Mick ??? / ??? Navi
Alice ???
Iris.EXE (Colonel's kindness, sister)
Tab ???
Eugene Chaud / ProtoMan.EXE
Ken Match / HeatMan.EXE (now in college)
Ms. Fahran / SlashMan.EXE (YumLand)
Ann Zap / ElecMan.EXE
Al Ferry / ChargeMan.EXE
Dark Scyth / EraseMan.EXE (learned from Dusk)
Baryl ??? / Colonel.EXE (sparred Mach in college, raised by Wily, Colonel built by Wily 20 yrs ago)
Mayor Cain
Dr. Wily
Joe Mach / BlastMan.EXE (daughter was dying, Wily paid for treatment; sparred Baryl in college)
Capt. Blackbeard / DiveMan.EXE
Yuika ??? / CircusMan.EXE
Prosecutor Ito / JudgeMan.EXE
Vic ??? / ElementMan.EXE

HeatCross (HeatMan)
SlashCross (SlashMan)
ElecCross (ElecMan)
ChargeCross (ChargeMan)
EraseCross (EraseMan)


ExaMem (program used to install Hub DNA into MegaMan, 12 years ago by Dr. Hikari)

Gregar is related to Gospel, made of Bugs. Falzar created by Cain's grandfather to destroy Gregar.

20 years later...

Wily creates new Colonel and Iris. Net Reinforcement System. Colonel = active attack system, automatically finds and deletes viruses/criminals. Iris = Net Recovery System, searches for damage to Net, repairs it.

Patch = Lan's son. Mayl = Lan's wife. Dex = ACDC Town Mayor. Yai = pres of AyanoCorp. Mick = elem teacher. Tab making AsterLand a success. Chaud = International Officials' leader.

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