do you want me to do?" she asked "I was wondering if you could go through all the files and erase all transmissions and messages between 12:00 today and 18:00 today" "Ok"

Emily set to work it was easy just press the wipe button then she picked up the last PADD she was wiping and saw something stand out the words AT56 this meant nothing to her but as she skimmed what the PADD displayed a few things became clear firstly this was a drug secondly it was clear that this was what peak had been going on aboutand after reading what it could do she could tell why it was so valuble to starfleet and why the mission was on a need to know basis a few things still had question marks next to them though like what was the drug for?, who had created it? and when had this drug been created?

She could hear hansman on his way round to check how she was doing when the doors flew open and a very ill looking karina rantonia stumbled through them quickly Emily switched the PADD with the AT56 info on it with one of her own blank ones and ran to help hansman as he got karina onto a biobed

Hansman grabbed his medical tricorder scanning Karina. He felt sorry for her. His tricorder bleeped and Hansman downloaded the data into the computer and watched the monitor. He looked at the data an started lauching. "Karina" he said lauching. "You've been foolled by your own body. You're experiansing Braxton-Hicks. False laybour."

"But it feels like real labour." She says screaming of pain.

"I know. Braxton Kicks is something we Meds do not know a lot about. The only thing we know is that its your body preparing you for the pain of laybour. I can give you a pain killer but that's all. I also want you here in sickbay for the next two weeks under observation."

"Please, a pain killer would be great."

Rantonia enters.

"Okay, i'll give you a anestatic too. You need to get some sleep." He prepared a Hypo with a pain killer and anastatic and injects Karina with it. "Now, just lay down and get some sleep. I'll get back here in a bit. Andre, can I talk to you for a moment. In my office?." Both officers walk into the CMO's office.

Rantonia: What's wrong with my Wive Bertus?

Hansman: Andre. She's fine. Just False Laybour. I'm more worried about her baby. It's growing to slow. It's only half the size it should be. Has Karina been busy since she got pregnant?

Rantonia: No, not more then usual.

Hansman: I'm sorry to ask but have you two had sexual contact this past 2 month?

Rantonia: We had in the beginning of last month but not after that why?

Hansman: False Laybour and slow growing can be caused by to much phisical actifety, included sex. I want Karina to stay in Sickbay for the next two weeks in total rest. then she can return to her quarters. Until the end of her pregnansy she won't do any though phisical exersises like ... sexual contact or her normal duties. i'm Sorry Andre.

Rantonia: I understand. If it's better for the baby then it has to be.

It was business as usual on the bridge and Saren was on the tactical console checking targeting scaners.Suddenly the controls were blocked and he couldn't do anything.He found out that Cmdr. Hansman blocked the controls.He didn't know what's that all about so he just waited and soon the controls were realesed again.Later that day Captain and CMO stormed in on the bridge and ordered to set a course to Lorca Warp 8.Later they paced up to warp 9.99 and Saren knew something wierd is going on on the ship.The heard from two officers that the ship is on the mission to retrieve some unknown drug.He decided to investigate and he logged on to his console.He tried to access the transmitions in the last 24 hours but he failed as everything was deleted.He only managed to retrive parts of the transmitions in textual format.He carefully reviewed them but didn't menage to connect anything until he came across one word that got his attention.He looked his console with a woried face as it clearly said "AT56".He knew some information about the drug while he was still a member of Tal Shiar.He didn't know much about it but he knew it is clasified and very dangerous. From the data he retrived he realised that someone hijacked the drug and that USS Firebreather was ordered to retrive it. He didn't want to tell the Captain that he knows more about the mission and he just continued his work but he was woried about what will happen on this mission...

Rantonia left sickbay to get back to the bridge. Karina had fallen a sleep and Bertus sat down in his office. "Starfleet Medical Log Stardate 58779mark5. For now only Captain Rantonia and me know about AT56. The firebreather is still on route to Lorca and we hope that we'll get there before those Klingons do. If not, we might have a problem. Still, we don't know what the klingons intend to do with the drug. They should not know what it is so it can't be much use to them. Computer, encrypt log, save and end."

Hansman leaves Sickbay and goes on his way to the bridge. Arriving there he walks to the Tactical Station. "Saren, Can I check your station for a moment? I will check all your stations." He says looking over the bridge. Saren steps away and Hansman stands behaind the controll pannel, pressing some buttons but he finds nothing out of the ordinary since he doesn't know anything about tactical exept for what he has learned at command school. He walks to the Science countill and checks the Sensors. Nothing out of the ordinary untill he sees an open file. Detailed sensor data about the Theta Radiation from the vessel.

"Traven. Follow me please." Hansman presses some buttons and the data is wiped out. He looks at Rantonia who nodds in the direction of his ready room so Hansman enters the room and Traven follows. He stits down behind the desk. "Lieutenant Traven. Did I give you permission to do those detailed scans of the Theta Radiation?"

"No sir. I was just curious why that Theta Radiation is so important and I found out that it is not just any Theta Radiation."

"Travan, I have the power to releave you of your duties and confine you to quarters if you talk about what you have seen in those scans. If I even hear one other Crewman talking about it I will know who to blaim. Now get back to your station and Don't talk about it. Dismissed."

The ship was just 2 days away from Lorca and Andre couldn't wait to be rid of the mission . He sat by his wifes bed hoping that she was OK, she was fast asleep (as was he). Hansman walked in quietly, but stirred Andre. "Bertus?" he asked sleepily. "I'm here" the Doctor replied. "What time is it?" Andre asked. "4 in the morning" Bertus replied. Andre sat up and looked at Karina. She'd been through hell recently, and now it was going to get worse as there were Klingons that they were chasing. "Does she show any signs of stress at 'home' Andre?" Bertus asked, breaking the silence. "Well, a few days ago she started obsessing about cleanliness, but is that stress?" he asked his friend. "Well, it'sprobably just her pregnancy but yes." the Doc replied. Andre stood up and straightened his uniform. (OOC: Picard esque!!!) "Will she be OK?" the CO asked Hansman tiredly. "I hope so my friend, I hope so." Andsre smiled at his best friend and sat back down next to his wife and fell asleep again.

