Mega Man X2
(Mega Man X2: Versus X-Hunters)
Rockman X2: Versus Counter-Hunters
Designer(s)Keiji Inafune
Release datesJP December 16, 1994
US ??? ??, 1994
SeriesX series
Genre(s)Action Platformer
Rating(s)ESRB: K-A
Plaform(s)SNES, GCN
Playable charactersMega Man X
RemakesMega Man Maverick Hunter X2, Mega Man X Collection
AbbreviationsMMX2, X2, RMX2

Mega Man X2 Versus X-Hunters

Six months after X1

Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0

Wire Sponge
Morph Moth
Flame Stag
Magna Centipede
Overdrive Ostrich
Bubble Crab
Wheel Gator
Crystal Snail

Strike Chain
Silk Shot
Speed Burner
Magnet Mine
Sonic Slicer
Bubble Splash
Spin Wheel
Crystal Hunter


Neo Sigma

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