Meowsie is the city in which the doggies live. It is both a quite suburban town and a busy hustle city.

The Places

Mainland Meowsie

Mainland meowsie is the main part of Meowsie. It is in the centre of the city, seperated from some other parts of the city by the River Claw. Mainland Meowsie is often very busy and a lot of the buildings are tall sky scrapers. It is home to some famous places such as the Meowsie Today offices and the Meowsie Monument, a statue of the city's founder, Murphy Winkles.

Residential Meowsie

Residential Meowsie is where most residents of Meowsie Live. Unlike Mainland Meowsie, there are not many sky scrapers and it is rather quiet. One oif the most famous places in Residentail Meowsie is 15 Stray Lane, where the doggies live.

Down Town Meowsie

Down Town Meowsie is the ocean-view part of meowsie. unlike most of Meowsie, it is on a slope and so most of the street slope down in one direction, like san fransisco. At the very bottom of Down Town Meowsie is the Meowsie Seaport, where a lot of ocean stuff happens. You know. Ocean stuff.

Meowsie Badlands

The Meowsie Badlands is the largest part of Meowsie and is also the poorest. There is not much there apart from some neighbourhoods but the biggest thing there is the oil & coal mine.


The Founding

Meowsie Was founded in 1407 by Murphy Winkles.

The Mayors

Murphy Winkles

Murphy Winkles founded the city of Meowsie in March of 1407. He was the mayor of Meowsie for 7 years before he quit and spent 2 years creating the Meowsie Residential Home, in which he spent his retirement.

Peta Mimmy

Peta spent 9 years being the mayor before retiring. She was the first mayor to bring in the new law which forbade citizens of Meowsie from selling other people's body organs without permission.


There was a period of the third mayorin which there were two mayors working as one.

Kane Wilson

Kane was the mayor for 3 months before he was put in hospital and Syble took over. She was acting mayor for 2 months before Kane took over again.

Syble Williams

Syble once again took place as acting mayor to allow Kane a break, but then he retired and for the remaining 6 months, she was elected mayor.

They were mayor for 2 years.

More important mayors

Shimmy Mu Dribbles Figglewock Junior Figglewock Michael anti-michaelson


Mainland Meowsie

Meowsie Today Offices. Dingo Factory: Meowsie concoction

Residential Meowsie

15 Stray Lane

Around Meowsie
Within the state
Meowsie city | Vennaville
Ding Factories Ltd. | F-Quad | PAWS magazine | Meow 6
Hooch Buckingham

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