Emily was in the centre chair which was where she had been since midnight not one other senior officer was on the bridge Travan was inhis quarters the captain,karina and hansman were all in sickbay,darino was likely having a drink she was due up on the bridge any minute Saren was likely on the holodeck.

"ma'am I'm picking up some radiation dead ahead" the science officer said "readings?" "unusaul" "how?" "its more concentrated than normal radiation"

Emily downloaded the scans to her console and sent them to commander Hansman in sickbay with the message I think we have found the stronger part of the drug.

suddenly the ship stopped "what is going on?" Emily yelled at the helmsman " the radiation is affecting both impulse and warp power we're losing them both we've had to drop out of warp to compensate but we are right in the middle of it" " well how do we get through?" "drift" "ok"

Emily left the bridge soon after and headed to her home on the ship it waas the marine area when she entered O'Reilly passed her a cat "whats this?" Emily asked "something that corporal Waters left to you in his will"

Emily looked at the name tag it said Emma on it ok she thought

Hansman reviewed the sensor data that had been send to him. This is it. I know that radiation signature anywhere. Quitely Hansman moved out of sickbay and went to the bridge. "Hansman to the bridge. I'm taking over command now until the Captain returns. Order the ship to yellow alert status and be ready for anything. Calibarate the schields to frequenty 157A554. Hansman out." "Deck one. Bridge" The turbolift started moving towards the bridge.


Ensign Jan Vink Stood up from the CO's seat. It whas Gamma Shift, his first command shift. He was pretty nervious about it. "Commander on the bridge" the young ensign said.

Hansman surfaide the bridge. All stations were normaly manned so Bertus walked to the CO's seat. "Ensign Vink. Will you be my first officer until anyone else of the Senior staff comes to the bridge?"

"I would be hounerd to, Sir. I always thought of you as a great leader. It's a pitty that you gave up your Command Position, sir." The ensign said, sitting down on the XO seat. Hansman sat down too.

"That you ensign. I know I am a good XO, my heart is just in medicine, and that is where it will always be. But when the time comes I'll return to the command staff. And now, why is the ship not a Yellow Allert Status yet?" Hansman said pressing his arm council, transferring the command protocols to his name.

Jan jumped up from his seat. "All Hands, this is Temporary XO Jan Vin, Yellow Allert." The yellow allert claxon blew twice.

Hansman sat in the Command Chair. The ship was drifting towards the coördinates of the radiation. Everythin went very slowly. The Turbolift doors opened and Lieutenant Commander Sullivan entered the bridge. Hansman lookd back and stood up. Miss Sullivan, can I talk to you in private please? The Captain's readyroom is free."

Both officers stepped into the room. Hansman sat behind the desk and Sullivan sat in the ther chair. "Emily. As you know, this mission we are on is highly secret. I can't have officers going thought classified data. I ORDERED you to DELETE those files. Not to READ them. Where on earth did you get the idea to go through it."

"Sir..." She's cut off by Hansman.

"Silence. I won't tolerate insubordination in this mission and I'm sure that Captain Rantonia won't ether. Therefore I have to relieve you of your duties for the remainder of this mission and confine you to quarters. You will not be allowed to talk to anyone of the crew nor anyone outside the crew until this mission is over. Once every day you will be allouwed to leave your quarters for an hour under security escort. Did I make my self clear?"

(ok now for sullivans part)

Emily stood up and looked him straight in the eye there he was sat in the captains chair acting just like a captain would giving her the hardest punishment ever *am I going to take this?* she thought

  • no of course not*

She smiled the two of them were the best of friends but here the mission was the priority but she had a couple of tricks left for one thing she could guess that the bridge could hear this quite clearly She drew closer to the desk. "commander the crew has been kept in the dark long enough its about time they knew something" she said "no can you imagine what the crew would think if they found out what that drug is capable of?" "as far as I am concerned I outrank you" "no you don't starfleet gave me the right to overrule the CO if nessercary" " so" "so you can't speak to me like that" by now both of them were very close to loosing their tempers "do you know what the crew would make of it if they saw me going around under security guard?" "no what" hansman snapped "they would know something had happened and would probably ask questions" she turned to go

Hansman sighed she had won and he knew it "Emily" he said "yes what" " ok you are relieved of duty for two days you have not got off lightly this will be reported to starfleet and may result in court marshall in fact it probably will it is still insubordination. you will be free to go about the ship as you will but one more strike and your in the brig ok? however your quarters will be under guard" "sir" "one more thing" "what?" " clever way of sneaking the infomation out of sickbay" " didn't work though" " it never would have"

Emily knew what she would have done if it was a non federation person she woould have pulled her phaaser out but as it was a friend she left 2 days wasn't that long anyway and hansman would probably reinstate the full mission ban if she put one foot wrong however she still had the PADD which she dropped under the tactical conn and then left the bridge hoping that Saren had noticed

Saren was standing by the tactical station and Cmdr.Hansman was on the command chair when Lt.Col.Sullivan entered the bridge.Hansman stood up and called Sullivan in captain's ready room.While Sullivan passed by the tactical station she dropped a PADD and Saren seen it and grabbed it.He wanted to tell Sullivan that she dropped a PADD but both of the officers already left the bridge.He looked at the PADD and saw important information about their current mission.He looked around and saw an Ensign standing near him:"Take my place on the bridge Ensign,I have important thing to do."Ensign just looked at him confused and approached the tactical station while Saren rushed out. He headed to his quarters and rewiewed the PADD.He was surprised how dangerous was that drug.He felt the crew had the right to know what kind of danger they were dealing with.He just couldn't belive this kind of things happen on a federation ship too. "Computer,locate lt.Col Emily Sullivan." "Lt.Col.Emily Sullivan is in her quarters." He headed there,pressed the bell and heard "Come in" from the other side of the door. "Oh it's you Saren,did you find the PADD i'm relived of duty for two days becuse of it." "This is very serious,i agree the rest of the crew should know about it." "What should we do?" "I'm relived of duty so you'll have to show it to the other senior officers,they deserve to know." "I understand." Saren then walked to the door but he turned around again as he heard Sullivan's voice. "Good luck Saren,and don't get caught." "Thanks,i wont." Saren exited the room...

