Mission 12: Men and Machines

Part 1: Men and Machines

(Prendel 3 colony command centre) alarms were blaring all over the place "they're getting closer sir" an ensign said "darn those machines didn't the perimeter minefield take care of them?" his CO replied "no they're advancing pretty quickly nothing seems capable of stopping them" "how long?" "they'll be able to land in around 30 hours sir" "whats the closest starship to our location?" "the USS Firebreather is around 24 hours away if they come at maximum speed" "send them a message detailing the situation" "aye sir" the ensign pressed a few buttons and the message was away

(USS Firebreather Bridge)

Rantonia was sitting in his ready room when a message flashed up on his laptop screen he read it

"4 borg cubes are closing on prendel 3 they are 30 hours away you are the only ship capable of getting here before them please assist" he read then he stood up and walked onto the bridge "senior officers conference room now" he ordered

(5 minutes later conference room)

all the senior staff were seated as rantonia repeated the message for them "Emily you're the borg expert on board would you care to make some general points about them?" Rantonia said Emily stood up "the borg rely on their collective consciousness to guide them if that link is severed they become confused and tend to activate their emergency protocols these are basic survival functions that don't include assimilation unfortunatley we don't know of anyway to severe the link between drone and collective so we have to look at their other weakness which is that they can't adapt to melee attacks they also have to recharge after a cretain amount of time and will not attack until you are deemed a threat" she said "right so whats the plan?" She'Mott asked "we do what starfleet regulations requires us to do which is respond to any distress call ok Mr Munitiz set your course for prendel 3 at maximum warp. Lt Jovak arm security up ready for borg incursions onto this ship and onto the planet itself. Emily any issues concerning fighting borg aggressively such as incursions onto cubes or counter-attacks on the planet I leave to you as you have the most expierience. Meanwhile Medical and engineering departments will be starting a full evacuation of the colony and they will be seeing to any wounded should the borg land during the evacuation which they probably will for the evacuation to work I think our best option is to land the ship on the planet so it does not come under attack however we can get more people out if we're in orbit that we will decide when we come to it understood?" Rantonia said "yes sir" everyone else said "Right everyone get to it" Rantonia said

"Captain, i have a concern, where are the civilians supposed to go?" the doctor spoke to him as he lingered staring out the window. "I have no idea doctor, what other ships are in the facinity?" "No idea, i think there is the Redemption, that's about it." "What class is she?" "A small defiant." "Do you know the colonies population off hand?" "Somewhere around the 100,000,000 mark." "With that, it would take at least 4000 trips." "Exactly." Dragomire objected, "But, there is a way. What if we use nature." "Nature?" "Yes, we evacuate all non-essential personel from the ship and the refuges from the colonies to the outer rim of the planet, or to the northern caves and protect them?" "But again doctor, we would need guards." "I am sure there are guards from the planet, and i could take a hopper of marines with me on my detail." "So far Doctor, that sounds like the best idea, work with engineering and Colonel Sullivan, work on setting up a perimeter fencing, prepare for heavy casualties, only leave the emh on board." "Yes captain." the doctor said as the captain remained in the briefing room. he rushed to sickbay, the sirens were ringing thru the corridors, the commanders young niece was with him in sickbay. "Sarah.We are going to be seeing some bothersome things down there, seeing on how you are 15 it is really not recommended that you come with me, but i do need your hands... it is yours and your uncles decision, i will personally guard you with my life. " The doctor knelt before the young woman. "My duty is to help those in need Doctor, i will tell uncle bertus what you had said. and i will tell you my decision soon." SArah said, straightening her jumpsuit, as she left the main sickbay. "Computer locate all medical staff and tell them to report to sickbay immediately." The doctor said as he pearched himself on his desk. Folded his arms, as the first bit of officers arrived.

Emily had called the platoon together in the marine area they formed their 3 ranks of 5 as they had done so often "alright people we're heading to prendel 3 to evacuate the colony before the borg can assimilate them however the plan which lt cmmdr Dragonmire has just told me on my way down here is that we take them from the colony to caves which are around 2 days journey away from the colony. Our objective is to get the people to those caves and protect for as long as we can." Emily said "also as its the borg and there is a significant chance of a riot I want DNA sensors on all your equipment so only you can use it. ok prepare the ember and have the equipment modified. Dismissed"

Emily left for her quarters and began to look at detailed overhead maps of the cave area there was only one way through to them by the look of it a small mountain pass if they set transport inhibiters up on the caves side of the pass they could set a fence up in the pass and hold them there. Then she did some rough calculations to allow the entire population of the colony to escape the borg they would have to hold out for... a week. Emily stared at the screen could 16 people hold of a swarm of borg for that long and that was only if the remdemption went unscathed if it had an engine problem it would be longer.

Hansman walked to Rantonia. "Captain. i'm a medical man. I'm sure that my med skills will be more usefull then me being on the bridge to command it. We allso have the ECH witch can be activated if needed. (off: Mat, al and I have talked about a ECH a while back and agreed on it. we have a ECH. I know that there are more prommy's that have them. On the prommy the ECH and the EMH are two comepletely different holograms so the EMH and ECH can run simultaniously.) I request permission to help in Sickbay Sir."

Andre nodded. He knew that Bertus' heart lay in Sickbay. He was an exeptional XO and loved his job but whenever he had a change he could be found in Sickbay. He ran double shifts a lot to be able to work in Sickbay and keep his Medical knowledge up to date. "Permission Granted."

Bertus left the bridge, on his way to Sickbay. "Hansman to Dragomire. Could you use my help in Sickbay?" the man asked. The turbolift doors opend and Sarah stood before them.

Reply came quick. "I sure would sir."

"Okay. i'm on my way." Bertus stepped out of the turbolift. "What is it Sarah?" They both walkde towards Sickbay.

"Uncle. I would like to help Doctor Dragomire if that is okay by you." The girl looked at him. "I know I can help there. And I am old enought to handle the images there. One day I will see them out anyway."

"I know sweety. If you want to help you may. Come, walk with me. We have to do something before we go into sickbay." They walked back to the turbolift. "Engineering" After a few moments the turbolift arrived at engineering. Bertus and Sarah left the lift and entered Engineering. "Karina. Come here for a moment."

The woman raced to him. "Yes Bertus? Ah, hello Sarah. What brings you two down here?" Karina was a good friend of Bertus and she was the wife of the Captain, who was a great friend of Bertus too. Ever since he had started on the Firebreather, as XO, they became very close friends.

"You know that Sarah has become Doctor Dragomire's assistent? He's teaching her basic med skills."

"Yes. I heard about that."

"Well. I thought that it was a good time that she got her own combadge. Cause there could turn situations up that she needs to ask Rob's assistence."

"Ah. I see. Well. I have an extra combadge right here." Karina walked to a draw, full of combadges. "Here you are. Computer. Add combagde serial number 456 A5 78L to the Starfleet Communications system"

"Please input name and position of user"

"Sarah Hansman. Service Civilian Medical assistent and student. Full communications authorisation inner ship."

"Combagde has been added to Starfleet Communications System."

Karina neeld down. "Allow me" she said and put the combadge on Sarah's cheast. "Okay girl. Now. Try it."

Sarah tapped her Combadge. "Sarah Hansman to Doctor Dragomire"

"Dragomire here. Sarah. How did you get a combadge?"

"Uncle Bertus got it for me so that I can get in tough with you if I need help with an patient.we are on our way to Sickbay. Sarah out."

"Okay" Bertus said. "We now need to check one last thing. Computer. Locate Sarah Hansman"

"Sarah Hansman is located in Engineering sector 023 of that compartment."

With all the frustrations Jovak was causing in her heart She'mott decided she would like to go to the planets surface with the rescue team.She went to find Sr. Comdr. Hansman.

"Computer, locate Commander Hansman," she asked.

"Commander Hansman is in sickbay at this time." it answered

She left for the sick bay, arriving she notice that the senior officer was now in scrubs and placing trays of equipment out.

"Sir , may I have a word with you." she stopped him.

"What is it Lt.?" he asked

"Sir, I would like to go to the surface with the rescue team, in my blood I am a warrior, and it is hard for me to sit still at my station if I know a battle may ensue. I am asking permission to join the rescue party. Sir." she stood there waiting for his answerer.

"Are you sure you really want to take the chance, you just got here." he said concerned.

"Yes sir, I am sure." she said without hesitation.

"Hansman to Sullivan" he tapped his comm.

"Sullivan here" she replied.

"Emily I have a volunteer for the rescue team , Lt. She'mott would like to join you." he said looking at She'mott

"Good, I need some strong volunteers. Send her down and I will get her ready to go." she said singing off quickly.

"Permission granted, Lt., but come back to us in one piece, we don't want to loose our new science officer on her first assignment." he said with a pat on her shoulder.

"Thank you sir," she left with a smile on her face.

She quickly ran to her quarters and changed into her fatigues and grabbed her bat'leth. Throwing it over her shoulder. She had had it made special for her since she was shorter than most Klingon's, but she never let her size get the best of her. She always knew how to use it to her advantage. Being smaller meant you could come up underneath the enemy to defeat them. She smiled to herself as she entered the turbolift to meet with Emily.

