Mega Man X3
Rockman X3
Designer(s)Keiji Inafune
Release datesUS November 30, 1995
JP December 1, 1995
SeriesX series
Genre(s)Action Platformer
Rating(s)ESRB: K-A
Plaform(s)SNES, Saturn, PSX, PC
Playable charactersMega Man X
RemakesMega Man Maverick Hunter X3, Mega Man X Collection
AbbreviationsMMX3, X3, RMX3

cameo Launch Octopus
cameo Flame Stag stage
cameo Vile
cameo Serges
cameo Agile
cameo Violen
cameo X1 Sigma

Dr. Doppler (seemingly involved in X2) 17400 18000
Neuro Computer
Dopple Town

Gigantic Mechaniroid Mach the Giant
Bit 9400 18000
Byte 18800 8200
Vile / Goliath 9200 7200
Kaiser Sigma 19000 19000 / 32000 20000
22900 7200 Godkarmachine O Inary Ride Armor DR-00A? Chimera, Kangaroo, Hawk, Frog

Power Speed (rp) Blast Hornet (beginning of stage theme seems to parody Flight of the Bumblebee) 3400 8600
Blizzard Buffalo 9200 3200
Gravity Beetle 6200 3600
Toxic Seahorse5800 4300
Volt Catfish 8200 1600
Crush Crawfish4000 7600
Tunnel Rhino 4200 8000
Neon Tiger 3600 9900

Parasitic Bomb
Frost Shield
Gravity Well
Acid Burst
Triad Thunder
Spinning Blade
Tornado Fang
Ray Splasher

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