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Mega Bloks Ideas is an article where Thomas fans will post thier ideas for Mega Bloks toys.


  • Thomas
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Emily
  • Spencer
  • Rosie
  • Whiff
  • Stanley
  • Charlie
  • Scruff
  • Diesel
  • Mavis
  • Salty
  • Diesel 10
  • Den
  • Victor
  • Dart
  • Skarloey
  • Rheneas
  • Sir Handel
  • Peter Sam
  • Rusty
  • Duncan
  • Mike
  • Rex
  • Bert

Rolling Stock

  • Annie
  • Clarabel
  • Troublesome Trucks

Other vehicles

  • Harold
  • Cranky
  • Bertie
  • Kevin
  • Flynn
  • Butch
  • Happy Hook

2 in 1 Engines

  • Thomas/Station


  • Scruff at the Waste Dump - With Scruff, garbage truck, crusher and Whiff (Thomas and Scruff)
  • To the Water Tower - With Thomas, Water Tower and Signalbox
  • Fire at the Farmhouse - With Thomas, Belle, Water Tanker, Water Tower and Farmhouse with removable flames (Day of the Diesels)
  • New Home for Bash - With Toby, Bash, Engine Shed and Arlesdale End Station (Toby and Bash)
  • A Close Shave For Duck - With Shaving cream-face Duck, Troubesome brakevan and Barber Shop (A Close Shave/ A Close Shave For Duck)
  • Donald & Douglas at the Shunting Yards - With Donald, Douglas, Spiteful Brakevan and Signal Tower (Break Van/Donald and Douglas)
  • Spencer at the Summerhouse - With Spencer, The Duke and Duchess and the Summerhouse (Hero of the Rails)
  • Rosie at the Ready - With Rosie, Hector and coal hopper (Hector the Horrid)
  • Gordon and the Express - With Gordon, Express Coach #1, Express Coach #2 and Platform
  • Butch to the Rescue - With Butch and Search and Rescue Centre Building (Stuck on You)
  • Full Sail with Captain - With Captain, Boathouse and Rescue Centre Manager (Misty Island Rescue)
  • Hiro on His Way - With Hiro and Rocky (Hero of the Rails)
  • Bill and Ben at the Quarry - With Bill, Ben, Truck, Hopper, Mavis and Slate Cliff (Buffer Bother)
  • Mighty Mac's Dead End - With Thomas, Mighty Mac, Green & White Narrow-gauge coach, Turntable, Station, and Dead End with boulder (Mighty Mac)
  • Murdoch All About - With Decorated Murdoch, Station and Decorated Thomas (Best Dressed Engine)
  • Lady at the Magic Buffers - With Lady, Thomas, Coal Car, Diesel 10 and Burnett Stone (Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
  • Thomas' London WWII - With Thomas, Father, Son, London Carriage and Diesel ("The WWII Movie")
  • Puddles on Sodor - With Muddy Thomas, Muddy Rosie, Strawberry truck, Flour truck and Alicia Botti (Splish, Splash, Splosh!)
  • The Right Tree - With Thomas, Den, Dart, Christmas Tree and Dowager Hatt (Tree Trouble)
  • Bumpy Sir Handel - With Sir Handel, Coach, Culdee Fell Set, Mr. Percival, Birthday Mrs. Percival and Peter Sam (A Smooth Ride)
  • Bertie on the Chase - With Bertie, Edward, Coach #1, Coach #2, Hackenbeck Station and Level Crossing (Bertie's Chase)
  • Percy and the Ram - With Percy, Toby, Maithwaite Station, Ram, Sir Topham Hatt without hat, Jem Cole, Flower Truck and Harold (Baa!)
  • Oliver and the Snowman - With Oliver, Toad and Collapsable Snowman (Snow Engine/Oliver the Snow Engine)
  • Colin's Party - With Colin with lights, Freddie, Wharf Set, Mr. Percival, Barge, Christmas Tree and Presents (The Party Surprise)
  • The Queen's Visit - With Thomas, Gordon with cable, Decorated Knapford Station, Express Coach #1, Express Coach #2, Edward, Sir Topham Hatt and Queen Elizabeth II (Paint Pots and Queens/Thomas Meets the Queen)
  • The Case of the Missing Trucks - With Bill, Ben, Brendam Bay, China Clay Trucks, BoCo and Edward (The Diseasel)
  • Welcome, Hank! - With Thomas, Hank, Knapford Station, Tractor flatbed, Stone Truck and Machine Truck (Heave Ho Thomas!)
  • Great Waterton Parade - With Thomas, Toby, Flora, Tram Coach, Great Waterton and Henrietta (Tram Trouble)
  • James Goes Pink - With Pink James, Laughing Thomas, Red Coaches and Bridget Hatt (Tickled Pink)
  • Rheneas' Roller Coaster - With Surprised Rheneas, Coach, Workmen and Mountain Tracks (Rheneas and the Roller Coaster)