Emily stood in the shuttlebay infront of the embers gangplank as

the different teams arrived ready to be breifed. they had arried in orbit of prendel. she looked at them all ready to do their duty everyone of them silent She'Mott had been placed with the Marines. The marines and Emily had all changed into civilian clothing as it was easier to move around in Emily had made sure to leave her valiant service medal back in her quarters now she looked at Bertus and Rob neither of them stepped forward so she began to brief them. " ok people you know what we have to do our objective is to get the colonys population to some caves which we have located a couple of days journey from the colony on the planet. the plan is to get them moving quickly towards the caves to give the engineering team more time to setup whatever sort of barrier they can however this can't be forcefields as borg can walk right through them. once in the caves we'll set up transport inhibiters to give us cover from any attempts by the borg to beam us out. The marines will stay around the barrier as it is inevitable that the borg will attempt to get past it. the planets security aren't accustomed to fighting borg so the marines will have to try to do as much of the fighting as they can. Medical teams should be aware that heavy casaulties are expected however under no circumstances do I expect you to go into the battle to get someone out I have a medic in the marines thats private moore he will try to get people out to the nearest medical team. The most important thing is that when we land we have 6 hours before the borg show up by the time we have unloaded the rations and other equipment we expect to only have 3 hours therefore rounding the people up and getting them moving as soon as possible is vital do I make myself clear?" Emily said "Yes Emily" was said back at her by everyone then they started to get onto the ember which launched 5 miutes later and began to descend to the surface. "O'Reilly you have the bridge" Emily said as she went into the back to check on a few things. She checked each team then came to the medical team. where she noticed Sarah "This isn't going to be a walk in the park" Emily said "no it won't" "right so you all set?" "yep I've got everything"

Emily stood up and reached into a cupboard and pulled out a phaser handing it to Sarah "just in case" Emily said

Jovack made his way to the transporter with the others "what are you doing here" she'mott spat at him "I have been ordered to made security teams for the ship and planet and i decided to go with the planet". He responded with out much emotion so she would just get even more upset with him. Kligion females can be very deadly when really annoyed he just hoped Emily Sullivan knew what to expect from her.

"Stop it both of you" Sullivan scolled them "no more fighting you two other weis i seperate you two". A couple securty guy came to the transporter "6 to the planet ensign" she called out to the transporter chief

the embers transporters weren't that powerful but it meant that a few teams made it onto the planet before the ember landed this meant that people could be organised quickly which would now take priority as the teams disembarked from the ember Emily looked to Jackson "Jackson take Reui amd Sardin along with the engineering detail and get to the caves on board the ember have the fencing set up by the time we get there" she ordered "ok"

Emily now turned to the crowd of people infront of her all from the colony some were starfleet officers one of them stepped forward "my name is commander Sam Shaw i'm the CO on this colony" he said Bertus stepped forwards "I'm senior commander Bertus Hansman these are my fellow officers, Lt Col Emily Sullivan, Lt cmmdr Rob Dragonmire, Lt She'Mott and Lt Jovak we're all from the USS Firebreather" "so whats your plan?" "well we plan to move the colonys population to caves which are a couple of days away and hold out there while the redemption transports people away from the area to the nearest starbase which is starbase 532 I think" Emily said "ok how long before the borg get here?" "now we have everything unloaded around 3 hours" "ok lets move out"

the people began to move out of the colony Emily and the marines along with She'Mott stayed at the back around 5 metres behind the last person but ready to dash to the front if it became nessercary the next 3 hours would be decisive

As the teams began to disperse, the doctor began looking around. He took his medical teams, and kept the young girl at his side watching over her carefully. He grappled onto his phaser rifle which was strapped to his back they made their way thru the brush. As they arrived at the first location he looked around, he tapped on his combadge and ordered that the tools begin to be beamed here.

"Sarah come with me, you and i are going to setup a field hospital inside of the cavern. This is were you are going to be working with me."

As they proceeded into the caverns, the colourations of the stigmats were gorgeous, they blended well together, the caverns were deep and very protective. "According to the readings, the caves were not meant to go this deep." Rob noticed as he pulled his tricorder out. He got no readings... there was no way to know the mapping past this point. he tapped on his combadge, and he was unable to get a signal.

"It could possibly have somethng to do with the magnetic core of the planet, it could be affecting the tricorder and all technology." Sarah stated. "This could be our answer..." he said moving quickly up the way, sarah followed him up. "Colonel Sullivan come to Medical Site alpha." he requested. "We may be able to hide everyone in one cavern away from the borg sensors." Sarah said with a grin on her face.

Emily reached the cavern quickly and had a quick look at it it was big enough to fit the ember in and all the people "my only concern is that whatevers blocking our sensors may also interfere with our phasers but its the best we have" then she hit her combadge "all teams to medical site alpha we have found a suitabnle hiding place" she ordered

(1 hour later)

the last team had arrived and the ember had glided in to the back of the cavern so everything was looking good Emily was giving out orders "Rob set your hospital up about 100 yards further into the cavern prepare for nearly assimilated people. Lt Jovak form your security teams up into ranks at the cave entrance on no account are you to leave that post as it is crucial to the caverns defence. Bertus you'd better go with Rob. Lt She'Mott you come with me and the marines we'll be preparing for a battle against borg by setting up mines and traps to cover our flanks." Emily said

the marines walked out of the cavern and straight away had a problem around 1000 borg were heading up the hill towards them. "drat I was hoping for a bit longer how long before the remdemption gets here?" Emily asked "around 5 hours" O'Reilly responded "alright then" Emily started "men you have faced many enemys during the time we have served together and now I ask you to stand your ground again. Give them no quarter give them a battle and above all come out alive so now I call on you by everything you Love to stand and fight let them know this no matter how many borg are sent against us we shall not yield in our defence. If anyone has done ancient Greek history you are probably aware of the battle of thremopylae where 300 spartans held off a million persians and now I ask that you fight like spartans hold your honour until your death don't let them take that from you. and Remember Death before Assimilation!" Emily said then she turned to face the enemy "for the federation,Starfleet and the Firebreather" she said as she charged down the hill at the borg sword out followed swiftly by the marines

She'Mott quickly took her bat'leth from off her back and charged down the hill with Emily.

She was honored to be fighting with a woman of her caliber.

She'Mott quickly made her bat'leth go into action. She didn't even waste her time with the phase cannon she had been given. She knew and always knew she would have to be ready for battle.

Star Fleet had looked down upon her practice when she was in the academy. That is how she had met Jovak to begin with. Practicing one day on a holodeck. Now she fought with all her heart for the the Federation, her people and the man she loved protecting the others.

It almost seemed wicked to enjoy what she was doing, but it gave her a renewed strength she had not felt in a long time.

She kept an eye on Emily too, and covered her back. The two women were cutting up bodies and stumbling over them as they proceeded through the mass of Borg. The marines had taken a hard hit but many kept on fighting. No one wanted to be assimilated. NO ONE.

The Borg had suffered a great loss, but Emily and She'mott knew they would be back and faster than they could recover.

She'mott helped to gather the wounded and lead them to Dr. Dragomire and Bertus. She was covered in blood and looked as if she had been injured. She stood there and rested a moment before returning to the battlefield. Emily was helping a marine to the exam table. She looked at She'mott and nodded. The two women smiled at each other and left to help with more wounded.

Andre stepped into engineering and wandered over to his wife who was checking systems on the ship. "Well Karina, it's just you and me." he said. "Yes...When the cats away" Andre leaned forward to kiss his wife when a clatter was heard. Andre jolted. "H..Hello?" Karina said. Another clatter and a thud. An engineer was seen falling to the floor with his hand clutched to his neck. "Karina, contact Bertus on the planet, tell him we're being boarded....NOW!" Andre ordered, Karina turned and ran to a conn, Andre ran for the nearest turbolift and pushed the button, it arrived quickly and he stepped inside. "Bridge"

On the bridge a skeleton crew was managing, he went into his ready room. He sat down and started typing on his laptop instantly.

Down in engineering Karina had spoken to Bertus and turned to run from engineering, when she saw it infront of her.

Andre could feel something, strange, like a part of him was missing.

  • Karina*, he stood and tapped his commbadge, it didn't beep. He ran

out of his room but was too late.

