• Agent J as Mario
  • Agent K as Luigi
  • 1969 Agent K as Toad
  • Boris the Animal and 1969 Boris as Bowser and Bowser Jr.
  • Agent O as Princess Peach
  • Griffin as Yoshi
  • Colonel James Darrell Edwards II as Donkey Kong
  • Lilly Poison as Princess Daisy
  • Jeffrey Price as Toadsworth
  • 1969 Agent O as Princess Rosalina
  • Agent X as Waluigi
  • Agent Double A as Oogtar
  • Mr. Wu as Detective Herlock Solmes
  • Agent W (Andy Warhol) as Diddy Kong
  • 1969 J. as Smithy
  • Alien on TV Monitors as Birdo (cameo)
  • The Four-Armed Alien as Boo
  • The Bowling Ball Headed Alien as Morton Koopa, Jr.

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