Mel Blake is one of Al's best friends appearing in Hoop-a-Joop. She has orange hair, black eyes and purple earrings. Her main outfit is composed of: a green short sleeved shirt, black bracelets on her right wrist, purple skirt, purple and black striped pantyhose and checkered converse shoes. She is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern. At her age, she is 12 years old. At her prom dance with Al in the episode May I Have This Dance?, her outfit is composed of: a green sleeveless dress and green high heels. At her romantic date with Jason Mondo in the episode Matchmakers, her outfit is composed of: the same dress she wears in her prom. At the royal castle in the episode Princess Mel, her outfit is composed of: a pink short sleeved gown, white long gloves and pink high heels with a yellow tiara.


  • Stella Blake (Mother)
  • Carlos Blake (Father)
  • Anna Blake (Younger Sister)
  • Lori Blake (Older Sister)
  • Jericho Anderson (Love Interest)
  • Wayne Cramp (Worst Fear)
  • Lola Blake (Cousin)
  • Julianne Blake (Aunt)
  • Dorian Blake (Uncle)


  1. Being popular to Jericho
  2. Taking good care of her pet dog Fatty
  3. Using her guitar


  1. Her argument with Lori
  2. The way Anna cries
  3. Having suspended

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