Scene 1: Inside Shining Time Station

Matt, Kara, Becky, Stacy, Billy, JB King, Schemer and Barton Winslow are putting up decorations for Dan's memorial shrine.

Stacy: "A little more to the left, and a little more to the right."

Billy: "Just a few more."

Barton Winslow: "There, perfect."

JB King: "Good as new."

Schemer: "It's looking marvelous."

Stacy: "I'm pretty sure Dan would've loved this."

Becky: "It's just hard to believe that he's gone to the skies of heaven to be reunited with Ginny and Midge right now."

Matt: "But I'll always be the manager in honor of my cousin's memories."

Kara: "I'll always be the farmin' woman in honor of Ginny's memories."

Becky: "And I'll always be the fortune telling lady in honor of Midge's memories."

Billy: "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go right into my workshop and prepare that video slide projector."

Billy sets off to go right into his workshop.

Schemer walks right over to his arcade and over to the jukebox.

Schemer: "And now, this jukebox will play a real good song for the memorial shrine."

Schemer puts in 5 cents.

Inside the jukebox

Tex: "Well, it sure isn't the exact same without Dan around."

Rex: "You said it, Tex."

Didi: "Oh my gosh, it's very depressing."

Tito: "Well I don't feel this depressed as I did when Ginny Johnson, Midge Smoot and Harry Cupper passed away."

Grace: "Is everybody ready to perform?"

Didi: "Ready as we ever are, Grace, and remember, this is for Dan's memories, hit it, Tito."

Tito: "And a 1, a 2, a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10."

Tito: [Playing On Piano Keys]

Tex: Goodbye, Danny Jones

may you ever stay in our hearts

you had the grace to hold yourself

when life was gettin' hard

you lived here in the valley

and you still had so much to gain

but now you've gone to heaven

and the angels know your name

Rex: and it seems to me you lived your life

like a candle in the wind

never failin' to make us smile

when the rain set in

and we're happy to have known you

since you were just a kid

your candle burned out long before

your legend never did

Tito: [Continues Playing On Piano Keys]

Tex: loneliness was naught

every time you crossed paths with us

you wished to know about our lives

and in you we placed our trust

Rex: even though you've died

we keep on moving strong

that's what you'd want us all to do

although mourning you is never wrong

Tex: and it seems to me you lived your life

like a candle in the wind

never failin' to make us smile

when the rain set in

and we're happy to have known you

since you were just a kid

your candle burned out long before

your legend never did

Rex: goodbye, Danny Jones

may you ever stay in our hearts

you had the grace to hold yourself

when life was getting hard

Tex: goodbye, Danny Jones

from a valley lost without your soul

who'll miss the days you've brightened here

more than you'll ever know

Rex: and it seems to me you lived your life

like a candle in the wind

never failin' to make us smile

when the rain set in

and we’re happy to have known you

since you were just a kid

your candle burned out long before

your legend never did.......

Didi: "That song sure brings back those memories."

Tito: "Now I wonder how Felix, Craig and the other kids are doing."

Outside the jukebox/Back with the young kids at Shining Time Station

Felix: "I wonder what we could do for Uncle Dan's memorial shrine."

Olivia: "Let's go ask Mr. Conductor for some help and advice."

Janet: "Good idea, let's go ask him."

The 9 young kids go right over to Matt's desk and Mr. Conductor appears right in front of them.

Mr. Conductor: "Is there anything you kids wanna tell me?"

Alex: "Yes, Mr. Conductor, what do you think we can do for the memorial shrine?"

Mr. Conductor: "Well, I got the most perfect story to tell all of you, it's about a memorial ceremony."

Melanie: "Even on Sodor?"

Mr. Conductor: "Yes, Melanie, even on Sodor, there was a memorial ceremony for a very brave and popular engine named Marcus, and I'll tell you kids all about it."

Mr. Conductor: [Blows Golden Train Whistle]

Thomas and Friends story segment: Mr. Perkins, We'll Never Forget About You

Narrator: It was a very peaceful afternoon on Sodor, and all of the railroad and diesel engines were busy working real hard as usual.

Narrator: Just then, Duck arrived with a concerned look on his face.

James: "Duck, what's the matter with you?"

Rosie: "Yeah, Duck, you look concerned about something."

Duck: "The Fat Controller and his wife along with Mr. and Mrs Percival, are ordering all of us to report to the round house at 12:15 PM for a very important announcement."

Narrator: Thomas, Percy, Toby, Emily, Molly, Rosie, Stanley, Mavis and Lady were a bit confused and concerned, what could the announcement be?

Thomas: "I wonder what the announcement is this time."

Percy: "So do I, Thomas, so do I."

Narrator: When all of the railroad engines and diesel engines arrived at the round house at 12:15 PM, the Fat Conroller, the Fat Controller's wife and Mr. and Mrs. Percival arrived with some depressing news.

Fat Controller: "Ladies and gentleman, good friends and to everybody who works on this railway, we inform all of you with deep grief and depression that Gilbert Perkins, who was 1 of our dearest drivers here on this railway, and a helper to all of us, passed away from unknown cancer complications at the age of 59, his memorial ceremony will be held right outside his mansion."

Narrator: "Even Edward, James, Gordon and Henry couldn't believe he was gone for good right now."

Edward: "He had his entire life ahead of him."

James: "We know that, good thing he always wanted all of us to get along with 1 another."

