Mega Man X4
Rockman X4
Designer(s)Keiji Inafune
Release datesJP August 1, 1997
US October 9, 1997
SeriesX series
Genre(s)Action Platformer
Rating(s)ESRB: ?
Plaform(s)PSX, Saturn, PC
Playable charactersMega Man X
RemakesMega Man Maverick Hunter X4, Mega Man X Collection
AbbreviationsMMX4, X4, RMX4

General (Repliforce)
Colonel (Repliforce)
Double (Maverick)
??? Sigma
??? Sigma
??? Sigma
??? Sigma
Sky Lagoon

Web Spider (Repliforce) - Repliforce building a weapon in jungle
Cyber Peacock (Maverick)
Storm Owl (Repliforce)
Magma Dragoon (Maverick) - 14th Unit
Jet Stingray (Repliforce)
Split Mushroom (Maverick)
Slash Beast (Repliforce)
Frost Walrus (Repliforce) (Blizzard Buffalo in bg)

Lightning Web / Raijingeki
Aiming Laser / Rakuhouha
Double Cyclone / Tenkuuha
Rising Fire / Ryuenjin
Ground Hunter / Hienkyaku
Soul Body / Kuuenbu (Kuuenzan)
Twin Slasher / Shippuuga
Frost Tower / Hyouretsuzan
Nova Strike

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