Hansman returned to the command chair and reviewed the bridge. "Ensign. Where is Saren? The tactical Officer?" He asked to the ensign.

"She left the bridge after looking in a misterious way at a PADD Lieutenant Conoll Sullivan had dropped, sir."

Hansman pressed his combadge. "Commander Hansman to Lieutenant Saren" There was no responce. "Commander Hansman to Lieutenant Saren. Come in please" Again no responce. "Computer, locate Lieutenent Saren"

"Lieutenant Saren is in Lieutenant Colonel Sullivans qarters."

"Can you open a listent channel to that quarters? Authorisation Hansman delta 5 05 and relay it to the captains ready room." He left the bridge again and sat down in the CAptains ready room.

Saren: "We'll have to do it quietly. Hansman should not get to know anything. That will be a disaster"

Sullivan: "Saren. I don't want you do it unless you realy want to. It's dangerous. If he gets you he'll court martial us both. Sometimes I think he's gone mad. Taking over the bridge like he's in the command staff. Okay, he commands the gamma shift but that's it"

Saren: "I know what you mean. Ill go to Darino. show him the PADD"

Hansman had had enought. "Computer, close channel and send Captain Rantonia up here ASAP. Report him a security breach." The computer bleeped in acknowledgement.

"saren wait" Emily said "what?" "darino will be hard to approache lets send it through the computer system to her" "ok"

the job was done in five minutes then she headed to the marine area where O'Reilly had the platoon all armed up

"we're all set" he said "good now i'll get my gear on then we move" Emily went into the changing rooms and was out in her marine outfit in a few minutes.

"computer lock all entrances that lead into this area no one is to enter without my authority even the captain"

the computer did as it was asked

and Emily wasn't surprised when she heard a commotion outside it was Hansman and a security detail

"what now?" Saren asked " the crew finds out in one go" Emily moved to the wall and pressed the button which allowed her to transmit to all the comms on the ship

"computer allow commander hansman to enter" the turning to the marines she said "set for stun"

Hansman entered and was obviously furious

"Emily what you and Saren have done could result in a court marshall" he bellowed " we know" Hansman was clearly oblivious that everything he said could be heard all over the ship "why?" he said " the crew has a right to know" "about the drug?" "which drug" Emily said cleverly Hansman motioned for the security detail to leave then emily motioned the marines away "The AT56 the drug that was designed to cure all illnesses" "if its that good why are we chasing it" "because if its misused then it destroys everything around it and thats probaby what the klingons will do"

Emily was grinning inside he had fallen right into her trap all the crew now knew about it

Hansman stood in amazemen when he saw the comms light burning on the comspannel. He knew that he had gone right in a trap. "Lieutenant Collonell Sullivan. Close that com and step away from the pannel. Lower your phaser." The commander said with a verm voice.

"I will not be puniched for my actions. The Crew had the right to know." Slowly she raise her phaser riffle. As a reaction the security detail raised their phasers to. So did Hansman.

"I don't want to do this Emily. But if you don't leave me a choice I will. You are allready relieved from duty. Do you want to get coart martialled too?" Slowly hansman stepped forward. then Rantonia stepped in.

"What the hell is going on here. Both of you. Drop your weopons. i'm still the Captain here." He said walking to the two officers.

Rantonia called both of them into his ready room. "Now both of you i do not tolerate this kind of action on my ship! Bertus explain!" The CMO stayed silent. "Miss. Sullivan?" Rantonia questioned. She remained silent. "Lieutenant Colonel...Is this not the 3rd time you have breached starfleet regulations. Have you not been suspended from duty _twice_?!" Rantonia sounded perplexed. "Bertus you are on probation, threaten a crew member or do something i find wrong once more and you will be suspended! Do i make myself clear?" he asked. "Yes sir" the Doctor repleid. "Good, you may leave Doctor." he turned back to Sullivan. "I have a mind to report you to starfleet and have you sectioned. But i won't do that, instead you are suspended from duty for the time being and you will face a starfleet hearing at the end of this mission and if you ever get into trouble again, you will be reported to starfleet and demoted, hear me!" he bellowed. "Yes sir." Sullivan turned and left and Andre sat down in his chair and winced in pain, he tapped his commbadge, "Bertus!" he gritted his teeth in pain. "Come back!" in the turbolift Hansman heard the Captains call. "Computer stop current course, Bridge!!" he ordered. The lift changed directions and Hansman rushed to Andres ready room.

A few hours later Andre was in sickbay. "You had a minor heart attack Andre, nothing to worry about"

Hansman: For now it was a mild heart attack. It can be caused by severe stress or if you are worried a lot. Severe fright or angryness can cause it too.

Rantonia: Well, you two serrtenly have caused severe angryness today.

Hansman: I would like to hold you here under observation fot the next week sir. To see if there is any chance that you get more.

Rantonia: Okay.

Rantonia looks at the face of Bertus.

Rantonia: You ain't gonna do what I think you are thinking about are you?

Hansman: Well. A heart attack is reason enough sir. Starfleet Regulations state that i'm supposed to do it after the CO gets a heart attack.

