*Melody (The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea) as Alice

*Megara (Hercules 1997) as Alice Sister

*Abu (Aladdin) as Dinah*Timon (The Lion King) as The White Rabbit

*Yogi Bear as The Doorknob

*The Dodo as Hismelf

*Yakko Warner and Wakko Warner (Animaniacs) as Tweedledum and Tweedledee

*Matter & Lighting Mcqueen (Cars 1&2) as The Walrus and The Carpenter

*Lucky Jack (Home on the Range) as Bill The Lizard

*Chicha (The Emperor's New Groove) as The Rose

*Smurfs Muppet Babies Snorks Frosty The Snowman Pooh & Tigger Jet Screamer as The Flowers

*Po (Kung Fu Panda) as The Caterpillar*Francis (A Bug's Life) as The Caterpillar as a Butterfly

*Floral Rugg (The Hillbilly Bears) as The Bird in the Tree

*B.O.B (Monsters Vs Aliens) as The Chersire Cat

*Rex & Slinky (from Toy Story) as The Mad Hatter and the March Hare

*Jerry (Tom & Jerry) as The Dormouse*Quick Draw Mcgraw, Magilla Gorilla and Top Cat as The Card Painters

*Cruella De vill (101 Dalmations Animated) as The Queen of Hearts

*Iago (Aladdin) as The King of Hearts


    *Opening Credits

*Emily Get Bored/In A World Of My Own

*The Run of Meerkat ("I'm Late")

*Melody Meets Yogi Bear/The Bottle On The Table

*The Arrival of Melody ("Sailor's Hornpipe/The Caucus Race")

*Melody Meets Yakko Warner and Wakko Warner ("How Do You Do and Shake Hands")

*The Matter and the Mcqueen*

"Old Father William"

*The Bunny With A Ladder/"We'll Smoke The Blighter Out"

*A Garden of Talking Flowers ("All in the Golden Afternoon")

*Meldoy Meets Po ("How Doth A Little Crocodile")

*More Ups and Downs for Melody

*Melody Meets The Cheshire Piglet /"Twas Brilling"

*The Mad Tea Party (Part 1)

*The Mad Tea Party (Part 2)

*The Tulgey Wood

*Melody Gets Lost/"Very Good Advice"

*"Painting The Roses Red"/The Cards' March/Cruella De vill, The Queen of Hearts

*The Cheshire Piglet Appear Yet Again

*Melody's Trial/"The Unbirthday Song (Reprise)"

*Melodys Flight/The Finale*End Credits

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