"We are borg, you will be assimilated...resistence is futile"

Emily stood outside the cavern with a few men she was coordinating the positioning of traps and obstacles to cover the flanks these were mainly mines but they would do the job She'Mott appeared beside her "where did you learn to fight like that?" Emily asked "I practised with my Bat'leth at starfleet academy during my spare time" "I had to master melee weapons while I was on board the Firebreather. well the medical report shows no fatalitys amoung the marines for the moment not a bad battle considering we only had 17 people fighting" "17 well trained people Emily you've taught them well"

Emily smiled "you know its not every day I get complemented for doing my job" she said

(the next morning very early)

Emily was sleeping against the cavern wall when O'Reilly walked over and woke her "you won't believe this the borg have sent what appears to be a negoiating party" he said "how many drones?" "10" "wake the platoon and She'Mott silently have them take up position at the cavern entrance I'll see what they want"

Emily walked out of the cavern and stood 10 paces away from the drones "what do you want?" Emily asked "Federation officer you have won a victory but it is only one and your resources are limited and your numbers few we have unlimited resources surrender while you still can" the drone replied "what makes you think we can't hold out?" "the ship in orbit prometheus class is under attack from 4 cubes probability dictates that your ship has a 1% survival chance" "You're probably right but Captain Rantonia doesn't give up without a fight and neither do I especially against borg so I'm going to reply now" "reply then and remember assimilation is inevitable. Even for your ship" "what do you mean?" "its been boarded your captain will soon be assimilated and brought down to the planet to be your undoing" Emily took a deep breath "heres my answer I was once a borg drone you claim perfection but you are a plague upon the galaxy you are bent on domination so now I tell you go back to the delta quadrant or die here" Emily said as as she wnet back to the cavern and woke Jovak "take all security teams back to the Firebreather immediatley the ships been boarded" Emily said "how do you know?" "the borg just said" "ok I'll take my teams back but we still won't be enough" "use your emergency beam outs they can get through sheilds" "ok Emily"

Emily now turned her attention back to the cavern entrance looking at now what seemed to be the impossible

She'mott had overheard what Emily told Jovak. Her heart sank. She looked for him and found him. He was going to be one of the last to beam out. She went to him and kissed him hard. Hard enough to make his lip bleed. He held her tightly. Then turned to the pad.

"Fight well, Die well." she said to him as the he stepped towards the transporter area.

"It will be an honor." he said to her as he disappeared.

She turned away and went back to her post.

"Today is a good day to die. But not for I and not for Jovak." she said to herself.

"may the Gods be with you my love." as she sank to the ground.

Emily watched as She'Mott prayed, and then stood at attention.

Ready for the next round.

Jovak beamed back onboard "rough transport?" Ensign McMicheal asked when seeing his lip. Jovak wiped the blood away "yeah you might say that" thinking of what She'mott just told him, she still had feelings for him. She had always been an odd Kligion girl but that is probably what hit him the first time.

"Lets move it out" Jovak said "watch out you may only get 2-3 shots before they adapt to it" They went to the Bridge where the captain and his wife was. 4 drones went to them to hold them back in their slow Frankenstein walk. One of the oficers shot one "What part of make them count don't you understand?" Jovak yelled at him "I paniked" the young man explained

the Other 3 continued to move towards them Jovak stepped up and was able to knok a card out from one of them that made it go heiwire and quickly got out of their reach. That seemed to be their only advnage was hand to hand and it was only by their speed

Emily stood with She'Mott,Rob and Bertus they were talking about what to do next "Where is the remdemption?" Bertus asked "about 1 day away" Rob replied " great and the borg are really going to wait one day without attacking us aren't they" Emily said "they know that if they capture and assimilate the firebreather that we only have the ember to use as a get away ship" She'Mott said "Ok" Bertus said "Emily and She'Mott keep those borg held up don't allow them inside the cavern Rob get back to your medical duties and I'll keep an eye out for the redemption"

Emily and She'Mott moved to the cavern entrance where the marines were now digging in a couple of holes where they could fight from if they were caught off guard. Emily looked around at the cavern and then put her hands on her head "we'll have to fight them in the caverns entrance now theres only 17 of us" Emily said "yep which means moving people further back into the cavern to give us fighting space" "It also means we'll only have our sniper rifles open to us as a ranged weapon as if we get further back into the cavern our phasers won't work due to intereference from the cavern itself" "and if they get in close we'll have to fight together rather than individually" "exactly which is why I want to have an alternate route out of this cavern just in case the borg look like they'll beat us" "right"

Emily looked out of the cavern and gasped "Oh no" she said

what she had seen was a huge amount of borg drones marching over a hill no more than around 12 hours from them "get the marines here, tell Bertus to look for another way out and get Rob to move his med station back a bit." Emily ordered

Jovak and other officers were going after the borg shooting phasers only so offten untill they had adaped to any kind of fire from their phasers

This wasn't good even though Jovak was a kligion it only gave him a strength advantage over his crew men. Jovak saw a borg grab McMichael and beamed off the ship. no surprise what is going to happen to him.

he saw a few of his officer get off easy and gotten killed either by a crew member to prevent them becoming a borg or the borg did it themselves

The marines stood in the caverns entrance watching as the borg horde closed in slowly a sound from over head caught Emilys attention the Redemption had arrived not a moment to soon Emily thought now she returned her focus back to the coming battle which could determine how mant people got off the surface. "Marines listen carefully by now the borg will have adapted to each of our fighting styles so we have to try something different. form 2 ranks" Emily said

the marines formed 2 ranks Emily and She'Mott in the front rank "Front rank make ready with melee weapons. second rank ready phasers put them on modulating frequency" Emily ordered

the borg marched forward Emily spoke to the marines as she always did before a battle "We fight here in an attempt to give our friends time to get off the surface. we will fight until our strength leaves us. Remember that if you lose your strength then I would like you to retreat back to the ember. Finally fight with honour and die with your honour if you must" this was greeted by cheers from the marines Emily turned back to the borg they were close "second rank Fire!" she said the volley took out around 5 borg "fire" Emily said again 5 borg fell "second rank switch to melee weapons and make ready to attack"

hands tightened around grips of weapons and each person took their weapon into its back swing and held it there all waiting for Emilys word. The borg were closer and closer they were 10 yards... 5 yards... 3 yards... they were right infront of them "Now" Emily shouted

the front rank of marines swung their weapons and took the heads off the first line of borg.

Emily and the marines were fighting as hard as they could but the numbers were against them and gradually they were having to fall back still killing many drones but they just kept coming they were backing towards the cavern when Emily looked round, Rob you stupid idiot, she thought what she could see was Rob, Sarah and a medical team standing at the cavern entrance. Emily tried to hold the borg back but it was inevitable that they would be forced back eventually they were rigt infront of the medical station Emily found herself infront of the medical post fighting this was the one place she didn't want to be.

She sliced one borg then turned and saw a sight that made her heart stop beating she could See Sarah cornered and 2 borg on her Emily acted quickly she jumped infront of the borg and destroyed one and was about to turn to deal with the other when... "ah" she groaned the second borg had stabbed her upper arm with its nanite injectors she was at its mercy when Sarah shot it with her phaser

Emily now knew what was coming she had expected this since the battle started she looked at She'Mott "lieutenant you have the marines hold these machines of as long as you can" Emily said then a transporter locked on to Emily and beamed her out to a cube.

She'mott saw Emily get attacked then disappear from site. She saw the look of fear in Sarah eyes. She grabbed the child and pushed her away from the oncoming drones. She'mott was making her bat'leth fly as fast as the drones pushed her. She called to the marines with her. Move into the cave we are gong to have to fight on our own ground. She turned for a moment to see the doctor and Sarah run towards the ship still inside the cave. Most everyone was gone and just a few remained. She hit her comm. "Someone fire up the ship we are getting out we have to find Emily before it is too late. Marines retreat to the ship and cover your backs. Move it people." she was entering the ship when she felt a stab in her arm. She looked and she had been injected with the nanites. She turned to the others and took her bat'leth and aimed it towards he self. "Today was a good day to die,"

Emily appeared on the command deck of the cube it seemed to be deserted she took her chance and hit her combadge "Emily to O'Reilly"she said "O'Reilly here" "report" "forced to leave the surface in the ember with all remaining personel on board Lt She'Mott is in the sickbay Private Moore is treating her were're about to exit the atmosphere your orders?" "Listen Tim this is a direct Order get the heck out of the prendel system and tell captain Rantonia to do the same. Sullivan out"

Emily stood there feeling her right upper arm where the nanites had gone in it was a deep wound she ripped off both sleeves of the civilian shirt she was using and tied them around the wound to keep the blood in then she heard a sound behind her and found herself in the presence of the cubes commanding Drone. "well look who it is" the drone said "what do you mean?" "hello 3 of 14"

Emily froze that had been her borg designation "How do you know that? I'm not supposed to be assimilated for another..." "104 years. Starfleet isn't the only civilisation to travel back in time 3 of 14" "stop calling me that I'm Lt Col Emily Sullivan of the USS Firebreather which represents the Pathfinder Alliance fleet" "really" "why follow me?" "your node holds secrets valuble to the collective secrets which have to be stopped from falling into federation hands"

  • Which explains why my files are locked* Emily thought then she spoke

"what do you intend to do with me?" "re assimilate you" "Not a chance" Emily said as she pulled out her sword "resistance is futile" "I choose to resist" " drones attack assimilate her"

Emily ducked the first drone then began to slice her way through the other drones as quick as lightning she knew what she had to do which was use this cube to blow up the other 3 cubes and this one. she really hoped the Firebreather still had its sheilds.

She'Mott sat straight up in the bio bed screaming "no" she looked around and noticed it was not a Borg ship. She was in a star fleet sick bay. A nurse came running over to her. She'mott looked and was confused. The nurse gave her a hypospray to the neck to calm her down.

"What happened?" she asked. "I will get someone for you, he has been waiting for you to wake up." she said leaving the room.

She'mott watched as Jovak entered the room.

"How are you feeling?" he asked

"Sore and anxious." she said.

"What do you remember?" he asked.

"We were battling the Borg and trying to leave the cave and I got injected with the nanites, I didn't want to be assimilated, it is not a honorable death. So I turned my bat'lith on myself, after that I don't remember a thing." she said searching his eyes for answers.

