Melonpanna's New Route is an episode of Anpanman the Superhero and Friends, based on the Season 8 episode, Emily's New Route.


  • Anpanman as Thomas
  • Shokupanman as James
  • Melonpanna as Emily
  • Uncle Jam as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Kabirunrun as the Troublesome Trucks


  • Melonpanna: Oh no!
  • Narrator: ...Melonpanna cried.
  • Melonpanna: I don't wanna get the black loch run!
  • Narrator: When Melonpanna arrived at the mill, the Kabirunrun were more troublesome than ever.
  • Kabirunrun: Melonpanna the late superhero! Melonpanna the late superhero!
  • Narrator: ...they sang. This made Melonpanna very cross. [Melonpanna then attacks them with her Melo Melo Punch] And she biffed them very hard!
  • Kabirunrun: Oh no!
  • Narrator: ...they cried. And they splashed into the duck pond.
  • (Crash!)
  • Narrator: Melonpanna was covered in a floury mess.

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