Mel Blake is the second of Ash's total crushes appearing in Hoop-a-Joop.


She has orange hair and black eyes. Her main outfit consists of: a green short sleeved shirt, black bracelets on her right wrist, a navy blue miniskirt, purple and black striped pantyhose and checkered converse shoes. She also wears purple earrings. She is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern (who also did the voice of Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon and Yin from Yin Yang Yo!).

In casual dance days, her casual dance clothes consist of: a red and blue sleeveless dress and black boots. In May I Have This Dance?, her prom outfit consists of: a green sleeveless dress, two yellow bracelets on her wrists and green high heels. In Al's First Halloween and Boo To You Too, Al, her Halloween costume (as shown in the Hoop-a-Ween photo that Kevin Lordi posted through DeviantArt on October 31, 2011) consists of: red bat ears, red earrings, a red long sleeved dress, pink bat wings on her back and red boots.

In Al's Christmas Party, Al and The Missing Christmas Tree, Al's Christmas Eve Party, A Very Merry Hoop-a-Joop Year and Al's Christmas Eve Spirit, her clothes (as shown in the Xmas Party photo that Kevin Lordi posted through DeviantArt on December 13, 2014) consist of: a red bow on her head, a green long sleeved coat, purple skirt and black boots. In Flamenco Dancer Mel, her Flamenco outfit consists of: a red and black short sleeved dress, a red flower on her head and black high heels. When at nighttime, her pajamas consist of: a green long sleeved pajamas.

In her day out with Ash Ketchum, her Sam Simpson outfit consists of: a pink long sleeved shirt, red skirt, pink pantyhose and purple shoes. In Mel The Ballerina, her Ballerina outfit consists of: a pink sleeveless leotard, pink tutu, pink flats and pink slippers. In Mel The Mime, her Mime outfit consists of: a black and white long sleeved shirt, white gloves, black and white pants and black shoes. In Princess Mel, her Princess outfit consists of: a pink short sleeved gown, yellow crown, yellow earrings and pink high heels. In Bat-Mel, her Batgirl outfit consists of: a black mask and a black superhero costume. In her wedding with Shamus, her wedding outfit consists of: a wedding veil, a white sleeveless wedding gown, white earrings, white gloves and white high heels. In Paw and Order and West In Pieces, her Cowgirl outfit consists of: a white long sleeved cowgirl shirt, brown skirt and brown boots. In Al's Puertorriquenidad Party, her Puerto Rican Choir uniform consists of: a. In Juvenile Mel, her Police Officer uniform consists of: a blue short sleeved police officer shirt, white gloves, blue skirt and black high heels. In The Fantastic Adventures of Shining Time Station's sixth Season 2 episode, Ash and Mel, her Stephanie Collins (from Stephanie's Amazing Adventures) outfit consists of: a sleeveless magenta shirt, denim knee length shorts, tan pantyhose and white ballet flats. In Mr. Conductor Enters Fetch With Ruff Ruffman's seventh Season 1 episode, To Bee or Not To Bee, her bee costume consists of: a black and yellow sleeveless dress and black and yellow shoes. When doing office work, her office clothing consists of: a black long sleeved shirt, black skirt and black high heels.


  • Stella Blake (Mother)
  • Carlos Blake (Father)
  • Lori Blake (Older Sister)
  • Anna Blake (Younger Sister)



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