The Memory of Caprica is the first battlestar built by the Colonial government forces since their arrival in the Unknown Regions.


The work on the Memory of Caprica began soon after the establishment of the Coalition of Free Planets. With the backing of the new Colonial government and other members of the Coalition, it was soon halfway through completion after a few months. After being completed, President Laura Roslin christened the vessel, naming it after the capital of the Twelve Colonies.

Military Service

The Memory of Caprica soon joined the Galactica and Pegasus as part of the Coalition Defense Fleet. When the Wraith appeared in the galaxy, the Memory was shipped off to combat this new threat to the galaxy. It soon became part of a battle fleet that would use hit and fade attacks, but the fleet soon returned back to Coalition HQ, with several of the ships that had been part of the fleet destroyed or severely damaged, including the Memory. It is now currently serving with a Coalition fleet in patroling the outer edges of Coalition space.


The Memory of Caprica follows the traditions of the battlestars of the first Cylon conflict, with having a non-centralized computer system to prevent from viruses and AIs from taking over the vessel. It also can take severe hits and still keep going, much like the Galactica. However, it also has features from newer designs, with weapons that are based on that of the Pegasus, as well as ones from other members of the Coalition. It carries a full compliment of Vipers and Raptors, but it also capable of carrying any fighter used in the Coalition and some that are not used by them.

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