Dr. Ivo Robotnik is enraged with his arch-nemesis Sonic the Hedgehog, and hoists up a piñata that looks like him, While Crabmeat cheers him on, he attacks the piñata and shatters it. As Robotnik is seething over how he was reduced to hitting something made to look like his sworn enemy, a SWATbot brings in a "plant" for Robotnik, who is furious and beats the SWATbot for breaking one of his laws (no plants). The damaged SWATbot then explains to Robotnik that the "plant", which it gives the name Krudzu, is a special plant that can be used against Sonic and his friends. An excited Robotnik then asks the SWATbot how it can be used, and it tells him that he can use a Burrobot to spread its seeds into the Great Forest. Delighted at this new plan, Robotnik then destroys the SWATbot and Crabmeat by slamming them in a disposal unit before sending Burrobot to the Great Forest to plant the "seeds" of the Krudzu.

Meanwhile, in Knothole Village, Sonic the Hedgehog and Princess Sally Acorn are discussing team strategy, while one of their teammates, Antoine D'Coolette is brooding close by, wondering why Sally never notices him. Lost in thought, he then leaves Knothole Village and runs off into the Great Forest to find some flowers for Princess Sally, unaware he is being watched by Burrobot. Unfortunately, he is captured by the freshly-planted Krudzu, but Sonic and Sally hear Antoine's cries for help, and rush up to help him.

Sonic frees Antoine from the Krudzu's clutches with a Sonic Spin, and takes him down to Freedom HQ with Sally. The duo bring Antoine to Rotor's examination table to try and get the plant off of Antoine. Rotor takes a chainsaw and cuts off a piece of the table (making Antoine pass out in fright in the process). While Antoine is passed out, Sonic, Sally and Rotor rip the plant off of him and throw it into a bucket. Afterwards, Antoine wakes up, and is walked around a bit to make him feel better. Tails then enters the room noticing the plant, but not knowing what it is, proceeds to water it, much to the team's shock.

Meanwhile, in Mobotropolis, Robotnik is observing the Krudzu's progress and proceeds to send out Buzzbombers to attack the Freedom Fighters once they emerge from the Great Forest while joyfully contemplating that if they stay, they will be smothered by the Krudzu, making it so no matter what choice they make, they will die.

Meanwhile, in Knothole, the Freedom Fighters are watching the plant as it surprisingly doesn't grow, it explodes in a flash of sparks. The Krudzu turns out to be a robotic plant, that was short-circuited when Tails watered it. Sonic assumes that the whole forest is covered with the plant, and thinks he'll need a huge water hose to short-circuit them all, but Sally stops him and tells Tails to read the weather report, which states that there is a 95% chance of severe thunderstorms, which would completely take out the robotic plant.

Meanwhile, Robotnik is furious by his ruined plan, and proceeds to throw Burrobot into the robot disposal.

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