Meddle (in reality, Laura), is one of GotoR’s newer members. Loud and lively, her sense of humor spans many categories, bypassing charming, skipping over dark humor, and landing somewhere in the category of ‘sick, transgressive, politically driven observational comedy.’ But don’t take her word for it. She’s suspicious and prone to misguide people who try to get to know her through entries about her in an online encyclopedia. She is the kind of person who, while in the chatroom, if she is silent and passive, people WILL notice.

She listens to each and every genre of music, even going to the lengths of listening to radio broadcasts from other countries (thank GOD for itunes!). But country will make blood shoot out her nose. She often quotes songs from the Cranberries, for the simple fact that she is listening to them at the time of quoting. She is fond of the comedians Dane Cook, Lewis Black, George Carlin and Kyle Cease…to the point that maybe a third of her music collection is made up of stand-up comedy. An ardent thinker and worldly dreamer, Meddle is overtly fond of foreign languages, travel, and gaining knowledge of other places and cultures. She can occasionally be found talking to herself in ill French. She is a devious collector of hats, and her heart has been stolen by a red velvet beret, which sits upon a shelf at Kohl’s ridiculously overpriced. An idealist, rising social worker, an independent (though largely liberal), and a humanitarian, her points aren’t always valid—just passionate enough to make people get the point. She is not discriminate in her rants—she yells about Bush because he’s who’s in office. Rest assured if a democrat were in office, she’d rant about him.

Not always logically sound, she thinks politics is a dumb idea, but admits that she cannot think of any alternative.

Her username is possibly derived from two things—one is her ear for gossip and becoming fully immersed in other people’s business. Also prevalent is the possibility that the name comes from the 1971 album, Meddle, released by Pink Floyd, which remains one of her favorite bands—even if it may be rather ‘before her time’.

While roleplaying (or posting character biographies), she has a tendency to go back and edit the passage four to five times, or until she's beaten it into a mangled form that she's happy with. She is also known around the board as Meds, Meddlesome, Metal, Medal, Meddlehead, or any other variations of the word. But she’d much rather you stopped trying to get to know her through this passage, and went and found her in the chatroom. (You’ll catch her; she’s often there.) After all, much of this may or may not be true—she loves to gloat, after all—and you should ask someone who actually has an opinion outside her own (rather supercilious) self-image.


Always ready for a good laugh, don’t expect Meddle to be too serious while determining the fate of her unfortunate characters, who are often maladjusted, bleeding heart social workers and junkies, whores, pimps, or often have bets running upon their untimely and easily forecasted deaths. (Especially with Rocco. Never come forward with a proposal to do Rocco harm. She will merrily accept, she will point and laugh.) She despises too much unnecessary angst in a character, which is probably why she finds so much glee in putting her own characters through pandemonium and misfortune—to have them screwed over again and again, but not allow them to complain about it.

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