Her eyes frozen on those beautiful blue orbs, just off angle but right in front of her, Akane managed to swallow the half a pickle in her mouth, her breath from her nose restarting as his swallowing moved his lips on hers.

Both managed to come back to kneeling, fortunately empty bowels brushed aside as Ranma’s fingers ran through her hairs, holding the kiss, directing her slightly but not holding her to him, somehow locked together through their eyes.

She definitely was the first to moan into their kissing, but there was no denying his tongue crossed into her mouth first, a strange eddy of push and pull storming between them, skin hypersensitive on a thumping awareness of every point of contact, her fingers squeezing into his biceps as he still stroked through her hair.

For an instant feeling like she was falling, Akane found herself cradled down to the bedding mat, Ranma kissing down on her, their eyes warring with the same storm of hunger and tenderness that rocked their bodies back and forth.

Breaking the kiss with a sudden growl, Akane felt the almost hot and electric touch of her fingers up under the back of his gi between the belt that held his top shut and his pants.

Not missing a beat, Akane’s lips found his chin, the rough touch of stubble reminding this was definitely a man, his smell in her nostrils as his lips found hers again, eyes locking, all the points of contact between them overpowering anything she had experienced before.

Her arm going up Ranma’s back as they continued to kiss and suck at each others lips, her fingers trailing over and down his arm, feeling awkward and lost when she found it on the mat, Ranma using it for balance and control over her.

For a panicked moment Ranma thought he had gone too far, when Akane broke the connection to push him up, taking him over and onto his back. He ignored the chopstick under his back and the clang of kicked bowl, more concerned about Akane, finding her straddling his hips, her face returning down on his, his lips reaching up to meet her.

Pushing down on his lips, Akane let her weight push his head down on the mats, her arms grabbing his wrist, pulling his hands to her, awkwardly holding them to get them around her back before bracing herself to kiss without bruising lips.

Laying on his chest, his mouth and tongue finding her ear for a time, tiny shivers running up and down her spine, her body trembled and ached like she never knew before, not like this, Akane dragged herself down him, nipping at his neck. With sudden crystal clarity, Akane knew what her body wanted.

Ranma’s tongue was out of his mouth as Akane almost vanished, sitting back up suddenly, her wide eyes nervous as they locked onto his in the weak light. Her face was pale as the pair gasped down forgotten breaths, Akane turning suddenly red and shuffling backwards onto his thighs, eyes glancing down at him, then anywhere but till finally locking on his eyes once more, desperately trying to think. Suddenly she knew what those songs and stories were all about.

He wanted her, that was undeniable in Akane’s mind, but this wasn’t the slavering lust machines of the boys at school. This was him, the man who knew her body but had controlled himself every other time. She had no fear of him, despite how wrong this was, this would be a regret forever if she leant back down to him.

Controlling himself, Ranma closed his eyes from her beautiful brown orbs, surprised by the intensity of the emotions he had for the girl who, rather typically, life was happy to dangle like a carrot but not let him have. She was for someone else.

Sitting up enough onto his elbows, he looked at her pack. “I’ll set up the other tent.”

Akane knew what she’d regret.

“Shut up.”

The young woman on his legs grabbed him around the back of her neck, pulling him up to kiss with all the searing passion pouring through her body.

Releasing her hold as his arms encircled her, her hands reached for the knot on his gi belt, fumbling to get it off before finally just ripping the belt in half. In an instant her hands dragged up the hot skin of his abdomen.

Still trying to kiss her, Ranma mentally stumbled as his gi top was dragged off his back without care for damage to it or his arms. “Makarmay?” he mumbled into her lips, only to suddenly find himself pushed back down to the mat.

“Shut up.”

Ignoring her belt, Akane simply yanked her gi top up out of it, snapping the ties inside it as she pulled it off. She smiled as he looked at her sports bra, then up to her eyes again. Shivering, she crossed her arms over her head to pull the supporter up and off.

“Just shut up Ranma.”

