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Character Introductions

Here is where you introduce/list your characters at Bikes, Kites, and All Good Stuff. Create a page for your character(s) and link it here. Then create more pages to start writing episodes.

You can co-plot using the discussiion feature or by creating additional co-plotting pages, or you can just create different versions of the same event and link them.

Characters can be anything nonmagical (Though if we get in to legends and folklore, I'll probably consider that OK. I also have nothing against magical realism, if you want to slide toward that direction.) and I'll probably allow pets and livestock as well as humans of all ages.

Let's See Those Characters

Oisin Renjyi, a small fourteen year old boy with big dreams. He is the reason I created this role play.

Aliza Kippleman, Oisin's father's girlfriend and Oisin and Stasch' stepmother.

Koli Jameson, a classmate of Oisin's from Myrtle Hollow and la Reine du Francais.

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