Memy9909 was born on May 16, 1993.


Julie: Is there something wrong, dear?

Paul: Migosh! We're having a baby! Let's take you to the hospital.

[at hospital...]

Doctor: The doctor is here.

Paul: You look like Big Bird from Sesame Street.

Doctor: Yes. Okay, Julie. Push-push-push. Keep pushing. [finally, the baby pops out of Julie's stomach] Congrats, Julie! It's a boy. What's the baby boy's name, Paul?

Paul: Memy9909.

Julie: What a fabulous name for such a baby boy. [chuckles]

[age 1]

Julie: Happy birthday, Memy. You're a whole year old. Have some cake.

Memy9909: [gasps] Cake! [giggles, then takes a bite of the cake]

Julie: My son has said his first word! [chuckles]

Memy9909: I love cake! [jumps on top of the cake, then gobbles up the whole thing]

Paul: Oh, no! Memy9909!

Memy9909: I'm here, daddy! [burps, then giggles] Too much cake will make me so sick. [groans]

Julie: Hmm... [glares at Memy9909] Silly all babies. [sighs]

Paul: Enjoy your birthday, Memy. [chuckles]

[age 3]

Paul: Enjoy Christmas in 1996! Say hi to camera, Memy.

Memy: Hello, camera.

Julie: Merry Christmas! [chuckles]

[age 4]

Julie: Paul, you're fired!

Paul: No, Julie! Don't fire me yet! [runs away]

[three minutes later...]

Julie: Let's go to school, Memy.

Memy: Okay, mommy.

[at school...]

Mr. Xander: Okay, class. Today we'll use subtraction. Memy9909, what's one minus one?

Memy9909: Zero.

Mr. Xander: Correct! Eddie K., what's three minus two?

Eddie K.: It was one.

Mr. Xander: That's right, Eddie K.! Joyce, what's 800 minus 15?

Joyce: 13000.

Mr. Xander: It's 785, not 13000! Joyce, go to jail!

Joyce: Okay, Mr. Xander. [sighs]

Memy9909: [laughs at Joyce] That crazy teal-haired girl! Hee-hee!

[age 6]

[Memy9909's parents died by a car crash]

Memy9909: [sobbing] Good-bye, mom and dad!

[R.I.P.: Paul and Julie [1951 - 1999]]

[age 7]

[Memy9909 has his foster parents Brian and Maya and his younger brother Jake]

Memy9909: Hi, little bro! I'm Memy9909. Wanna be my special friend today?!

Jake: Yes, big bro. [giggles]

Brian and Maya: We're a happy family, right, Memy and Jake?

Memy9909 and Jake: Yes, mom and dad!

[age 19]

[Brian and Maya ground Memy9909 and Jake]

Brian: Go to your room for 60 years!


Air Date

December 26, 2012

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