Leaning down again, his hands came up to cup her breasts, his neck straining to reach his lips to hers. Pulling herself up him from straddling his legs, she sat once more upon his tenting pants, their bodies shivering at the sensitive connection through their clothes. Ranma gasped into her lips at the sensation, Akane pushing into his mouth again as his hands rubbed over her flesh, exploring her with hot fingers that raised goose bumps on her skin.

Ranma hips rocked up against hers, as Akane shifted off her knees to lay on him, stomachs steaming with contact, her body just off center to him as he kept his hand on her right breast, her left buried against his chest. Continuing to kiss, Akane giggled against his lips, not really tickled as his free hand stroked her back in a sensation that went down to her bones.

Breaking the kiss to gulp for air, Ranma pushed his forehead on her hot skin, eyes locked on each others, grinning, noses pushed together as they tried to hold more level. In the moment of stillness, both raging with a heat, the feel of Ranma’s toes sliding up Akane’s feet was clear to both of them. Slowly it brushed up her ankles, his turns curled around the bottom of her gi pants, tugging gently to let her know he had gripped her lower clothes.

Blushing, she closed her eyes against him, her nerve fleeting as she lay on him, only for them to flare open, his thumb brushing over her nipple and flicking back over the hardened nub.

One hand still on her breast, the other moved up under her arm, lifting her but a few inches, pulling back with his toes gripping her gi. Akane felt her pants moving down, her juncture moving just off his bulge, knowing were they naked he would be right at her entrance. Shivering suddenly, both at the thoughts and the sensation rocking up her neck as Ranma suckled at her skin, soft and somehow twisting, she groaned against him, pressing her chest down as her back arched.

Ignoring the tickle of her breath on his ear, Ranma continued his action against her neck, silently thanking his mother for the embarrassing books she had gotten him on his return to his home. Images and advice was flooding back to him, he move slightly down again, giving a suckling kiss at her neck, his tongue flicking at the sucking threshold, breaking to grin at her moaning, blowing on her neck, cooling sweat and his saliva.

For a brief moment their eyes met again, Ranma smiling up at her as he pulled her up him further, her pants pulling down, she could feel them now down to her thighs as his burning lips landed on her clavicle.

Sucking at Akane’s collarbone, he pushed his top teeth on her skin, waiting for her to look down at him, as she shivered and stroked through his black hair. Keeping his eyes on hers, he lifted her up away from him, letting gravity hang her breast down, moving to be under it, pursing his lips to blow up, letting her squirm on him for an instant, her hands forcing the issue, drawing his head to her bosom.

Kissing at her skin, Ranma inhaled her scent, the sweet smell of her hair mixed with a light sweat from previous working out making him know it was definitely her, another unqiue part of Akane Tendo. Gently flicked her hardened nipple, plowing on it.

Shivering at the sharp sensation, Akane almost growled as he handled her with all the power of feathers. Reaching awkwardly, she grabbed his jaw, pressing more firmly against him, hissing as she inadvertently made him bite her flesh.

Looking up at the pleasure on her face despite the noise she made, Ranma kept sucking at the bit area, bruising it, marking her, his hips rolling up against her legs ineffectually.

Running her fingers through his hair, Akane focused on the point of contact, not even pushing against him now as his arm held her back, pulling her down on him. She had never felt so strong and focused, while doubting she could even stand. So hot yet covered in waves of goose bumps. And she never felt so hot, with every moment of touching him increasing the heat, and she just wanted to be hotter.

Lifting her enough to slide her across, Ranma’s hand uncovered her left breast, his mouth going to work on it, her back arching to him as his mouth engulfed the raised areola, sucking up even as his tongue lashed over nipple.

Akane groaned at his increased action, his hand now cupping her right breast, his thumb, slightly rough from his heavy training, dragged over her nipple slowly, then the tender bruise mark of the hicky, her back twisting erratically to the sensations.

With a shiver down her spine, Akane felt him lift her again, dragging her up him, his mouth on her breast till the last moment, her pants further down her legs. She was about to try to kick them off when her stomach lurched, Ranma’s tongue and lips caressing her skin, jolting her with the sensation. The tip of his tongue burned a delicious trail, encircling her bellybutton before flicking over the tiny depression.