Emily had cooled off for a couple of days and was looking around the ship in uniform for the first time in what seemed like an age to her. well at least she was back where she belonged she had been met in her office with a collosal pile of PADDS normal office stuff except for one which contained infomation about her hearing she read it then she had a couple of things to do.

she headed off to the crew lounge and found just who she was looking for sitting at the far table she went over

"if you're here to argue take it eleswhere Sullivan" Hansman said as she sat down "well I was going to apologise but if you want to argue I'm always up for it" she replied "no I'm not" " interesting clash of morals though" he continued "what?" Emily asked " you're moral of informing everyone precisely what the mission is compared to my need to know basis" "yeah" "so go on apologise"

After the incident where Sullivang was relived of duty Saren quietly backed of and returned to duty.He was very surprised that he wasn't relived of duty too as he was involved just as much as Lt.Col.Sullivan. After his shift he found Emily in the crew's lounge. Saren: "May i join you?" Sullivan: "Sure." Saren: "So, your'e relived of duty again." Sullivan: "As you can see..." Saren: "I got of easily,if i was on a Romulan ship i would already be running away." Sullivan: "They must have forgotten you." Saren: "Well I just hope they won't remember.We accomplished our goal though." Sullivan:"I just did it beacuse i thought it was the right thing to do." Saren: "Even if it brakes the rules...We are alot alike Lt.Col." Saren: "It will be exiciting working with you..." Sullivan: "Yes it will." Saren: "Well i got to go,see you on duty soon." Sullivan: "I hope so."

Hansman went back to his the bridge. Getting up there he noticed Darino sitting in the Command Chair with noone besides him. "Sir, Permission to take first officers chair" Hansman asked.

"Permission granted. So lonely without someone to chat to."

Hansman took the first officers chair. "Sir, you know that Lieutenent Colonell Sullivan has been relieved from duty?"

"She is? Well, I thought it might come to that. Hansman, ntil she returns you are officialy the Second Officer now."

"Aya sir. i'll do my best to complete the duties involved."

Emily had been in the gym that morning just doing her daily exercises when the bar of the weights broke and fell on her foot "darn" she said to herself she tapped her combadge and after several attempts found who she was looking for

"commander hansman" she said " what is it sullivan?" "I think I have a broken ankle" "i'll be there in five minutes"

five minutes later hansman was wrapping up Emilys ankle when Emily said "I think I owe you an apology commander" "you sure do" "what is it its not serious?" " I hope not so you were saying?" "I would like to say sorry for digging into information that was none of my business and then for broadcasting it to everyone on the ship"

"Emily, You know I will forgive you. We're friends. But don't you ever pull that one on me again."

"I won't Bertus, i've learned my lesson."

"One last thing. Did you realy think I wouldn't notice the transmission light?"

{20 minutes later. Sickbay}

after 10 minutes of examination hansman is sure bout the diagnosis. "You've broken you ankle Emily. You won't be back on your feet for at least 2 weeks. even with modern medicine we cant heal a bone 100%. It has to heal by it self. Stay here till it's better."

Emily lay on the Biobed well she couldn't exacly go anywhere with a broken ankle but at least O'Reilly was paying her a visit and had given her laptop to look at the marines training exercises she was giggling she handed him some notes she had made

" just tell them not to charge headlong into gas its the worst mistake you could make" She said

"well any idea when you will be back?"

"not yet"

"oh by the way details of your hearing came through" he said handing her a PADD


He turned to leave

"sargent" Emily said he turned " tell cunningham to keep his arm straight while hes shooting"

O'Reilly laughed and exited the room

Emily lay back she was unaccustommed to sickbay this was only the second time in her life that she had been here the last time was on the Athena when her implants had been removed and her entire left arm replaced with an artificial one she immediately shut that out of her mind that just brought back memories of borg cubes and of her seeing her parents assimilated right infront of her then the drone version of her father assimilating her.

One of her hands shot to her neck she ran her fingers down to two scars where the nanite injectors had gone in to her then she fell asleep and unsurprisingly dreamt about her time as a borg and the ones she had killed when she had been on the athena.

Hansman sat in his office doeing nothing. The ship was pretty near to lorca, only 4 more hours to go. Rantonia was sleeping nicely, Sullivan ws reading a marines report and a random ensign started his sickbay shift. Bertus was reading a book, 2381 years of earth's history, was it called. Very interesting.

"Bertus" The sleepy voice of Captain Rantonia from sickbay. "Bertus, In 4 hours we will arive at Lorca. I want you onthe bridge with Darino at that time."

Bertus entered sickbay. "Andre, you need to get some sleep. You need to rest." He got a hypospray and injected Rantonia with a spleeping aid.

Emily still had a couple of days left in sickbay with her broken ankle she knew that by next week she would be able to walk on it she hoped that anyway she could see the two rantonias on the opposite side of sickbay from her hansman must have gone up to the bridge as the captain had asked him to she thought when she couldn't see him around sickbay suddenly she felt the ship jolt to a stop she glanced at her watch captain rantonia had said four hours to lorca at 22:00 they were not even close it was 11:30 what the heck was going on?

" O'Reilly" she said into her combadge "yeah?" "find out whats happened and report it to me as soon as possible" "sure thing Emily out"

The ship was traveling trough space in warp speed towards Lorca system The bridge was very quiet.After the incident that exposed Hansman's secret mission to the whole crew everyone was quiet and serious.Saren was standing by the tactical console watching the stars on the view screen.He looked around the bridge and didn't see any senior crew.He boosted his targeting scanners to detect cloaked ships more quicker. He assumed that they will have business with the Klingons in the near future. Saren:Helm,status. Helmsman(NPC):We're 22 hours from lorca system. Saren:We are getting closer... Ensign(NPC):Sir your bridge shift is over,you may leave if you like. Saren:That's ok Ensign,i'll take over your shift. Enisgn:Aye sir. Saren:You're dismissed.

Saren didn't want to miss any action until they reach Lorca.He continued to scan for anything that could be a cloacked ship, he knew the Klingons could be anywere...

Helmsman:"We're in Lorca system in 5 minutes" Saren:"I'll be right there,Saren out"

Saren arrived on the bridge and walked to the tactical console. He saw most of the senior crew there and Hansman on the bridge. Helmsman:Entering Lorca.

Hansman:Slow to half impulse.

Saren:I'm not detecting any ships in the system sir.

Travan:"I'm detecting fresh warp signatures here.Let's go a little closer there could be ships sitting around these moons.

Hansman:Helm,bring us closer.