"Well you fell to your side and the bat'lith sliced you open across there." he said pointing to stomach under her ribs. It was not a fatal wound, but it served it purpose. The nanites did not spread due to the threat of imminent death on you part, so they were retrieved and taken out of your system. You will be whole again soon. For now rest, I will check on you later." he said touching her hand.

"Thank you Jovak, I take it we haven't found Emily yet?" she asked.

"No, but we are pursuing the vessel she is on." he said to her.

"Find her Jovak, she is a great warrior and deserves a more honorable way to die." she said.

"We will, now rest." he said leaving her.

jovak left the fowl woman to herself and doctor dragomire to get back to his station. Almost everyone knew a borg cube was faster than a starship. Emily sullivan seemed more harder to recaptur for the uss firebreather

it seemed hopeless for them to do something unless emily could turn the borg ship around or make it stop or slow it down. The Borg were off the firebreather with only ensign McMicheal taken capture and more than likely become assimilated

Emily sliced the nearest drones legs off as she made her way towards the cubes reactor she was tiring now and the drones were constantly coming at her in fresh waves but she had a plan she reached the station and suddenly her memory began to recall moments when she as a drone had served on this cube she could remember the access code to the console she punched it in and full access granted now it was time to finish this she looked for the nearest planet which turned out to be Itari 5 only 10 minutes away great set course and reconfigure the consoles access codes so the course couldn't be altered then she made her way to the reactors hatch where she stopped something was there but she couldn't see it or them she could only hear and that was the drones downfall as it found itself with a sword in the neck then she took out a caesium charge and configured the fuse for 5 minutes which by her watch would be how long it would take to get to Itari 5 then she placed some charges on top of the reactor and made for a way off the cube she found an airlock when she reached it however standing infront of it was the cubes commander "Now what do you do 3 of 14 die foolishly or live perfectly?" the drone said "I think we both know the answer to that question except you haven't said it yet" Emily said as the drone came towards her "your ship will be assimilated if you try anything funny" "you'd try to assimilate it anyway thats how a machine thinks however I'm not a machine I'm a human and I have decided that this cube is about to go sky high." "your point?" "the differences between men and machines"

the cube shook they had entered Itari 5s atmosphere Emily was thrown against the wall and the drone tried to jump on her and they fought Emily managed to throw the drone off and back away to the airlock door as she raised her phaser pistol which she intended to fire right at the charges she had planted. "I offered the borg a chance on Prendel I said go back to the delta quadrant borg or die by my hand. you chose to stay. so heres my judgement" Emily said then she fired and watched as the explosion raced towards her then she leapt out of the airlock and onto the planets surface and there her wounds finally hit her and she collasped.

(Firebreather bridge)

cheers erupted around the bridge the cube was destroyed "yes... yes" Munitiz said as he hit his console in celebration "I don't believe it" Jovak said "we survived the borg" "yes Lt we did but at what cost?" Hansman said then suddenly all the people on the bridge realised who had been on that cube. Rantonia looked across to science "no life signs sir" the ensign said "but I'm reading caesium" "she destroyed it herself then knowing full well what the cost would be alright then Munitiz drop a shuttle onto the planet just incase she has cheated death again and then get us out of here" Rantonia said "aye sir" Munitiz responded

(2 minutes later) "shuttle has reached the planet sir" munitiz said "set course for tetran 9 which is where we were going before we had this call" "course laid in" "engage"

(Itari 5)

Emily gingerley got to her feet her wounds were still bad but she couldn't wait around on Itari 5 any longer she had to get back to the Firebreather she looked around and saw that there was a starfleet shuttle around 100 metres from her she made for it entered and programmed the navicomputer to rendevous with the Firebreather she put it on auto pilot and then fell unconscious again as the shuttle took off.

(Hansmans quarters)

Bertus sat down at his desk what a few days it had been borg, borg and more borg he smiled as Andre walked in and was about to speak when a message came up on his laptops screen. it read "Senior Commander Hansman you are hereby ordered to take a shuttle and rendevous with the USS Peacerunner this will transport you to Earth you are to bring all infomation concerning the AT56 with you. signed Admiral George Parel" Bertus read then to Andre "request permission to go sir" he said "granted I'll help you pack" andre replied with a smile on his face

(2 days later Firebreather shuttlebay)

Andre,Bertus and Sarah walked into the shuttlebay it was an odd scene the ember was there being repaired by the marines but no sign of Emily they knew O'Reilly would do a good job but he would never be able to replace Emily. Bertus placed his suitcase on the shuttle and was about to say goodbye when another shuttle landed in the bay. "expecting visitors?" O'Reilly said "no" Rantonia replied "alright marines set for stun"

Bertus moved to the shuttles door and pulled the manual release then in went the marines and from outside Andre,Bertus and Sarah all heard O'Reillys voice "Oh Heck" he said. 2 minutes later they saw what it was Emily was lying unconscious on a makeshift strecher which was actually a strip of metal from the shuttles interior she was being connected to several machines which Private Moore had brought across from the ember. "Oh no" Rantonia said "is she dead?" Sarah asked "No shes not" Moore said "but she will be like this for a few hours at least. However I don't want to move her to main sickbay I would like to use the marine facilities as they are more accustommed to dealing with an ex-borg" "shes your Superior Officer O'Reilly what do you think?" Rantonia asked "Moore take her to the marine area immediately" O'Reilly ordered then he turned to Sarah "you're the one who would like to be a CMO aren't you?" O'Reilly asked "yes sir" "look I'm like Emily I prefer first names Sarah mines Tim. listen go with private Moore his names Mark he'll show you a few medical things and you might be able to help bring Emily around" Sarah smiled and went with Moore O'Reilly turned to Bertus "I'll let you know if her condition changes Sir" O'Reilly said "thanks Tim I appreciate that"

She'Mott was returning to her regular duties since the accident. She was still stiff and all but she knew she was needed and could not show any weakness.

She was glad that Emily was doing better and sad for the crew to loose Hansman. She had come to like the human man. He will be missed. She looked for Jovak as she entered the bridge. He was at his station. He turned and nodded his head to her as she walked to her station.

She stood there gathering intel on what had transpired and was waiting for orders. She felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see Jovak next to her.

"Are you ready to work again?" he asked

"I will be fine, I am Klingon. Duty is first." she said looking at the Klingon male she loved.

"I was just," he stopped.

"I am OK, thanks for the concern." she said turning back to her console.

Emily was still unconscious in the marine med bay she was connected to a drip and had a breathing tube in her mouth Private Moore and Sarah were doing their best but for the last 3 hours there had been no change in her condition. O'Reilly walked in "any change?" he asked "none yet Tim" Moore replied "what if we talked to her? would that help?" "no harm in trying Tim"

O'Reilly sat down on a chair next to Emilys bed "Emily can you hear me? Its Tim listen you remember the time that we had those poisonous spiders on board? and that 1 of them managed to bite me? well remember what you did? you went and got the antidote for me. It was the bravest thing anyone could have done and you did it." O'Reilly stopped as Rantonia walked in "mind if I try?" Rantonia said "go ahead" O'Reilly said as he swapped places with Rantonia who now spoke "Emily I remember the times that you went against my authority most notably during the mission concerning the AT56. then I remember the time that you made the toughest decision ever and decided to leave me on starbase 464 hmm I remember you and Karina had a fight over that decision. And now I come to the moment when I was relieved of command you decided to lead a strike team onto the UFPs ship to break me out nearly resulting in your starfleet career being the price. so listen the ship needs you please come back"

Moore looked at the monitor "minimal change but her life signs are still low" he said Sarah began to speak "I've not known you long Emily but you'd be surprised about what I know. For example I know that you're an ex- borg whos just contributed to the saving of a planet. I know that you are a skilled warrior who is unequalled with a sword. More importantly I know that you love my uncle Bertus and I know that Bertus knows that as well. Emily you are as hard as nails as flexible as elastic as skilled as a Samurai and as honourable as a Spartan and if those things alone don't pull you through then I don't know what will"

Moore checked the monitor "shes coming round" he said then to Sarah "you should try that with every patient"

She'mott had heard of Emily regaining consciousness. She finished her shift and went to the marine sickbay to see her.

She was surrounded by several others and she waited her turn to see her.

Finally she got to speak to the woman.

"Emily, it was a great honor to fight with you, I look forward to doing it again in the future." she said straining to smile.

"How are your injuries? I had heard of your dilemma. You are well I hope?" she asked She'mott

"I am doing better, I will need a while to work up to the same strength I was, but it will happen." she said.

"Then we will work and train together, so we can fight side by side again some day." Emily said to She'mott knowing it was a great honor to her.

"Yes, we can do that, I will enjoy it." said She'mott.

"I will let you rest now, It was good to see you. Get better so we can work later." she smiled.

She'mott left Emily to her friends and returned to her quarters. As she was entering Jovak was coming out of his quarters. She turned to him and started to speak to him. He came over to her and pressed her against the wall. She didn't have the strength to resist.

"What?" she asked quietly.

"Do you still love me?" he asked looking deep into her eyes.

"You know I do, and always will. You and I are one. I never stopped loving you." she said a tears rolling down her cheek.

