• Megara (from Hercules) as Snow White
  • Hercules as Prince
  • Moonbeam - Smurfette (The Smurfs 1981))
  • Sunburn - Papa Smurf (The Smurfs 1981))
  • Thunderella - Baby Miss Piggy (Muppet Babies)
  • Marina - Brainy Smurf (The Smurfs 1981))
  • Muddy - Baby Kermit (Muppet Babies)
  • Critterina, Marina - Baby Gonzo (Muppet Babies)
  • Baby Fozzie (Muppet Babies) as Blossom
  • Heimlich (A Bug's Life) as Scowl The Owl
  • Mushu (Mulan) as Sunflower
  • White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland (1951)) as Batso the Bat
  • Jokey Smurf (The Smurfs) The Looking Glass
  • Cinderella as Mother Nature
  • Hades (Hercules) as Lord Maliss
  • Bird (A Bug's Life) as Lord Maliss Red Dragon

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