Saren:Still nothing...aha...i'm detecting a ship behind the third moon..

Hansman:Helm bring us into weapons range,shields up!

Saren:It's a...Ferengi Marauder.

Hansman:Ferengi...!?hail them.

Ferengi Captain(NPC):Fedration vessel,what do you want?!

Hansman:I'm Commander Hansman,we need to ask you a few questions.

Ferengi Captain:I doubt that we can help you but ask anyway.

Hansman:Did you see any Klingons or any other ships with a susspicious cargo?

Ferengi Captain:I'm afraid i can't help you we were just passing trough this system.

Saren:Why were you hiding then?

Ferengi Captain:I don't have time to explain we are in a hurry, computer close channel!

Saren:We can let them leave Commander,their hiding something.

Hansman:Set an intercept course.

Saren:I suggest we use a tractor beam.

Hansman:Do it.

Saren:Tractor beam engaged,we got them!

The channel opens again.

Ferengi Captain:What are you doing we told you everything we know, you have no right to hold us!

Hansman:I don't belive you,now speak the truth!

Ferengi Captain:We know nothing,you can hold us as long as you like! Computer close channel!

Hansman:Oh Ferengi,they are so annoying!

Saren:Let me handle this.

Hansman:What do you have on your mind?

Saren:You'll see...Helm redirect helm control to tactical console. Ok,inputing coordinates...rotating tractor beam...done.

Hansman:Now what?

Saren:We wait.

 :: 30 seconds later ::

The channel opens yet again.

Ferengi Captain:What are you doing?!Don't you see your heading towards the asteroid!You'll crash us both!!!

Saren:What asteroid?I'm not detecting an asteroid on this cooordinates... Travan are you detecting anything?*Gives him a signal*

Travan:Nope,there is nothing ahead.

Ferengi Captain:...Stop!Stop!I'll tell anything i know!Just stop!

Saren:All stop.Ok now speak up!

Ferengi Captain:They were three Klingon ships here and we provided them with transport services.

Hansman:And i suppose you didn't ask what cargo your ships were transporting.

Ferengi Captain:Offcourse not!We respect our costumer's privacy.

Hansman:And were are they headed!

Ferengi Captain:Costumer's privacy,remember.

Saren:Increasing to half impulse.

Ferengi Captain:Ok,ok...they're headed to the Belaruz system, now let us go!


Saren:*Evil grin on his face*It was nice doing business with you. Dissengageing tractor beam!

Ferengi Captain:Well,i can't say the same to you.

Hansman:Just go away,and you better don't run into us again.

Ferengi Captain:With pleasure!Close Channel.

Saren:Shall i set course for the Belaruz system?

The ship was warping to it's new location and the bridge was quiet again after the recent action.Saren just finished his ship on the bridge and finaly decided he needs some rest. Just then Commander Hansman apeared on the bridge. Hansman:Can we talk for a minute Saren? Saren:Ok. The two officers headed to the turbo lift. Saren:First of all i would like to thank you for not suspending me that day.I still think it's better this way and i know the crew will do their best now that they know what danger lays ahead. Hansman:I have my orders too,you know...your method today was... how should i say it...interesting. Saren:Feel free to tell me when i'm out of line,i'm still adjusting to federation rules. Hansman:Ok...i will. Saren:I want you to know you can trust me... I know it will be a pleasure working with you Mr.Hansman...

  • the turbolift chimes*well this is where i get off...see you later.

Hansman:Ok Saren. Saren runs off and Hansman stays in the turbolift and the doors close.

Into the nebula the ship went constantly looking for any signs

of the klingons Emily was still in the command chair Travan was running standard scans on the nebula at all times saren had the weapons ready and the helmsman was in cruise mode everything semed ok then a flurry of disruptor shots hit the ships starboard bow

"klingons off the starboard bow ma'am" Saren said "return fire" Emily said "target their sheilds" "yes ma'am"

the firebreather fired and damaged the bird of preys sheilds "enemy sheilds down to 45%" Saren said "fire 4 photons across his bow"

seconds later "enemy sheilds down" Saren said breathlessly "Emily i'm detecting a power surge in the enemy forward torpedoe tube its reading as the AT56" Travan said "on screen"

it was true alright the at56 was being launched at them "what damage could that cause to the ship if it hit us?" Emily asked "around 98% hull integrity damage sheilds down sensors inoperable..." Travan started but Emily cut in "ok I get the picture Saren" she said turning to him "what do we have that could take that weapon system out in a single shot?" "its fired" "ok then what do we have that could disperse it?" " a spread of quantum torpedoes should do the job" "ok then Saren fire" the quantums were launched the impact on the AT56 was unbelieveable the drug dispersed in a matter of seconds "travan beam as much of the drug aboard as you can put it in a level 1 security field" "yes ma'am" "saren blow that bird of prey out of the water before it causes anymore damage" "you sure?" "yes" "ok then firing"

the bird of prey went up in a shower of explosions "ensign go and tell hansman and the captain what happened" then she said "helm set course for Earth I have a Court marshall to attend"

(a few days later in starfleet headquarters Emilys Court marshall sentencing)

Admiral Peak was presiding he had been anyway it was right at the end and he had to pass sentence on Emily. Emily looked across the room at hansman who had been putting the case against her to the admiral he was obviously upset at having to prosecute a friend she was musing over this when peak started his speech.

"It seems to me LT COL that you have compromised a mission twice firstly by reading infomation that was not for you to read and secondly you broadcast the infomation over the entire ship then you have disobeyed direct mission orders to bring the cargo back intact at the full amount you only brought back a quarter of it however furthermore you have narrowly escaped jepodizing the federations relations with the klingons the list is nearly endless. I hereby sentence you to being relieved of your duties indefinitely as for your accomplice..." Emily flashed a look at hansman who cut in "there was no other person sir she did it on her own" "alright then sentence is passed"

Part 2: Going to Court

Hansman looked at the admiral, and from the admiral to Emily. suspended from duty indefenetly. The sentence went through his mind again and again and again. He knew that it was Emily's own fault but he, unwillingly, felt bad. He knew that Emily would feel even worse then she allready did. He looked in her eye's, seeing a few small tears creating in her eyes.