"That is not very Klingon of you to cry like that." he said.

"I am still in pain from the injury. I haven't been around my kind as of late. My strength is waining. I need to be stronger. I know. I..." he kissed her to shut her up and she returned the kiss not biting his lip this time but sucking on it. The two of them kissed in the corridor for a few moments and Jovak pulled back.

"I just needed to know. I will see you later. Go and rest now. I have work to do." he leaned into her again and gave her a quick kiss and left. She turned into her quarters and collapsed on her bed.

Emily walked to her quarters it felt good to get back to something she could do it hadn't been easy and O'Reilly had told her everything that had transpired on the ship during her absence she reached her quarters and entered them.

She walked to her wardrobe and pulled out her uniform put it on and then was about to walk out of the door when she remembered her medal she walked back to the table and picked up the star shaped medal and pinned it to her collar then she headed for the bridge

Emily arrived 2 minutes later and looked around her shift by the look of it not that it mattered she sat in the command chair and looked at the shift personel not bad she thought. "Emily incoming message from Tetran 9" Munitiz said "on screen" a federation officer appeared on the screen "USS Firebreather you are cleared to dock in bay 5" the officer said "acknowledged firebreather out" Emily said then she hit the communication button to all decks "All personell we are now approaching tetran 9 when we dock everyone will be allowed shoreleave both to the station and planet" she said then after closing the channel she looked at Munitiz "take us in ensign" she ordered

Part 2:Battle

Emily was on the holodeck with She'Mott. the reason some fighting practice Emily had promised to help She'Mott regain her strength now it was time to do so. "you ready?" Emily asked "yep" "ok then weapons out"

She'Mott unslung her bat'leth while Emily drew out 2 katana blades "Remember anticipate, move and adapt" Emily said "anything else?" "be one with the weapon is a trick I often use" "alright then lets see what you've got sword girl"

Emily smiled she hadn't been called that before then she leapyt forward bringing both blades down in a crushing blow towards She'Mott which was blocked then it was time to try and use speed Emily was faster than She'Mott mainly to do with weapon weight Emily was striking all the time but each time it was blocked until Emily aimed low Forcing She'Mott to block down then Emily swung the other blade high again She'Mott blocked but Emily kept the blades locked and Kicked out hard sending She'Mott flying Emily Looked at her "How did I win?" she asked "you were better tactically" "wrong you were scared of striking back you feared the fact that I had 2 hand weapons and yours needs both hands to wield effectively" "your right" "next time we fight you must remember to attack as well as defend come on I think we should get back"

they walked out of the holodeck when an ensign told her that there was a message waiting for her she went to her office "open message" Emily said H'Daens face appeared on the screen "H'daen to what do I owe this pleasure?" Emily asked "ever taken place in a battle tournament?" H'Daen asked "no why?" "well I'm holding one on starbase sirius in a couple of days and I have representatives from all over the quadrant coming even some dominion have shown an interest and I suddenly realised I had no starfleet representative..." "so you were wondering whether or not I was interested?" "yes are you?" "yes how many on a team?" "2" "alright then I'll see you there Firebreather out"

Emily hit her combadge "Sullivan to She'Mott" she said "Yes Emily?" "could you come down to my office please theres something I'd like to discuss" "on my way"

She'Mott had just left Em on the holo deck and was wondering what she needed now.

She left for Emily's office and saw Jovak in the hall.

"You have been practicing again?" he asked.

"Well, go to build my strength up again, care to go a round with me later?" she asked smiling at him.

"No, I will wait till you are competition again." he said.

"SO, you think I am weak do you." as she pulled out her bat'lith on him.

"Not now, She'mott. I will challenge you later. I have ship business to do." he said putting his hands on hers holding the bat'lith.

"You are lucky this time Jovak, I too have somewhere to be." she said sternly to him.

"Yes I am, keep working on your skills. I will see you later." he said leaving her in the corridor.

She stepped into the office and Emily had a smile on her face.

"Would you be interested in some real competition?" she asked

"Who are we to battle?" asked She'Mott

"It is a intergalactic battle tournament, and I need a partner. Are you interested?" she asked

"Do you think I can help, or hinder you in this?'"She'mott asked.

"Girl, you are good, we need to practice on your tactics and we can be awesome." she said

"Then it will be a honor to do battle with you again. Yes I will do it." she said with a smile

"Good, I will arrange with the Captain your decision and we can work every moment till the tournament comes. We will win!" she said excitedly

"ok then Lt listen carefully the person who's running the tournament is called H'daen hes a romulan. But he is not a typical Romulan he has no hatred of klingons infact he respects them as he believes they are honourable warriors and he does not like war or taking lives unessercarily and sees no reason why the romulans and klingons can't get along." Emily said "he sounds like a good guy" "right well we better look at the rules then so we know what to take" "yeah ok"

Emily pushed a few buttons and brought up a list of rules she read them out "1. 2 People to a team 2. no sort of ranged weapon may be used 3. no grenades of any sort 4. fights are fought until both members of 1 team are knocked unconscious not until both members of 1 team are dead" "the prize?" She'Mott asked "the winning team gets a mastercrafted weapon of choice per team member" Emily read "right so now what?" She'Mott asked "you go and get my 2 katanas and your bat'leth and put them on the ember. I'll go and see Captain Rantonia about this I'm sure he'll let us go. and change into civvies as well I don't think it would be wise to wear uniforms. and take something to wear in the evenings because according to the tournament schedule theres an opening dinner on the eve of the tournament" "ok"

Emily sprinted up to the bridge and found Rantonia in his ready room "Emily what can I do for you?" he asked "H'Daen has requested my presence at a intergalactic battle tournament hes hosting on starbase sirius he wants me to compete also its 2 to a team so I need leave to compete for both myself and Lt She'Mott" Rantonia smiled "granted and come back winners"

With permission given Emily raced down to her quarters changed into civilian clothing and picked out a dark blue sleeveless dress to wear for the evenings then she grabbed her Katana blades and ran to the ember She'Mott was already there "all set?" Emily said "yep" "alright then lets go"

the ember took off a few seconds later 6 hours to starbase sirius

(6 hours later)

The Ember approached starbase sirius "we're being hailed" She'Mott said "on audio" "this is commander H'daen identify yourself" "this is Lt Col Emily Sullivan commanding the Federation- Romulan hybrid ship Ember" "Glad you could make it emily you can dock in bay 5 I'm transmitting the schedule to you now H'Daen out"

Emily looked at the schedule and read it to She'Mott "theres a formal dinner tonight then theres a full day of rest thats when we'll practice. then the following day the draw is made and the first round is fought then theres the quarter finals the next day then the semi- finals the day after and then finally an hour after the last semi finishes theres the final it also says that the winners recive a great prize from the partor himself"

She'Mott and Emily went to the presentation dinner to check out the competition. As each pair was presented Emily took notes on them. She'Mott and Emily were presented and were laughed at since they were the only all female competitors. Emily took it gracefully and She'mott wanted to show she was just as good as any man. Emily calmed her down.

"We will have a chance to show them in the ring. Just be gracious for now." she said holding her back.

"I will show them, with your help." said She'mott

"I will retire now, see you in the morning." she said leaving the room.

Morning came early for the two and She'mott was ready to learn. Emily had reserved a room for them to practice in. The two women practiced most of the day and into the early evening. She'mott was learning new moves and thrusts and to get out of the way instead of taking a blow. She was glad to see Emily being patient with her, for she was being hard on herself as she missed a move or a thrust.

"That is it for today, we will see what happens tomorrow. You did well She'Mott, you are a quick learner. Watch every one you can to find their weakness tomorrow. We can use that. I will see you in the morning. Get a good nights sleep. You will need your strength tomorrow." said Emily and the two women parted.

She'mott went to her room to clean up. She thought of how this competition would honor her family. She was the only child and her father had wanted a son. He was very loving of her anyway. She enjoyed doing what all the boys did. Her father was open minded in teaching her the ways of old. She knew she had to do her best. For the honor of her family was at stake.

Emily was headed to her temporary quarters on the starbase when

she reached them she found H'Daen at the entrance "you alright?" H'Daen asked "well apart from being annoyed at what happened last night I'm fine" "y..." "why didnm't you stop them?" "to let them learn a lesson for themselves" "what do you mean?" "the competitors don't know you like I do Emily they may see you as weak and inferior but I know that you are an honourable warrior and a good one as well. I can even tell that your partner is an excellent warrior and I've never seen her fight. anyway you need your rest goodnight and good luck tomorrow"

(the following day)

Emily and She'Mott stood in the ring they were in the first bout the crowd expecting them to get knocked out the PA sounded the following message "Ladies and gentlemen and invited other species I give you starfleets opponents the team of Cardassians"

Emily and She'Mott glanced at each other and drew their weapons the cardassians emerged carrying a spear and sheild each then Emily lost her balance but recovered quickly then she realised what was happening the floor was going to project a new environment for the battle she looked around a rock field "let battle commence" the Pa said

Emily headed at one of them waiting for the spear thrust which came she ducked under it and sliced the tip off then she aimed a kick into her opponents chest forcing him to stagger then she started hitting him with her katanas until he was beamed out she had beaten him she turned to see how She'Mott was doing it was slightly closer than hers had been she ran over and blocked the cardassians attack so She'Mott could deliever the blow which knocked him out

the crowd fell silent Emily and She'Mott had won "quarter finals here we come" Emily said

The crowd was silent after Emily and She'mott had won. The two women walked off the battle field. Out of site of the crowd they embraced.

