Meow Mix Land is the "first theme park for cats", which opened in 1999, Meow Mix's 25th anniversary. A sign on the building says "No dogs allowed, only cats and their owners", to tell people that dogs are not allowed in a cat theme park.

Meow Mix Bucks

Meow Mix Bucks is the type of currency/coupons used at the theme park. The original denominations are M1, M5, M10, and M20. In 2008, M50's and M100's were introduced, but the M100 got discontinued a year later because a counterfieter named Mark Rickinson had found a sheet of M100's at the printing press and sold photocopied sheets for $1. Then it got worse when people found out that the bills were photocopied all along. So Rickinson got arrested for printing fakes. Meow Mix Land closed for a month, but when they came back, they prohibited M100's entirely, real or fake.

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