Memy9909 went home and was mad with his mother because all his friends had XBOX1s but him. His mom took him to Game Stop. However, the XBOX1 was sold out even though his mom could afford it. She offered him an iPod shuffle instead but he decided to make an earthquake. He then was grounded.


Mom: Why are you angry, Memy9909.

Memy9909: Everyone has XBOX1s but me.

Mom: Let's go to Game Stop.

Memy9909: There it is, the XBOX1.

Mom: I'm sorry Memy9909. I can afford it but it says out of stock for the month. We'll give you a different one. How about an iPod shuffle instead?

Memy9909 (Kate's voice): No way, if I take that to school everyone will still make fun of me!

Mom: Don't use Kate's voice at the Game Stop store even though Erika uses Kate as her angry voice! Now you can either get the iPod shuffle or nothing at all!

Memy9909: That's it! I'm going to make an earthquake!

(Memy9909 makes earthquake)

Announcer: Attention shoppers, an earthquake is starting. Please evacuate immediately!

(back at home)

Dad: I'm back from work but what happened here? I can see Memy9909 crying. Don't tell me he caused trouble.

Mom: Well, you will be extremely mad when I say this. He chose to make an earthquake at Game Stop all because the XBOX1s were sold out for the month and we couldn't buy that. Now we're banned from going to Game Stop for life.

Dad: Oh (20X)! Memy9909, how dare you make an earthquake at Game Stop! You know that kind of stuff will get you arrested! That's it! You're grounded for 17 days! Go to your room now!

Memy9909 (running upstairs): Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah!

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