Gordon: "So, Henry, when's the memorial service gonna be?"

Henry: "Tomorrow Sunday afternoon."

Rosie: "Oh yeah, that's right, we can't be late for that."

Narrator: The very next day, everybody was preparing to go to Mr. Perkins' memorial service.

Narrator: Thomas was pulling the flower wreath.

Narrator: Henry was pulling the photographs.

Narrator: And Rosie was pulling the musicians and their musical instruments."

Narrator: Later on, at Mr. Perkins' memorial service, the Fat Controller gave his eulogy speech.

Fat Controller: "Mr. Perkins had always been a true good friend and neighbor to all of us and a good train driver and story teller as well, we'll now begin the slideshow clips.

Narrator: And so they did the 21 salute and Amazing Grace was played on bagpipes right over the loud speakers.

End of story sequence..........

Back inside the Station

Alex: "So even right after Mr. Perkins passed away, was it neccessary for the other engines to make a memorial poster for him?"

Mr. Conductor: "Oh yes, of course it was, making a memorial poster is a very important thing for a memorial shrine."

Olivia: "Then let's do it."

Janet: "Let's make a memorial poster."

Felix: "Let's ask Mom for help, she's really good at making posters."

Craig: "Okay, let's go ask her."

The 9 young kids walk right over to Becky to ask her for help on making a memorial poster.

Olivia: "Hey, Mom, you're pretty good at making posters, you wanna help all of us make a memorial poster?"

Becky: "Of course I do, you guys, all we need is a big blank cardboard poster, some photographs and a non squeezeable glue stick."

Melanie: "Then let's get to it."

They all begin making the memorial poster along with photographs of Ginny, Midge and Dan from the original classic Shining Time Station season 3 episodes: Billy's Party, Schemer's Alone, Becky Makes a Wish and The Joke's on Schemer.

Janet: "Hey, I think this looks perfectly good, let's go put it on the memorial shrine table."

The 9 young kids and Becky put the memorial poster on the memorial shrine table.

Kara: "Wow, that looks lovely."

Matt: "I like the photographs on here."

Stacy: "I think those will bring up the wonderful memories of their entire lives."

Schemer: "And I'm pretty sure they would've loved this shrine."

Billy: "Now that the memorial shrine party has begun, let's take an opportunity to remember Ginny, Midge and Dan by."

Kara: "Hey look, Becky, there's a picture of Midge from when you made that wish."

Becky: "I sure do remember that month."

Stacy: "And look, Billy, here's 1 of the pictures from that Thanksgiving holiday when you, Dan and Becky went out here to find out that Ginny's dog, Mr. Filthy also known as Mr. Get Outta There destroyed the turkey she had just prepared, but you took her to Dillylick to buy a new 1."

Billy: "It sure was a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday."

Kara: "And here are photographs from the time when Schemer's mother went away to Snarlyville overnight and he planned to have everybody do a couple of chores for him, especially when Dan helped out while Ginny did the laundry in her wheelbarrow and Midge read him the story about The 3 Little Pigs.

Becky: "Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure that was hilarious."

Matt: (raising his glass of sparkling fruit punch) "And now, let' propose a toast for Dan, in honor of my cousin's memories, good friends to all of us."

They all begin toasting for the loving memories of Dan Jones and begin keeping the entire station running smoothly.

 End Production Credits

Directed by Matthew Diamond, Gregory Lehane, Stan Swan, Wayne Moss, John Ferraro and Steve Wright

Created by Britt Allcroft and Rick Siggelkow

Cast Members Credits

Didi Conn as Stacy Jones

Brian O'Conner as Horace Schemer

John Leguizamo as Billy Twofeathers

Steve Martin as Barton Winslow

Mart Hulswit as JB King

Pierce Brosnan as Mr. Conductor

Jason Woliner as Matt Jones

Danielle Marcot as Becky Jones

Erica Luttrell as Kara Cupper

Owen Wilder as Felix Jones

Scarlett Estevez as Olivia Jones

Max Charles as Jeffrey Lawson

Kylie Rogers as Janet Adamson

Connor Corum as Alex Albertson

Courtney Fansler as Chloe Hilbert

Lane Styles as Melanie Warner

Felix Avitia as Craig Johnson

Isaac Brown as Aiden Katzenberg

Jukebox Band Voice Cast Members Credits 

Jonathan Freeman as Tito Swing (voice)

Olga Marin as Didi (voice)

Wayne White as Tex (voice)

Craig Marin as Rex (voice)

Vaneese Thomas as Grace (voice)

Thomas and Friends Voice Cast Members Credits

Michael J. Fox as Thomas (voice)

Keith Wickham as Percy (voice)

Ringo Starr as Gordon (voice)

Hugh Laurie as Henry (voice)

Rob Rackstraw as James (voice)

Emma Watson as Mavis (voice)

Steven Kynman as Duck (voice)

Joe Mills as Oliver (voice)

Jim Broadbent as Toby (voice)

Rowan Atkinson as Edward (voice)

Kath Soucie as Emily (voice)

Carolyn Lawrence as Molly (voice)

Grey DeLisle Griffin as Rosie (voice)

Pierce Brosnan as Stanley (voice)

John Cleese as the Fat Controller (voice)

Angela Lansbury as the Fat Controller's wife (voice)

Stephen Mangan as Neville (voice)

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