"Showed them didn't we." said Emily.

"Yes, are they all that easy to battle?" asked She'Mott.

"No, but they all may be surprised at what we can do. That may play to our advantage." she said.

"Good, that was too easy. I like a challenge, if I am to be rewarded, I want to work for it. Not be given to me for just being there. This will be a good day to battle. May the Gods smile on us this day Emily Sullivan.' said She'Mott.

The two watched and waited seeing competitor after competitor loose and some of the better ones who will battle them win. They both took notes on the weaknesses of the challengers. Brainstorming a plan for each team they were to go against. Time came and they had made it to the quarter finals. Now to do some more damage.

Emily looked at the tournament board it read Jem'Hadar vs Bajorans Vulcans vs Klingons

Betazoids vs Romulans Starfleet vs Ferengei

Emily looked across "Great if we beat the ferengei we might have to face the romulans" she said "yep and by the looks of it the klingons should win their half of the draw with ease which makes them favourites" "yes but the favourites don't always win" "they won't this time" "well the quarters aren't until tomorrow so we need to look at the ferengei tactics and watch for any underhand stuff if one of us is landed in sickbay the other has to compete alone. especially be wary of bribes from the ferengei" "right I think I'll get some rest" "see you tomorrow Lt"

She'Mott left for her room while Emily stood in the crowd area a few moments later until she sensed someone behind her she turned to see a team she didn't expect "well look who it is" said the romulan "its that pesky ex-borg" said the other person

Emily looked at them both she couldn't believe it "Vorscehain when did you get out?" Emily asked " through an old friend of ours"

Emily turned to the second person "It can't be I finished you myself on the Kat'chener" Emily said "It is you stupid girl" the person replied "shut up you stupid Izenian your due a spell in the afterlife when I'm finished with you Dever"

The women had left the ship so that left it full of the male crew except for the captain's wife. Jovak took the time away from the other crew members to get some relaxing done.

He laid back in his bed all he thought about was spending time with She'mott now that she said she still loved him. He fell asleep just thinking about that female klingon

Emily woke up the following morning with a start it was quarter finals day and a battle against the ferengei was there to be won she got ready and went to the arena where she met H'Daen who was talking to She'Mott "run that past me again?" She'Mott said "The ferengei team has been disqualified for bribing the Andorian team to fix their first round match so therefore you get an automatic place in the semi-finals." "alright what do you think Emily?" "Well as much as I would like to earn my place in the semi-finals I think that the rules need to be upheld so what do we do?" Emily said "you 2 can use one of the practice rooms for the rest of the day you'll be facing Vorscehain and Dever in the semis tomorrow so you will need practice" H'Daen said

Emily turned to She'Mott "what is it with you,Vorscehain and Dever?" She'Mott asked "5 years ago The Firebreather was assigned a first contact mission with a species called the Izenians Dever is one of their scientists however he was bent on destroying the klingon empire we managed to stop him that time but a few months later I was lured into a trap by Vorsechain who is a romulan convict however Dever also turned out to be in on it they captured me and wanted me to help destroy the Firebreather however I escaped and ended up in single combat with Dever I thought I had finished him off when I stabbed him in his chest Vorscehain was sentenced to a 5 year imprisonment which explains why hes here" Emily said

"So not only do they have it in for you, but my planet as well. Then to the death will be a great honor. Emily we need to work on our strategy. H'dean thank you for the heads up. Em lets go and get some work done. I don't want to lose. The gods have smiled on us this day and we shall honor them tomorrow in the arena too." said She'Mott

The two went to practice again this time more on strategy than the actual weapons. Emily told She'mott of what she knew how they would fight.

"then we must not let them into the position to overwhelm us." She'mott said.

Working together they became one in their movements and they used the holodeck images to come at them. They used all types and styles of fighting from the simulations to make the practice real. At the end of the day the two could read each others  movements. 

"We will honor the Gods and our ships good name tomorrow. Sleep well Emily Sullivan" said She'mott as she departed to her room.

She'mott got undressed and went to the shower and stood there for a long time. Letting the hot water run down her tired muscles. She wrapped a towel around her and headed out to the bed. A man was in her room and forced himself upon her."You are not going to survive the fight tomorrow Klingon." he said to her. She struggled until she found her bat'lith on the edge of the bed. She relaxed and he pulled the towel that covered her off, she struck him hard with her weapon. The man lay bleeding all over the room. "better than you will survive this night" and she struck at him again and killed him.

Emily was waiting in the changing rooms wondering where She'Mott was when H'Daen came running in with She'Mott "where the heck have you been?" Emily asked "I had a little trouble with an intruder in my room" She'Mott replied "well at least you're here now lets settle this score"

the two of them drew their weapons and walked side by side out into the arena where opposite them stood Vorschain and Dever each wielding weapons of choice Dever held a double bladed sword and Vorschain an axe Emily looked to She'Mott "Devers mine you handle Vorschain" Emily said "ok this is going to be sweet"

the bell rang it was time to do battle they were just about to start when a forcefield shot down the centre of the ring separating the 4 of them into 2 combats Vorcehain against She'Mott and Emily against Dever. Emily was about to attack when H'Daen shouted out from the crowd "Emily, She'Mott listen the suppressor fields have failed this fights to the death now"

Emily turned back to Dever a second too late he was already on top of her his blades seeking her throat Emilys katanas only just keeping him from acheiving that objective Dever was now proving his strength and weight as he almost stopped her breathing. Emily kicked out and sent Dever flying the she picked herself up and went at him sending swing after swing in his direction but each one was parried away then suddenly Emily managed to send a in a strike that broke Devers double bladed sword into 2 single bladed swords however Dever countered quickly he kicked Emilys left arm sending 1 katana flying to the ground then he did the same to her right arm then finally Dever kicked Emily in the chest sending her to her knees the he rested his blade against Emilys throat

"Finally the Izenian revenge shall be complete" Dever said "You can kill me dever but She'Mott will destroy you with ease" "My revenge is not against starfleet its against you and your family. you never found out who murdered your parents 3 years ago did you? it was me" Emily now grasped the dagger that she had concealed down the back of her shoe "why?" she asked "they seemed to be the only thing you cared about enough that would really hurt you!" "not any more" "what?" Emily struggled to her feet the dagger behind her back and Devers blade still at her throat "not any more" She repeated "you can't win Emily" Dever said as he kicked her back to the floor then she looked up at him "I know its futile to keep fighting Dever but I won't give up it would disgrace my parents, my bloodline, my ancestors and my friends to give up" she said "here is where our intertwined destinys end Emily yours was to die here mine was to kill you and end your bloodline once and for all" "wrong I shall see this day through at your expense" "the same was said of Queen Dido of carthage thousands of years ago" "and yet hope still remains" "not for much longer" "then strike me down"

Dever raised his sword for the kill as Emily rolled to the side and plunged the dagger into his side causing him to stumble the Emily picked up her katanas and went over to him "and now in the name of those who you have murdered, hurt and done wrong to I shall settle our score once and for all" Emily said as she raised her katanas "you may kill me but you won't kill admiral Heimler he already knows you're the last of the carthaginian bloodline and hes preparing to meet you in single combat" Dever said "If thats the case its a pity you won't be around to see it"

then finally Emily finished Dever then she fell to her knees and began to cry she had just found out more than she had ever wanted to know

She'Mott had beaten Vorscehain when Emily had looked over but that was yesterday and now the final was upon them and it was a battle against the klingons. "this the fight you've always wanted right Lt?" Emily asked "yes it is" "ok then lets win this together!"

Emily and She'Mott watched as opposite them the klingon team entered the arena both had bat'leths this wasn't going to be easy the bell went and Emily and She'Mott edged forward slowly She'Mott infront with Emily to one side everything seemed ok the klingons were waiting for them and both lashed out at She'Mott and Emily just a second too soon as She'Mott rolled to 1 side and Emily Backflippedthen Emily charged in close with She'Mott right behind her both blocking all the thrusts and swings that came their way Emily and She'Mott were both still exhausted after fighting Dever and Vorschain and soon that began to kick in and it almost looked like the klingons might get the best of them when suddenly a klingon fell short with one of his attacks Emily reacted first she used 1 of her katanas to pin his Bat'Leth down and then she ducked down as She'Mott leapt over her head and Knocked the klingon out leaving only one opponent left.

Emily began to circle him like a lion closing in for the kill on an unsuspecting antelope meanwhiloe She'Mott had snuck behind the klingon and then she leapt for him causing the klingon to turn and blaock She'Motts attack Emily took her chance and tripped the Klingon causing him to drop his bat'leth then she delivered the final blow. she breathed heavily and saw She'Mott doing the same she turned and saw H'Daen advancing towards them holding 2 things he passed 1 to She'Mott who unravelled it it was a Bat'leth brilliantly crafted finely balanced so it could be wielded with ethier one hand or two. "thank you" She'Mott said H'Daen then turned to Emily and gave her something it was a sword which seemed to have such a fine edge adn a very sharp point then she looked at the blade it was engraved she looked at H'Daen "what does it say?" she asked "The last of Carthage is what commands me and only she can wield me to full effect" H'daen said "congratulations you are the tournament champions!" he said then the crowd started cheering "lt fire up the ember I want to get back to the firebreather as soon as possible" Emily said

Emily was particularly quiet on the trip back to the Firebreather. The two women never spoke more than a word or two until they were about an hour away from home. Home, a ship floating in space. Exploring and protecting others.