Admiral Peak stood up and all Officers in the room stood at attention. When Peak had left the room Hansman walked to the exit too. Halfway there he was stopped by Rantonia. "Bertus, I suggest that you take a few days off. These last few days have been hard on you. The drug and stuff."

"But captain..." He's cut off by Andre.

"That's not a request commander." He walked away and left the room. Hansman walked to Emily.

"Emily, Will you have dinner with me tonight?"

Emily had done a double take at the question but when she

finally had a think about it she looked at him and said "yes of course" "ok then holodeck at 8pm?" he asked "yeah ok"

(sullivans quarters)

Emily had changed into normal clothes and was sitting down and musing about having dinner with Hansman she had always been advised that as a marine CO you had to try and keep away from becoming good friends with someone as you could die at any moment but she discarded this straight away then she went to the holodeck and found Hansman waiting for her


they were eating and hadn't talked a lot as Emily seemed distracted Hansman noticed "you seem distracted tonight" he said " I'm fine I.. I don't know i was always advised to keep away from friendships" "well your advisor must have been daft" " Bertus this is a new expierience to me normally when i'm in the holodeck i'm working with the marines and i'm used to them I eat practically every meal with them" " I know people tense up from time to time" "Bertus I've been fighting ever since I was freed from the collective I see the people i've killed everywhere I had to endure watching my father be assimilated then I had to allow him to assimilate me I have the marks. I was only just getting my life together when this happened" "still you did the right thing in the end" "what?" "you did what nobody else could probably have done" "which is?" "you destroyed the AT56 well at least three quarters of it" "why could only I have done it?" "its in your nature to be independant from everybody else therefore you were most likely to disobey starfleet orders" "anyone could have done that" "yes but you were more likely"

Andre sat in the Crew Lounge, talking to Admiral Peak. "Drink?"

Andre asked. "Yes please, good old beer please" Andre brought two beers over to the table and the two officers started talking. "Nice ship Captain" Peak complimented. "Thankyou sir" Andre said, they continued talking for a while and had quite a bit to drink. Peak was talking gibberish while Andre was drinking rynthenol. "So, about this AT56." Andre said. "Fire away!" Peak said drunkenly. "How do you think the klingons got it?" Andre asked. He winked at another officer behind Peak and that officer started writing something down. "Well, i thought it would be a fun way to test staff loyalty, s secretly i left piles of the stuff in an open room, and spread a bit of gossip, the klingons came the next day and , hey presto. The officer behind peak stood upand spoke. "Admiral Peak, i am arresting you for high treason of STarfleet Command..."

Part 3: High Treason

Emily and Hansman were still enjoying dinner when Bertus' combadge went off. "Security to Commander. Please report to the brig sir. We have arrested Admiral Peak. Starfleet Directive 042Alpha is in place." Hansman jumped up. High treason? He thought. This could get fun.

He walked to the door. "Lieutenant Colonel, you're with me and returned to active duty right away." He saw Emily's non understanding look. "Just trust me on this one. Peak's authorety has just been take away. So follow me."

Both officers left the hollodeck and entered the turbolift. "Deck 9. Brig." Hansman said. After a few moments they arrived and both officers entered the Brig room.

"Bertus." Andre said, seeing Hansman enter. "Welcome back Emily."

Emily stood there as Rantonia explained everything that had happened when he had talked with Peak in the crew lounge during this Peak was consistently protesting his innocence when Rantonia had finished Peak burst out "I demand to be released at once" Rantonia nodded at Emily "Sorry Peak but you have no authority here" she replied "I out..." Peak began "computer beam his pips out of there" Emily said Peaks pips disappeared right off him and appeared in Emilys hand she crushed them with her shoe "now you listen to me peak throughout today you have put me through hell this afteernoon I had no future in starfleet the silver lining was that at least the crew wouldn't have to say goodbye to me as I would have remained on the firebreather as a civilian but that wouldn't have been the same as I told commander Hansman earlier fighting is my life I don't know anything else well at least I didn't until a couple of hours ago when I finally understood the word friendship. So don't think for one moment that i will listen to you and from looking at you it would seem to anyone that we have the power so I am obliged to let captain Rantonia charge you"

Rantonia stepped forwards "Admiral Peak you are charged with the following breach of starfleet protocol,high treason against the federation,high treason against starfleet and conspiricy to high treason against the klingon high council"

Part 4: Character Development

Andre stood and watched as Starfleet security took Peak away. "Emily, you're back on duty." he smiled.

(A few days later, BACK ON EARTH)

For the first time Andre was back on earth with his wife. Suddenly an old-ish officer caught Andres attention. "Captain!" he said in a broad Irish accent. "Yes?" andre replied. "I'm Lt.(jg) Cooligan, i've been told by Admiral Ryan that i am to join your ship". the Irishman shook Andres hand vigourously. "Your welcome" Andre said. "Thankyou!" Cooligan picked up his bags and moved off to his quarters. "ANdre smiled at Karina, who winced slightly which caused Andre to look worried, "Go and lie down" he said careingly.

Toran walked the many halls of the Firebreather, just looking around, in wonderment at its beauty. His belongings had been delivered to his quarters, and even though he had yet to unpack, he had one place he wanted to see before he headed to his new home. Sickbay was up ahead, and before Toran walked through the doors, he took a deep breath, and staightened his uniform.