Tensing her abdominal muscles in pleasure, Akane just gave Ranma more to explore, his tongue tracing her muscles through her taunt stomach, his hand dropping from awkwardly playing on his breast above his head to squeeze onto her trim behind. Holding herself off him with one hand , Akane still stroked his hair with the other, surprising herself for the first time being annoyed with her breast size, the normally modest B cups hanging down enough to block sight of his face and eyes, as her breath lunged in and out of her throat.

Swallowing her dry throat, Akane shifted her legs, awkwardly kicking off her pants, Ranma shivering as the material dragged over his lower body, but grabbing her leg once it was free he pushed her up further, pulling her up his chest. Sitting up, Akane stopped him, their eyes meeting as he gazed up at her. Again he tried to pull her gently up, and again she resisted, her mouth working but not articulating.

”Do you trust me?” he asked slowly.

Akane’s body jolted as she felt him as she sat in her panties on his chest, his simple question wanting to make her cover up again, but she didn’t resist as he pulled her up, bring up to kneel on his shoulder, her weight forward into the ground, his hand guiding her other leg to do the same. She had him pinned, in a classic submission, but she felt completely at his mercy as she watched him inhaled through his nose, eyes still on hers, that impossible grin on his mouth.

The smell of her musky arousal was right in front of him, her white briefs stained with her juices, but he could already taste it on her skin as he licked her thigh. Kissing her right thigh again, Ranma looked up her stomach, over her pert breasts, locking on her eyes, looking for how she felt, waiting for her temper to flare, to really want him to go further.

”Jerk,” she whispered, shivering as he began to walk his fingers over her leg like a spider, eyes on each other as he gently put his arm over her leg, fingers brushing the damp white material of the last item of clothing she had. She tried not to betray herself to him as he teased, failing with a sigh as he pealed the material to the side, her dark delta coming into view to her, but knowing she was now completely exposed to him below.

His grin turning gentle, he looked upon the heart of the young woman’s treasure, staring for a heart beat before looking back up to her, moving his head forward.

A languid lick of his soft tongue sparked through Akane’s whole body, as he trailed up her petals, tracing them without pressure, not trying to part them yet, making her eyes close, her back arching over him, one hand slapping onto his head, curling through his black hair.

A second followed, exactly the same, then a third, tracing her form as she squirmed over him, hips tilting to make him apply more pressure. Akane’s breath gasped as Ranma reversed, tracing down from the top, his tongue firmer, parting her, her eyes squeezing shut as she winced and shook.

Building a rhythm in his head, Ranma continued to stroke up and down, just deeper with each pass, tasting her nectar, more tangy than he expected but not distasteful, richer at the bottom of the stroke around her opening.

Pressing his lips onto her folds, Ranma moved down, kissing on her treasure, his tongue tracing gently to find her opening as she writhed against his face at sensations Akane had never given herself. With the gentle actions, two fingers of his hand holding her panties aside walked on her skin to the top of her slit, parting her.

Smiling into her folds, Ranma moved up, placing his mouth over her exposed clit and hood, his eyes looking up brightly to the half lidded unfocused ones above him, thanking the kami for his curse, because his mothers books were useless in explaining how to find this when he had been reading them originally.

Pressing into her, he traced around her inner folds with his tongue, trying to focus as the pleasure rolled over her beautiful face, her body swaying over him. Sparring his hand from her back, he took her hand, her fingers interlacing with hers, connecting their strength just as she jolted, his tongue brushing over her exposed clit.

Tracing up over it, the sensations into her clit making her tremble, he began his rhythmic actions anew. Brushing his tongue over the top and down the side to just touch the hardened nub as it emerged from it’s hood, he reversed back up over the top, down the other side to just contact it there. Excited by the reactions she gave him, he stupidly tried to say her name with his mouth full, but she groaned back to him anyway.

”Oh Ranma.”

Starting to hum down his tongue, Ranma kept up the actions, getting into his personal beat, keeping it going as he breathed through his nose, full of her scent, covered in her taste.

Above him, Akane started to hum too, breaking to gasp air, taking his tempo into a melody he joined, Ranma following a verse before realizing it was the same tune Sakura had played for Akane at the Juuban tournament.

