MegaMan Battle Network
Battle Network Rockman EXE
Developer(s)Capcom Production Studio 2
Designer(s)Keiji Inafune
Release datesJP March 3, 2001
US October 30, 2001
EU November 30, 2001
SeriesEXE series
Genre(s)Action RPG
Rating(s)ESRB: E
Plaform(s)GBA, Mobile Phone
Playable charactersLan Hikari
AbbreviationsMMBN, BN1, MMEXE, RMEXE
Lan Hikari / MegaMan.EXE

Mayl Sakurai / Roll.EXE
Dex Ogreon / GutsMan.EXE
Yai Ayanokoji / Glyde.EXE
Eugene Chaud / ProtoMan.EXE
Mr. Match / FireMan.EXE
Mr. Higsby / NumberMan.EXE
Maddy ??? / ColorMan.EXE
Dr. Froid / IceMan.EXE
Count Zap / ElecMan.EXE
Yahoot / MagicMan.EXE
Dr. Albert Wily / StoneMan.EXE / LifeVirus.EXE
Dr. Yuichiro Hikari / Haruka Hikari / Dr. Tadashi Hikari

Chip Database

001Cannon 045Gaia1 089Mine1 133GutsMan3
002HiCannon 046Gaia2 090Mine2 134ProtoMan
003M-Cannon 047Gaia3 091Mine3 135ProtoMn2
004Shotgun 048Thunder1 092Dynamyt1 136ProtoMn3
005CrossGun 049Thunder2 093Dynamyt2 137FireMan
006Spreader 050Thunder3 094Dynamyt3 138FireMan2
007Bubbler 051RingZap1 095Remobit1 139FireMan3
008Heater 052RingZap2 096Remobit2 140NumbrMan
009MiniBomb 053RingZap3 097Remobit3 141NumbrMn2
010LilBomb 054Typhoon 098Lockon1 142NumbrMn3
011CrosBomb 055Huricane 099Lockon2 143StoneMan
012BigBomb 056Cyclone 100Lockon3 144StoneMn2
013Sword 057Snakegg1 101Candle1 145StoneMn3
014WideSwrd 058Snakegg2 102Candle2 146IceMan
015LongSwrd 059Snakegg3 103Candle3 147IceMan2
016FtrSword 060Drain1 104Anubis 148IceMan3
017KngtSwrd 061Drain2 105IceCube 149ColorMan
018HeroSwrd 062Drain3 106RockCube 150ColorMn2
019FireSwrd 063BodyBurn 107BstrGard 151ColorMn3
020AquaSwrd 064X-Panel1 108BstrBomb 152ElecMan
021ElecSwrd 065X-Panel3 109BstrSwrd 153ElecMan2
022MuraMasa 066Hammer 110BstrPnch 154ElecMan3
023ShokWave 067MetGuard 111SloGauge 155BombMan
024SoniWave 068IronShld 112FstGauge 156BombMan2
025DynaWave 069Recov10 113Invis1 157BombMan3
026FireTowr 070Recov30 114Invis2 158MagicMan
027AquaTowr 071Recov50 115Invis3 159MagicMn2
028WoodTowr 072Recov80 116DropDown 160MagicMn3
029Quake1 073Recov120 117PopUp 161WoodMan
030Quake2 074Recov150 118IronBody 162WoodMan2
031Quake3 075Recov200 119Barrier 163WoodMan3
032GutsPnch 076Recov300 120BblWrap1 164SkullMan
033IcePunch 077Steal 121BblWrap2 165SkullMn2
034Dash 078Geddon1 122BblWrap3 166SkullMn3
035Howitzer 079Geddon2 123LeafShld 167SharkMan
036TriArrow 080Escape 124AquaAura 168SharkMn2
037TriSpear 081Interupt 125FireAura 169SharkMn3
038TriLance 082Repair 126WoodAura 170PharoMan
039Ratton1 083TimeBom1 127LifeAura 171PharoMn2
040Ratton2 084TimeBom2 128Roll 172PharoMn3
041Ratton3 085TimeBom3 129Roll2 173ShadoMan
042Wave 086Cloud 130Roll3 174ShadoMn2
043RedWave 087Cloudier 131GutsMan 175ShadoMn3
044BigWave 088Cloudest 132GutsMan2 176Bass
A01Z-Canon1 A07Z-Spread A13??? A19???
A02Z-Canon2 A08??? A14??? A20???
A03Z-Canon3 A09??? A15??? A21???
A04O-Canon1 A10??? A16??? A22???
A05O-Canon2 A11??? A17??? A23???

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