There is a strange feeling that's experienced when a doctor catches his or her first glance at the sickbay on a new ship. A sense of pride perhaps? It is uncertain, but whatever it was, coursed through Toran's veins as the doors slid open. "Oh my!" he whispered. The noise of the older man caused a tall gentleman to turn. His head was covered in wavy brown hair, and his eyes were green, the shade not disimiliar to his own. "May I help you sir?" the tall man asked. Toran nodded, a small smile playing on his face. "Aye! Perhaps ya can!" he said. "My name is Dr. Toran Cooligan, the new Chief Administrator of Medicine aboard this fine vessel. I was just having a look at the sickbay aboard her, and from what I see, it is a fine one at that! Now, if you dont mind me askin sir, what be your name?" "It is a pleasure to meet you doctor. My name is Commander Hansman, I am the executive officer here aboard the Firebreather." "Well then sir, the pleasure is all mine. I wont be botherin you then, I'll be off to unpack, but I must say, it is an honor sir." "The feeling is mutual doctor. Good day." Toran bowed his head in respect, and headed out the door, for he knew that it would take him quite a while to settle in, and he best get at it.....

Emily walked into sickbay "commander you haven't seen that new crewmember anywhere have you?" she asked "he was in here about half an hour ago but I haven't seen him since then" " any idea where he went?" "probably to unpack then i asked if he could come back in an hour" "right" " because a crewman didn't turn up for duty" " again?" "yes" " if you see the new guy just point him in my direction so I can go through a few things with him" "I will"

Emily left and went up to the bridge which had become home recently as she seemed to spend more time in the command chair than anyone recently what with Bertus being temporary cheif medical officer and the captains heart attack. she sat back thinking what the ship needed to do "ok everyone I want a full diagnostic ran on all systems while we still have the oppotunitie to do so the results of which are to be given to the captain,commander hansman or myself depending which one of us is on the bridge when the results come through"

Toran sighed as he set a picture upon a shelf, and tenderly traced the outline of his wife's soft face. Rheannan Cooligan was the sweetest woman he had ever met, and had ever loved. They had been married for thirty years before cancer racked her body, and finally called for her life. She had been a passionate woman, filled with fire for truth and justice, and he loved her, and still wore the band of marriage on his finger, even though she had been gone for four years.

Wiping a single tear off of his age worn face, he stood. "Computer, how much time is left before I am to return to sickbay?" "You currently have eleven minutes and fifty two seconds." "Thank ya." he whispered. Straightening his uniform, he opened the small rooms doors, and headed out, making his way slowly yet purposefully towards sickbay, wondering why he had been summoned.

Emily was in the marine area inspecting the armoury everything seemed in order except one thing

"Pai'lak" she said "yes?" "why have we got eleven sheilds in our armoury?" "to protect us" Emily nearly laughed "I don't think sheilds will be much use against a disruptor or phaser." she said "these sheilds can take more than a normal sheild" "why?" "the metals harder but it seems lighter to carry" "ok then we'll try them next drill"

Emily left soon after still laughing about sheilds that could repel phaser and disruptor fire when she she saw someone she did not recognise "excuse me lieutenat but i don't recognise you and I know the face of practically everyone on the ship" she said "I'm lieutenant junior grade cooligan" "right nice to meet you... sorry I should have introduced myself i'm lieutenant colonel Sullivan" "nice to meet you"

The older man smiled at the Lt. Colonel. "What position do you hold here aboard the Firebreather?" she asked him. He chuckled softly. "I am the Chief Administrator of Medicine." Her face brightened. "Oh! Another doctor huh! Welcome aboard!" "Thank you. If you dont mind me asking ma'am, what is it that you do aboard this fine vessel?" It was her turn to smile at the mans polite irish brogue. "Well doctor, I am the Marine Commander, as well as the second officer." "Really!?!" he said, and then bowed low. "It truly is an honor ma'am. But if you will excuse me, I am wanted in sickbay for an unknown reason." "Oh but of course! Have a pleasent evening doctor, I hope that we will be able to converse again." "The same Colonel. Good day." Toran said, smiling as he turned and wasled away.

Emily had remained in the crew lounge for a bit after cooligan had departed eventually though she noticed that she had nothing to do so she decided to have a session in the holodeck she was there in five minutes and decided to load her favourite program "computer load program Sullivan 1" as the environment generated around her she smiled to herself this was no marine training program this was her personal training program. The environment had been generated it was a spitting image of the roman colliseum "contender please choose weapons" Emily waited as the armoury appeared in front of her there was one difference it was modern weaponry as well as old weaponry her opponent would have the same choices she decided on a romulan disruptor, a sheild, spear and a sword her oppoenent generated on the opposite site of the arena armed with three klingon pain sticks, a bat'leth and a sheild he immeditaely charged at her Emily raised her sheild and pulled out the disruptor taking careful aim she fired several shots before she had to put it away and pull out the spear which was easily shattered by the bat'leth resorting back to her disruptor Emily vaporised it and then her opponent was on her at very close range battering her down with one of the pain sticks she found her sword and struck out wounding her opponent and then he lunged forward with the tip of his pain stick just as she delivered the fatal blow she dodged the pain stick. "computer end program" she said then the program surrounding her disappeared and then she left

Nothing seemed worse to Emily than a shift on the bridge where nothing happened and this was one of them. She had been sitting in the command chair for about three hours and not one single interesting thing had happened when a console started beeping

"what the heck is that?" she asked " it appears to be a meteor" " and let me guess its headed right for us" "yes" " well don't just stand there get us out of here" "yes ma'am"

 the firebreather took less than seconfds to get out of the way

" good job ensign" she said to the helmsman "thank you ma'am"

Emily relaxed back into the chair thinking that the excitement of her shift had passed.

Hansman came walking on to the bridge. The crewman in sickbay was being cared by a random ensign, doeing his sickbay shift. Entering the bridge Emily stood up. "Commander, I thought you had Alpha shift."

"Yes, I have but I came to see how you were doing."

"Well, ecept for being completely bored, I'm okay."

"Well, if you want, I can keep you company." he sits down in the second officers seat. "Well, sit down then. It's still your shift and I'm off duty so do your job." He said when sullivan kept standing.

"Aye sir." She sat down. "Helm resume coarse."

{One hour later}

The Communications Officer on duty presses his council and turns to sullivan. "Ma'am. Subspace message from your parrents. High priorety."

