Mega Man ZX Advent
Rockman ZX Advent
Developer(s)Inti Creates
Release datesJP July 12, 2007
US October 23, 2007
SeriesZX series
Genre(s)Action Platformer
Rating(s)ESRB: E10+
Playable charactersGrey, Ashe
AbbreviationsMMZXA, RMZXA, ZXA

Takes place 4y8m after ZX

Model A refers to ALBERT, not AXL. This would lead one to believe that Axl has been destroyed by the end of the Cyber Elf Wars, a theory assisted by Axl's helmet containing a piece of the Maverick Virus at the end of Mega Man X8.

In addition, Thomas, Albert, and Mikhail have been alive for centuries. DAN-000 Albert's copy ability implies he is a Next-Generation Reploid from early 22XX.

Pseudoroids, Mega Men, and Models

DAN-000 Master Albert
DAN-001 Prometheus
DAN-002 Pandora
DAN-??? Grey (Model Albert)
Ashe (Model Albert)
Model ancient
Aile (Model X, Model Zero)
Vent (Model X, Model Zero)
Aeolus (Model Harpuia)
Atlas (Model Fefnir)
Thetis (Model Leviathan)
Siarnaq (Model Phantom)
Argoyle, Ugoyle

Data Disks

Rayfly Omega Giga Aspis Giro (Model Z) Serpent (1st Form) Serpent (2nd Form) Purprill Hivolt Hurricaune Pandora
Fistleo Flammole Protectos Prometheus Lurerre Leganchor
Diadrake Orehawk Deluxe Galleon Wing King Flyer Crushpactor Steephinx Tentalamia Powmettaur Lava Demon
Eyeballoon ??? Angle Cannon Web Bolt Rattrap Energy Cannon Shrimpstroke Electric Dart Auto Counter ECO Auto Counter POP
Cutting Gyro Capsule Shooter Galleon Wing Galleon Shroud Galleon Diver Galleon Burner Galleon Hunter ??? Platform Cannon Carom
Crickaleap Sci-sensor Spi-King Springer Chain Anchor Beanball Sphenalauncher Tornado Fencer Valkyraffe Pattrolaur
Bambooloss Bee Rockets Whirling 38 Whirling 44 Fire Dart Buoybuoy Shock Face Heat Face Frozen Face Fly Chopper
Batty Presto Cannon Hover Cannon Bora Bora Marine General Mechadragon Remettaur Moth Queen Releaf Warp Prism
Hareng Anguille Operators Guardians Carrelet Congre Sardine Silure Giro Scombrésoce
Cédre Serpent Truite Thon Fleuve Prairie Stuffed Animal Townspeople Muguet Rose


Reploid Timeline

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