Emily finally asked. "What happened that you were so late?"

She'Mott turned and said."Vorschain sent some one to shake me up. He attempted to rape me. He got what he deserved. H'dean helped with the authorities to clean up the mess. Other wise neither of us would be here now." she said as she put her face in her hands. She had blocked it out and felt the shame of it all now. Tears flowed from the Klingon woman's eyes. Emily came and sat by She'mott and put her arm around her. "Vorschain deserved what he got and so did that rapist. He hated all Klingons and we are better off with out the prejudices of their kind. You did well She'mott you are a warrior." She'mott looked up at Emily "We did well Em. I know there was something eating at you too. Hopefully we both left our fears in the arena that day." she said to her new found friend.

The console beeped they were in range for contact with the Firebreather. "Let's go home" said Emily. "We have people who love us on that ship." as she thought about Bertus and how she loved him, she wished he would return from where ever it was, into her arms.

"I don't know about leaving my fears in the arena." she said "Why?" "well I look at the last 5 years when the firebreather was in drydock I spent 1 year out with the marines on assignment putting down a rebellion on Verath 3 which I've had to sort out again recently then I was given a job teaching at the academy professor of combat. I did of course hear reports of a young klingon with some skill with a bat'leth and I never expected to be telling the same klingon this. then my parents died I now know that Dever murdered them no doubt on admiral Heimlers orders." "then what?" "I turned away from battle I couldn't pick up a weapon then one day I got a transmission from H'Daen inviting me to visit starbase sirius which I did there when he saw that I couldn't pick up a weapon or fight with one he re-trained me taught me a lot of moves that I never could do before. Maybe it was because I had a close friend beside me at that time"

Emily then went into the back of the ember leaving She'Mott to pilot it home she looked around so much had changed she had seen comrades come and go the one that would always cause her the most pain was Serevan Kristov and that he had sacrificed his life to save her. Emily recomposed herself and went to a cupboard opened it the weapons locker she looked into it not much there except for something at the bottom collecting dust she remembered what they were she had used them before changing to katanas she had no use for them but she knew someone who could she picked them up and headed back to the embers bridge when she arrived She'Mott was inputting the docking commands "Lt" Emily said "yes?" "catch" Emily said as she passed the package to She'Mott who unwrapped it a pair of sais "I thought you might want to look at different fighting styles" Emily said "Its funny because I always have" She'Mott replied

She'mott and Emily gathered there belongings and started to exit the shuttle. Jovak was in the shuttle bay waiting for them. He approached She'mott and smiled.

"I hear you were victorious in the ring."he said walking beside her.

"Yes, we won, had some trouble too." she said looking at him.

"What kind of trouble?" he asked stopping She'mott in her tracks

"The kind I need to explain in private. Please meet me later. For now I need to shower and check the duty roster." she said pulling away from the man she loved. This will hard to tell knowing his Klingon blood and how much he will want to avenge his mate. She'mott thought of how she was going to explain things as she walked to the turbo lift.

Later that day

She'mott dressed herself for Jovak. She had not really made any attempt before to attract him. They both knew they still had deep feelings for each other.

Jovak entered her quarters and went to pull She'mott to him. She held up her hand to stop him.

"Please, before we go any further, I need to tell you what happened." she explained about the assassin and how he attempted to rape her. How she killed him with out any mercy. How the anger inside her was vented towards Vorschain and she killed him without any regrets.She had murdered two men and felt no shame.

She stood there waiting for Jovak to react. He waited a moment then came to her again. This time not letting her stop him. He took her into his arms and kissed her. "You are a Klingon, it is in our blood to defend ourselves. You will make a strong mate for me She'mott. We will be strong together for our families." he pulled her close and kissed her. She reciprocated the love.

Part 3: Emotional Farwell

Andre stepped out onto the bridge. Munitiz spoke "A shuttle is requesting permission to dock sir." "Proceed."

He left for his quarters, later that day he heard screaming outside his rooms. He walked out. A crowd had formed and people were crying. Andre forced his way through, A girl was on the floor cowering. It was Sarah. "Sarah?" Andre asked. She looked up. She had bruising and a gashed forehead she moved away and sobbed. Laying on the floor were Jennifer and Maria, dead. Andre fell to his knees and screamed. "NO!" He stood up and turned around. Standing in the doorway was a klingon. "I'm sorry captain, but it is the only way" she said. "What?" "Your wife has been shot. Killed by Kuvar Ju'To." Andre couldn't handle this he shouted as loud as he could. "KUVAR!!!!!" A shadow dashed across the doorway. He followed it. As he came to a docking bay he saw Karina stood working. "Karina?! Please KARINA! KARINA!" he bellowed. She turned and smiled. "It's Jen and Maria!" "What, what has happened!?" "There....There." "Say it very fast, it will be easier." "They are dead!" he cried. He went to hug when a shape emerged out of the shadows and shot him, he collapsed to the floor. Ru'Berk and Munitiz casually walked in as this happened, Ru'Berk ran to Kuvar while Munitiz went to Karina who was holding Andre. As he was running he was shot dead. Ru'Berk leapt on Kuvar and wrestled with him, they rolled about on the floor a phaser shot went of, and another, both of the klingons rolled over, Ru'Berk was dead but Kuvar was slightly burned at his neck, Karina was quick to move as she grabbed the phaser and shot Kuvar. Killing him. She turned back to Andre. "Karina..." he winced "Hold me." she cradled him in her arms as crew came bursting into the room, Bertus and Emily at the fore. They looked at Karina who was looking at Andre. "Theres a place for us somwhere Andre. Goodbye." As she finished the sentence Andre fell limp and died. She snatched the phaser from Bertus who had picked it up pointed it into her bosom and shot. The crowd moved in, Bertus motioned for the bodies to be taken to sickbay.

Emily and Bertus hugged eachother and went into the captains ready room. There they both spoke to Admiral Kye Jackson. After much deliberaion she announced the new captain. "Lt.Col. Emily sullivan, I hereby promote to the rank of Colonel and the Command of the USS Firebreather-A"

Karina and Andre were both placed in the same capsule, ready to be released where no-man has gone before.

Later that day all the crew was on the bridge. In the middle of it, in the command circle, were two emty photon torpedoe shells. The only thing inside were the body's of Captain Andre Rantonia and Lieutenant Commander Karina Rantonia. In the other one where the bodies of their children, Maria and Jeniffer Rantonia.

The doors of the ready room swift open and Senior Commaner Bertus Hansman and Colonell Emily Sullivan. As they walked onto the bridge everyone went quiet. They knew what was going to happen. It had happent on various ships on various times. No one liked this butit was nessesary. "We have gathered here today to pay our last respects to our Captain and fellow officer's and our friend's Captain Andre Rantonia and his Wife Lieutenant Commander Karina Rantinia and their children, Jeniffer and Maria Rantonia. Would anyone like to say something about these people?" Emily said. Being the new CO of the ship it was her duty to preform the funural.

"I would" Bertus said. "When I first came aboard I found the captain a little strange and sometimes little onorthodox. But soon we became friends. And that is what we have allwayd stayed. Friends. And that is how I am going to remember him. And Karina, allways been a good friend. For advise or an quick chat. I was deligted to hear that the both were going to mary. Being best man for your CO and your Friend is an great houner. Andre, Karina. It was an houner to serve with you." There was a moment of silence there, as Bertus had to take away some tears. Sarah came to stand beside him. she took his hand and looked into his eyes. "Jeniffer, Maria. I haven't know you for long. I was there when you two were born" Bertus continued. "It was an joyous exeriance. I always look at you two as my little nises. I love you two." After having said that he stood back as Sarah started to say something.

"I haven't beed on board so long. But in the time I was here I felt accepted, and save. I soon had friends, and 4 of them were Andre, Karina, Maria and Jen. Somewhere we will see each other again and I look forward to this. I don't see this as the end of our friendship. Just as a small stop." When she went quiet everyone went quiet. What she had said thoughed everyone.

Emily stepped forward now as no-one else seemed to want to say anything it looked like she would have the final word "The country I come from is England and there we have a special medal for our soldiers who die as heros. Captain Rantonia was American and therefore would not qualify for the medal but on this ship and under my command I think an exception should be made therefore I present Captain Andre Rantonia with the Victoria Cross for bravery, courage and awareness as he always tried to get us all home alive and for that I honour him with this medal" Emily said as she stepped forward and placed the Victoria cross in the torpedoe with Andre then Emily turned to Jovak "commence firing proceedure" Emily ordered "yes Emily"

Jovak beamed the 2 torpedoes off the bridge and to the outside of the ship where they hovered back on the bridge Emily was taking deep breathes this was the order she had never wanted to give "go to that place sir" she whispered before turning to Jovak again who as the closest person to a tactical officer was operating that station "fire" Emily said Jovak nodded and sent a phaser blast at the 2 torpedoes destroying them both Emily raised her hand and saluted as did everyone else on the bridge.