  • Henry and the Tunnel - With Sad Henry, Surprised Gordon, Edward, Henry's Tunnel, Express Coach #1, Express Coach #2, Cross Sir Topham Hatt and Goat (The Sad Story of Henry/Come Out Henry & Edward Gordon and Henry/Henry to the Rescue)
  • The Steam Fair - With Emily, Dash, Trevor and Stalls (Emily and Dash)
  • Gordon's VIP - With Gordon, Thomas, Special Coach and Dowager Hatt (Gordon and the Gremlin)
  • Special Molly - With Thomas, Molly, Truck #1, Truck #2, Coal Hopper and Cross Gordon (Molly's Special Special)
  • Opening of the Airport - With Thomas, Happy Diesel 10, George, Sodor Airport, Water Tower and Aeroplane (Calling All Engines!)
  • Bertie on the Shake Shake Bridge - With Worried Bertie, Thomas, flatbed, Shake Shake Bridge and Harold (Stop that Bus!)
  • The Hunt for Duke - With Dusty Duke, Peter Sam, Sir Handel, Skarloey, coach, rescuer and shed (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Rusty's Snowy Tale - With snow-covered Thomas, Rusty, snow-covered Skarloey, snow-covered Gordon, Slate Truck #1, Slate Truck #2, Tunnel and Snow Machine (Snow)
  • Oliver and Toad Get Their Wheels Done - With Oliver, Toad, Workmen, Shed and Repair Yard (Gordon Takes a Shortcut)
  • Spreading the News about Great Waterton - With Thomas, Madge, Harold, Great Waterton, Mighty Mac, Mr. Percival and Sir Topham Hatt (The Great Discovery)
  • Tiger Moth's Accident - With straw-covered Tiger Moth, cross Sir Topham Hatt and Harold (Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday)
  • Thomas in the Blue Mountains - With Thomas, Luke, Blue Mountain Quarry, Blondin' Bridge, Merrick, Owen and Winston (Blue Mountain Mystery)
  • Peter Sam at the Incline - With dented Peter Sam, Rusty, Slate Truck #1, Slate Truck #2, incline and Harold (Trucks/Rusty Helps Peter Sam)
  • The Twins Save Christmas - With Donald with snowplough, Douglas with snowplough, snow-covered Thomas, Christmas tree flatbed, Sir Topham Hatt, Father Christmas, Harold and carol singer (Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree)
  • Skarloey at the Seaside - With Thomas, Skarloey, flatbed, seaside and Mr. Percival (Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out)
  • Birthdays at Knapford - With Thomas, Sir Topham Hatt, Lady Hatt, Dowager Hatt, Knapford, Annie, Clarabel, dust-covered whistle Percy, balloons, decorations and birthday cake (Thomas and the Birthday Picnic)
  • Stanley Helps Out - With Stanley, Thomas, brick flatbed, Murdoch, Rocky, workmen and Sodor River Bridge (Thomas Puts the Brakes On)
  • Being Really Useful is Really Fun - With Thomas, Percy, Bash, Dash, Ferdinand, Brendam Docks, grumpy Cranky, Truck #1, Truck #2 and flatbed (Thomas' Crazy Day)
  • Duck's Advice - With worried Duck, mud-covered Emily and tree (Excellent Emily)
  • Sir Handel's Special - With Sir Handel, Mighty Mac, Rusty, Duncan, Peter Sam, Thomas, Mr. Percival, Log Flatbed #1, Log Flatbed #2 and Transfer Yards (Sir Handel in Charge)
  • Meet Stafford - With Stafford, Spencer, The Duke and Duchess of Boxford, The Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Coach, The Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House, Knapford and Sir Topham Hatt (Welcome Stafford)
  • Peter Sam in Charge - With Peter Sam, Victor, Red Faced Sir Handel, Worried Skarloey, Truck, Thomas, Mr. Percival and Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds (Don't Bother Victor!)
  • Percy's Musical Calliope - With Percy, Diesel, calliope on flatbed that plays the Original Thomas Theme, The Duke and Duchess of Boxford, The Duke and Duchess of Boxford's Summer House, Watertower, Coal Hopper, Gordon's Hill and Sodor Steamworks (Percy and the Calliope)
  • James' Tree Trouble - With surprised James, 2 Troublesome Trucks, Thomas and a tree (James and the Trouble with Trees)
  • Thomas Has to be in Pictures - With Thomas, coal-covered Percy, James, Rocky, 2 mail vans, box car with pigs, Gordon, 2 express coaches, Farmer Trotter's Pig Farm, Knapford Station, Tidmouth Sheds, Sir Topham Hatt, the Photographer, Henry, Great Railways book and Sodor: The Great Railway book (Flash, Bang, Wallop!)

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