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Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan in English, Case Closed as licenced in the United States) is an anime about a 17 year old detective, Kudo Shinichi (Jimmy Kudo) who, after being drugged by the mysterious Dark Syndicate, physically reverted to being the 7 year old Edogawa Conan (Edogawa Conan).

Characters in the Show

Edogawa Conan

  • He is the main character of the show.

Kaitou Kid

  • A phantom thief who uses magic.

As a Manga

Known Scanlators

As an Anime

Known Fansubs


  • (As of July 10, 2006)If you watched all 445 of eposides of Detective Conan, it would take you 239.5 hours (428 X 30 min + 9 X 60 + 7 X 120 + 1 X 150) to finish them, or nearly 10 consecutive days (commercials included, of course).

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