"Reroute to the ready room." She stands up and walks in. She sits down and opens the message.

"I have your parrents. If you want to see them alive then come to the Anglaar planet in 2 weeks. Alone."

"Transmission ended." The computer add's.

"Bertus, can you come in here for a moment?" She ask trhough the comm's.

After a few moments Commander Hansman comes walking in. "What is it?" He asks, seeing Emily's face.

"This. Computer, replay message."

Emily sat as the message played through again when it finished she turned to Bertus "well what do you make of that" she asked "whoever it is he's deadly serious" Emily had her head in her hands " whoever this is is trying their hardest to get at me for some reason" "its an ultimateum" "I know i'll go when the time comes in the meantime we sit tight and hope whoever it is honours their word" " right good idea. do you want me to take command on the bridge so you can have a moment to recompose?" "yes if you don't mind and no one must know about this message except the captain you and me ok?"

Bertus nodded and left the room and Emily remained sat continually listening to the message play through and through getting emotionally worse each time she heard it.

As Bertus sat down in the command chair Lieutenant Cooligan came walking onto the bridge. "Commander, there you are. I've been waiting in your officer for half an hour. I thought we had an oppointment?"

"O, I completely forgot about that. I'm sorry. Can we do it another time? I need to take over Lieutenant Colonel Sullivan's shift. She's not wel right now."

"Well, I'll contact you about that. I have a lot of work to do right now. Excuse me, sir." He leaves the bridge as Bertus nodd's.

"Helm, relay cource. Starbase twelve. Warp 7. Engage." Bertus says.

Emily had come out of the ready room and sat down next to Hansman " who and why?" she said to herself "no idea" Bertus answered " well i'm feeling better now" " right well do you want to take back your shift?" "no you do that its near the end of mine anyway" "ok Emily you may want to rest a bit" " after this shift I have about six hours before my next shift" "right well go and get some sleep" "good advice I think I will"

Emily left the bridge and went to her quarters and rested

Sullivan left the bridge and Hansman stood up. "Helm, ETA for the starbase?"

"2 hours, 11 minutes, 45 seconds at our current speed sir."

"Okay, increase speed to warp 8.5." He sat down again. "Computer. What it the nearest Federation Science Ship?"

Computer: The USS Holland-A, commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picardo and Commander Seshala Lia Vesak.

Hansman: Are they in communications range?

Computer: Afirmitive.

Hansman sat back. I could relay the message to the Holland for analyzes. I know their CO pretty wel. Jean-Luc. He was in med school with me. Pretty nice guy. Well, I haven't seen him for years. I thought he was still a Medical Officer. He thought. "I'll be in the ready room. Ensign, you've got the bridge." He looks at the helms man on duty and enters the ready room. Sitting down behind the desk he looks at the desctop computer screen. "Computer. Display all information about the USS Holland-A on the desktop computer."

Silence. That was his surrounding. Deep within the bowels of the Firebreather, Toran Cooligan sat inside his office, surrounded by mounds of what was now the honours of his position, data padds. He tapped a selection on the screen, watching as information scrolled past. Stopping several times to record findings on another padd, he continued. He did not dislike this new position, not by far. He enjoyed the duties, but then again, he had enjoyed every postion he had achieved upon every vessel. He stopped, cocking his head. That is odd. He thought, scratching his forehead, and scrolling back through it. Well that changes everything. He stood, grabbing his jacket, and picking the padd off of the desk, he walked out of the door. "Commander Hansman, this is Dr. Cooligan. I have something to show you, please meet me in sickbay." "I'm on my way."

Hansman left the ready room and orderd the turbolift to sickbay. On his way he thought about what the reason would be that Cooligan asked him there. Maybe because he had not mentioned the Captain's heart attack in the medical loggs and Rantonia's Physical loggs. Or maybe why he had so much Impredrezine? Well, he would find out in a couple of moments.

The doors opend and Hansman stepped onto the deck.

Emily had got to her quarters but was still stressed out slightly but not enough to keep her worried for too long she would face whoever it was when she had to and not a moment sooner.

She decided to visit the crew lounge. When she arrived she found some of the marines all sitting around one table "hi guys" she said "Emily" each of them said back She sat down with them and smiled they were playing an old game of O'Reillys it was good each person had a division of troops and was moving them against a superior force each person had a specified troop choice when Emily inserted her player data into the display a division of 11 starfleet marines appeared this was of course no coincidence to their being 11 marines in the flame marines core itself. she smiled she hadn't played this for a while and then the game continued

Crystal Monroe walked into the room just in time to see Sullivan start playing the game. Crystal waited a few minutes. She finally stepped up to the officer. "Ma'am." She said. Emily looked up from her game. "Yes?" She said. "Hy. I'm Crystal Monroe. I just signed on to the Firebreather." "Welcome Aboard, Crystal." Emily greeted.

Emily was fast asleep she had left with some of the marines an hour after she had joined them Rantonia had begun to play as well as hansman had "ordered" him to take it easy for a bit her combadge went off just as she had managed to fall asleep

"Yes?" she said " Its Saren" " what is it lieutenant?" " we are arriving at starbase 12 and we need a command officer up here to give the order to dock" "why don't you give it?" " because theres no one in command up here and we're all lieutenants" " on my way"

It took her five minutes to run up to the bridge she sat in the command chair "Helm inform commander hansman that when hes finished with whatever it is hes doing to please get up here and do the same with the captain" "yes ma'am" Emily almost groaned inside she hated the authority thing the fact that they had to say ma'am or LT COL to address her which was why she had asked the officers and the marines to call her by her first name. "hail the starbase" she said "channel open" "this is LT COL Emily Sullivan second officer on the USS Firebreather please acknoledge" "this is starbase 12 Firebreather what do you want?" " requesting permission to dock" "granted starbase 12 out" "take us in ensign" Emily said to the helmsman "sure thing" " we stay docked until the captain says otherwise or we start our next mission meanwhile anyone wishing to leave the ship has to see an officer first"

End of Mission Notes

This seemed to last forever.

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