"Okay, everyone" Bertus said. "In houner of Captain Andre Rantonia and his family I would like to hang this photo on the wall." It was an photo of Andre, Karina and their two children, Jennifer and Maria."They were part of the family and will always stay that way." He hang the photo un op the wal, right abough the Ship's insignia. (note: the ships insignia is an copper coloured plate with the ships information of it. Designers, engineers who build it, place of construction, and the names of all CO's who commadned it.) As he hang it up the whole crew clapped their hands.

Everyone went quiet again. Bertus and Emily looked at each other for a second and nodded. "Okay. Helm, lay in an course for Earth, Maximum warp. We have an family to inform." Bertus said. "All hands, normal stations. And.... tonight at 2000 hours there will be time to talk to each other, and remember our friends. At Karina's ...." Saying this made it all to much. Tears started to drop. "At Karina's. Who want's to come may come."

Emily sat in the command chair this was the first time she had done this on a shift which wasn't usually hers she looked around only one face from the original crew remained and that was the person sitting in the executive officers chair she turned to Bertus "when we get to Earth the 2 of us will beam down and break the news to the family ok" she said "agreed"

Emily sat back and looked to the other chair which was empty usually she would have sat there but she needed someone to "Lt She'Mott my ready room please" Emily said She'Mott got up and followed Emily into the ready room

"what have I done Emily?" She'Mott asked "don't worry you're not in trouble" "then what is it?" "Lieutenant She'Mott I hereby promote you to the rank of lieutenant commander with all the rights and priviledges that rank allows you are also the new second officer. Congratulations" Emily said "thank you" "send Bertus in will you?" Emily said "sure thing"

She'Mott left and 2 minutes later Bertus walked in "enjoying your first day of command?" Bertus asked "you know full well I'm not" "I know we'll all miss the Rantonias" "thats not the problem" "well what is?" "with munitiz dead we have a shortage of helm officers" "and?" "engineering officers" "yeah" "and counsellors" "why are you saying this?" "because I think we should give Sarah a bit of work expierience before she goes to the academy" "how do you plan to do that?" "listen we tell each senior officer in every department that Sarahs going to be training with them for a day this would include all the bridge crew the work would cover every department including Commanding Officer and executive officer are you ok with that?" "yes I'll go and tell her. should she start tomorrow?" "tomorrow morning bring her to the ready room and we'll decide which department she should go to first"

Jovak went to She'Mott after the ceremony and took her to her quarters. He took her to the bed and slapped her face. and went in to kiss the female kligion.

(hours later in sick bay)

Jovak had a scratch benthe his right eye, she'mott had had bruises on her face. Doctor Dragomire came out "scratchs, brusies and broken ribs, what have you two been doing"? before either could anwser him "no don't tell me i don't want to picture it.

"you do know by our laws that we will have to get married now" Jovak commetted to the woman next to him.

Emily woke up and found herself holding a disruptor which H'daen had given her out infront of her she breathed deeply she had had a nightmare she recalled it to herself. She had been walking alone down a dark corridor for an unknown reason when she had reached the door at the end she had opened it and then all she could remember was seeing 2 people 1 a female was hanging from the ceiling the other a male was lying on the floor with a knife in the neck. then all she could remember was a shot being fired before she had woken up.

She couldn't sleep so she decided to go and see the marines who would just be getting ready for their morning drill.

She arrived in the marine area wiping sleep from her eyes she looked around O'Reilly was inspecting the troops "how many times must I tell you. make sure that you rifle is pointing in a straight line" He bellowed "careful Tim everyone makes mistakes" Emily said from the doorway "Nice to see you to Emily" "platoon dismissed. Tim I'd like a word"

Emily and O'Reilly walked away from the platoon Emily then told him about the nightmare "what do you think?" Emily said "I think you've been having this nightmare for years" "thats right I have in the last 3 years how did you..." "know? well several times when you came down to drill us you looked tired. and right now you'd better get up to the bridge. your shift starts in 2 minutes"

Emily headed up to the bridge knowing that they were only 2 hours from Earth

Jovak sat down on the bench next to the female he just had a rough night with. He smiled at her, they been in love before and nothing had really changed over the years, they thought about doing it then but decided their careers were more important

It was by kligion custom that they will have to marry now but Jovak wasn't about to inform nobody in the kligion high counsil about this and he know she'mott wasn't about to either. Dragomire knew they did it but Jovak didn't think he will talk for if he did, he would have to die a slow and painfull death.

"so do you really want to?" She'mott asked him "want to what?" "follow the custom and marry" she responded

 "Perhaps someday but not today" he smiled at her and

leaned in to kiss her again.

Emily sat down in the ready room nothing of Rantonias was left in the room except his four captains pips which had beenn displayed above the door along with his name nice touch Emily thought then she looked up as the doors hissed open and in walked Bertus, Ensign Phillips and Sarah who was dressed in a starfleet uniform well she was on work expierience so she may as well look the part. "Sarah I understand that you would like a career in starfleet" Emily said "yes" "well myself and your Uncle were talking yesterday and we think that we should give you some training to help you out when you go to the academy so every officer is going to guide you through their position show you their station you'll do a department a day starting with helm today which ensign Phillips is the current senior officer of he'll talk you through the controls and then you'll be on duty at that position for the rest of the day. How does that sound?" "great I can't wait" "ensign phillips please show Sarah to the helm console"

Sarah and ensign Phillips walked out Bertus looked at Emily "ok come on whats wrong?" Bertus asked "nothing" "nothing? have you had that nightmare again?" "does everyone on this ship seem to know when I've had that nightmare?" "well yes you always look tired and weak after you've had it" "Its worse this time" "how?" "well you know the 2 people who I see in the nightmare" "yeah?" "well I finally recognised them last night" "who?" "you and Sarah" Emily said she was nearly crying now "whats the worst of it?" Bertus asked " I think it might come true its been less like a nightmare and more like a vision recently" " it won't come true" "why?" "because I won't let it"

Part 4: New Duties

She'Mott entered the bridge. Her new uniform and pips on. She was still in awe over the fact that Emily choose her to be the new AXO. She started for her science post and noticed someone new sitting in her chair. She turned and sat next to the captains chair. This is a great honor for her family. She was very thankful for this opportunity.

Her ribs still were aching from the lovemaking session she had with Jovak. He was from a good and honorable family. Her father would be proud of her choice for a mate. Soon they would have to announcer their intentions to all. Not a wonderful job to do. The families would debate and battle for the couple. It could go on for years. She'mott didn't care she had her mate and that was all that mattered for now.

She watched as Sarah was being mentored on the helm. Trying to remember when she was that young. So many years ago.

Jovak went to his post and noticed that she'mott now

sat right in front of him he could smell her hair just inches away from his nose, the sents from the previous night.

He remembered years ago he did nothing but spend time with the woman, go out talk and everything under the stars.

He noticed she was happy but something was also troubling her at the same moment. He continued working at his post and get his mind off the female Klingon, which was harder said than done

Emily and Bertus walked out of the ready room "She'Mott" Emily said "yeah?" "Myself and Bertus are going to break the news to Captain Rantonias family about his death therefore you have command until we get back" "yes ma'am"

Emily and bertus walked off the bridge

(Planet Earth)

Emily and Bertus both materialised outside the house they were going to "ready?" Bertus asked "yes" Emily knocked on the door and a woman answered "yes what is it?" the woman asked "Mrs Rantonia. My name is Emily Sullivan and this is Bertus Hansman we have some news about Andre Rantonia and his family" Emily said "well then you'd Better come in"

Emily and Bertus entered and were introduced to Mr Rantonia they sat down "now what was it you wanted?" Mr Rantonia asked "I'm sorry to have to say this but Andre Rantonia was killed 3 days ago by his wifes ex husband. His wife then commited suicide." Emily said "and what about Jennifer and Maria?" Mrs Rantonia asked "dead" Bertus said "Kuvar Ju'tu got them as well"

Mr and Mrs Rantonia started to cry "all I can say is that we're very sorry for your loss he was one of the best commanding officers anyone could wish for" Bertus said "if theres anything of his you need to collect its still in his quarters on the Firebreather" Emily said "thank you now please leave" Mr Rantonia said

"Firebreather 2 to beam up" Emily said hitting her combadge

the 2 officers beamed back on board the firebreather "so ummm how did they take it?" Jovak asked "not too well mr Jovak" Emilly replied "Andre's family will be here soon to take any items they feel like they want to take with them, i suggest you stay out of their way" Bertus told the klingons on the bridge.

Emily and Bertus continued off the bridge to go to the captains ready room. "sounds like good advice humans don't take death the way we do" Jovak commented to she'mott "pitty they don't they can learn so much from us" she'mott commited to jovak

she noticed both bertus and Emily had left them alone on the bridge. She'mott turned around to Jovak and kiss him "well i been thinking acording to our customs we need to tell our families soon" she said to him "yes i agree with you she'mott" jovak agreed to the woman

End of mission notes

tragic very tragic

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