Mel Blake In Wonderland is MelBlakeRockz's spoof to Alice In Wonderland.


  • Mel Blake (from Hoop-a-Joop) as Alice
  • Lori Blake (from Hoop-a-Joop) as Alice's Sister
  • Tama (from Tama and Friends) as Dinah
  • Rikochet (from Mucha Lucha) as The White Rabbit
  • Seto and Mokuba Kaiba (both from Yu-Gi-Oh!) as Tweedledee and Tweedledumb
  • Alex O'Connell (from The Mummy: The Animated Series) as The Chesire Cat
  • Rogue (from X-Men Evolution) as The Queen of Hearts
  • Jackie Chan (from Jackie Chan Adventures) as The March Hare
  • Ash Ketchum (from Pokemon) as The Mad Hatter
  • and others

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