Picture N/A

General Status

Name: Megan Aleixi (Ah-lake-see)

Japanese alias: Shinji

Age: 10 Years in SK

Status: Reincarnation

Species: Human/Half demon (She unlocks her demon side later in the story)

Position: Shinobi

In the story

First appearance: Chapter one

Last appearance: N/A

Sensei: Nami Okami

Friends: Yoshiki Kazeda; Koruchi; Kaida Kikuchi; Tenri Hoshiko; Raisuke Arashine; Yukimeku Kitsune

Enemies: Akiro Kitsune; Sasha

Love?: Kenji (crush)

Close Family: On earth; one brother and parents

Clan: N/A; Will go by Okami if need be

Clan Status: --

Important achievements

None yet?


- Shinji is a boy's name: Why she goes by Shinji is a mystery.


Actually... Nothing significant. She was a normal girl, a bit of a geek, that got picked on a lot by her peers- Until that fateful day, of course.

Random stuff

Favorite food: Does she have a favorite?

Least favorite food: Vegetables

Favorite book genre: Fantasty

Favorite music genre: Punk Rock

Languages: English, some Japanese

Fluent in English?: Yes, It's her first language

Demon Forms Unlocked

Human: Yes

Normal: Yes

True: No

Full: No

Ultimate: No

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