The Mega-Catsforbalizer is Angelica's version of Gold Buffer for her story in After he and his Cat-formers (Hectour, Wordsboard and Munguy) kidnapped Cleo, Agent Kitty Katswell set out to stop them. She planned to sneak up on them at their hideout, but they spotted her. The villains Num-nutty and Nitty-bowl began chasing her until they got caught in a lake of 1 million octopuses. Later, Kitty fell for their "ol' phoney-baloney snowball trick" and got close enough for Tammy to capture her and Cleo, believing she was the prize fish. CNW 6930, Spanky and the Engines of Roanoke soon came to her rescue and hit the button on Tammy's chest, making her turn into a cage, with her trapped inside.

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