Mega-City Pyramid (Star Trek: Refuge)

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A Mega-City Pyramid is a large Pyramid shape city that exists in africa and the USA. The building would be zoned into residential, commercial and leisure areas. 50 km² will be given over to some 240,000 housing units, enough for 750,000 people. Each building would have its own energy resources (sun and wind). 24 km² will be assigned to offices and commercial facilities intended to employ 800,000 people. The remaining 14 km² would be used for research and leisure purposes. Transportation within the city would be provided by accelerating walkways, inclined elevators, and a personal rapid transit system where individual driverless pods would travel within the trusses. Housing and office space would be provided by 30-story high skyscrapers suspended from above and below, and attached to the pyramid's supporting structure with nanotube cables.


  • Layers 1 to 4: residential, offices, etc.
  • Layers 5 to 8: research, leisure, etc.

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