Akane was far from aware of that, unable to focus, unable do more than squeeze his hand as her body burned, her stomach tightening with each maddening swish of Ranma’s tongue. Her hand brushed over her sensitive stomach before trailing downwards to run her fingers through his black hair, fighting a feeling like a full bladder but knowing it wasn’t that that building in her.

Feeling her shaking, Ranma knew she was close, not just because of her finger curled into his black hair tight enough that she might rip it out. The pain was a minor irritant to his action as he tried to keep his pace as he lapped swirls around her hard button and folds, his instinct saying faster, his brain saying this was working.

Akane had felt this pressure before, but never this powerful by herself, hot jolts cascading through her, part of her was trying to hold back from it all, scared of going higher, or that it really was her bladder, she was caught by surprise as her nerves burned, her brain pounding with endorphins.

Her thighs clamping on his head, Ranma could hear her thumping pulse pounding past his ears, failing to drown out the squealing cry she gave above him, her honey building up on him, but he refused to stop until she looked down.

Uncurling her fingers from the painful grip she had on Ranma’s hair, Akane sagged over, thankful for the strength coming from his hand in hers. Breathing deeply, trying to control herself as she felt her whole body quivering, muscles in her opening fluttering in a delightful if foreign way.

The natural smile on her face held Ranma’s gaze up, trailing up her naked body from between her legs, his tongue still working at her, hopeful as her hips still rocked with the motions, though knowing she was coming down.

Her brown eyes final flickered open, quickly finding his, embarrassment jolting her out of the relaxed joy she felt, seeing his gaze coming up from so close to her most intimate place. Climbing off him, she stumbled as her leg reacted sluggishly, but quickly pulled it back, eager to push her lips on his.

The kissing pair, one enveloped with new pleasure, the other smug with new confidence, made out slowly and deeply, savoring the contact over previous heat and urgency. Akane realized suddenly that while she had reason to slow down, Ranma hadn’t, or he had without her help.

Shuffling her body off of his hot hard body without breaking from his face, Akane dragged her hand quickly down his chest to his pants, pushing onto his crotch. Not feeling wetness, she smiled into his groaning hips as she grasped the hard length underneath.

Groaning at the awkward handling of his manhood, Ranma grabbed her hand to steady it, enjoying the more controlled sensations that followed. Grunting at the irritating fold in his shorts chaffing the pleasurable strokes, Ranma could see Akane’s amused eyes as they continued to kiss, imagining her smug attitude growing.

The young woman shifted again, breaking their kiss as she brought her other hand under her mostly naked body, covered only in her gi belt and soaking stretched panties, Akane reached for his pants hem, deft fingers after the ties tightening the waist. When she didn’t find them, her grip shifted to rip them off him.

Ranma moved fast enough to stop her, closing his hands on hers, wondering when she started channeling a Chinese Amazon and their philosophy when it came to obstacles, especially those he wore. Shifting up, Ranma pulled away enough to start working on his own pants, Akane nodding with a shy smile, licking her lips, savoring how the dark haired young male on her. Using her own hands to start pulling off her briefs, she stopped, leaving them around her knees as she saw Ranma pull the ties free.

”Wait, uh, can I?”

The grin Ranma gave her was so cocky that Akane almost thought it was the cause of another aftershock flutter of the muscles in her sex, as the pride filled martial artist stood up, knees having to bend slightly, his neck and shoulders hunch in the tent.

Stepping before her, kept his blue eyes on her face as her hands reached up, her eyes nervously on the budging front of his clothes in this moment of truth.

Beginning to pull his dark pants down, Akane’s eyes widened as they hooked on his manhood. Stopping before she hurt him, she slid one hand over the hem against his warm skin, and down into the heat of his groin, swallowing nervously as even out of the cloth she couldn’t enclose her fingers around him.

Pulling the material off his hilt, she dragged his pants and shorts down, freeing her hand and his erection, she gasped at the sight, not expecting what she had glimpsed hanging between his legs in the bathroom the first day they had met had grown so much. Hot and hard, it jutted up and out from his dark pubic curls, iron hard and boiling hot in her hand as it curved up, the bulbous head emerged from the hood of his foreskin, darker than the skin before.

