• Tom the Cat as Joe
  • Tootles the Cat as Jenny
  • Abigail the Wood Mouse as The Bumble Bee
  • Timmy Brisby as Johnny Appleseed
  • Bugs Bunny as Johnny's Angel
  • Corneluis as The Old Settler
  • Grampus from TUGS as Little Toot
  • Top Hat from TUGS as Big Toot
  • Trees as Themselves
  • Alex the Lion as Donald Duck
  • Marty the Zebra as Jose Carioca
  • Roger Rabbit as The Aracun Bird
  • Sonic the Hedgehog as Pecos Bill
  • Bullseye the Horse as Widowmaker the Horse
  • Sally Acorn as Sluefoot Sue


  1. Once Upon a Wintertime
  2. Woody Boogie
  3. Timmy Appleseed
  4. Little Grampus
  5. Trees
  6. Blame it on the Samba
  7. Pecos Sonic

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