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Welcome to Memory Mirror!

Memory Mirror is a mini-wiki created to inform you of everything related to Star Trek's Mirror Universe

The "mirror universe" is a parallel universe to that of the known universe with the United Federation of Planets. It is the opposite of our universe, where good is evil, the opposite or "mirror" of our own universe. Instead of the United Federation of Planets, the Terran Empire exists in its place, ruled by an Emperor instead of a President. Instead of existing in peace, the Terran Empire is always at war, trying to expand their horizons, ruling with an iron fist. One of the first people to be sent to the Mirror Universe was Captain Kirk, when the ship, the USS Defiant NCC-1764, was out of phase and jumped to the Mirror Universe. Kirk had no direct contact with them but he described it as a "mirror universe." Once again, he would be brought to the mirror universe, along with three others, Leonard McCoy, Uhura, and Montgomery "Scotty" Scott.

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