Tearing her eyes from it, Akane glanced up to Ranma’s face, embarrassed by her position, but suddenly less scared of this object she’d only seen drawings of erect, safe knowing the owner of his had been so gentle so far. Opening her mouth, she went to kiss the purpled head, nearly missing as her eyes stayed on his, wanting to see the pleasure he had just given her all over his smug face.

The sharp feel of her tongue, hot and almost rough brushing over the tip of his manhood made Ranma jolt, earning a dark glare as his hips edged forward before her face went so sultry he had to contract his muscles at the sudden pressure welling up on all that they had done before.

Dragging her stretched lips off him, parting the head with a kiss, Akane let her hand drag up and down the firm length, his taste in her mouth, very strong but she still linked it with his powerful yet gentle, focused yet carefree whirlwind of a young man.

How long it had been was hard to even guess at, but before her last meal she would have believed the only manhood to go between her lips would have bitten off, but this powerful yet sensitive part of the dark haired young man inspired no such thoughts. A flutter in her belly reminded her of what he had done for her, and what this night was to them, and her eyes looked up to his again. He wasn’t nearly as confident as he was, but she was going to give him a blow job he’d never forget.

Closing his eyes as her firm hand stroked his sensitive flesh, Ranma sighed, hoping she’d use her soft tongue again, when he heard her inhaling, a lot. A disturbing image flashed through his mind , as his arms came around her, one hand going over her hand on him, holding her steady and cupping the head of his manhood. The other tilted her up by the chin, her breath bursting out confused as he squatted down before her kneeling form.

The strange look on his face made Akane shiver, mistaking fear for urgency, her lips leading her forward to kiss him, nodding unable to say words to the relieved Ranma. Biting her lip, focusing off the coward in her head holding diagrams of what he planned to put where, she tried to draw him down with her, sliding onto her back, planning to open her legs for him.

Leaning over her, Ranma swallowed, trying to recall all he read from reliable sources, in part preparing, in part trying to think about it, and a tiny part expecting Shampoo or Sakura to come barging in. He didn’t expect Akane’s knees on his chest holding him back, his eyes looking to hers for if she was cutting him off, her face flushing red.


”Shut up idiot,” she whispered, her hand reaching for her damp white briefs still around her knees, pulling them off quickly, spreading her legs.

Laying on her hot skin, Ranma grinned into her kiss, her breathing short, face flushed. Using one arm to hold his weight off her, he stroked the other down her flank, a tiny piece disappointed at not tickling the sensitive flesh on her side as he crossed the gi belt she still wore. Sliding over her hip, he brought it under him, ignoring his erection, her hand still holding it, to play over her petals.

Gasping as his fingers brushed over her sensitive flesh, one jolting Akane’s button roughly, then gently brushing around it to further down, into her wet opening.

Firmer and rougher than her own fingers or his tongue previously, Akane gasped as his finger forced its way into her hot wet flesh. Sliding it back then back in again, he kissed her lips, inhaling her gasp but taking it as her eyes locked onto his, noses pushed together almost painfully.

Pulling his finger back, he unfolded a second to slide into her, her gasp becoming a cry, her muscles pressing on his digits as he pushed in then pulled back from her folds. Pulling her mind back from the sensations of being penetrated by his fingers, Akane looked into his eyes, seeing a hit of concern, like he got when she got hurt in sparring.

With a huff, she pressed her lips to him, stretching her shoulder to drag him by his firm manhood, making him yelp into her as she positioned him at her entrance, his fingers giving way as the tip of his erection touched into her heat, forcing her open.

Swallowing and focusing on her, he pulled back from kissing her.

”Ah, this is gonna hurt.”

”Just shut up.”

Rolling her hips up, Akane brought up her legs, trying to go around his waist, both shivering with the sensations from their sensitive flesh. Shaking his head, Ranma lowered his face to kiss her again, blue eyes into brown as he pushed forward into her virgin body.

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