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This is a mini-wiki about the Mercenary Crew online text role plays at LucasForums. They are some of the longer and most well-established RPs on the site. As such, this wiki was created to provide easy reference to for some of the key aspects and characters in the various stories.

Age of the Empire


  • Episode I: The Passenger
    • The crew, looking for some more legitimate work, take on a private transport job. They end up taking on a mysterious passenger, who turns out to be a Jedi on the run from the evil Sith-controlled Empire... (Full Summary)
  • Episode II: Old Friends and New Jobs
    • With the crew now heavy one Jedi, the Echo carries on to Alderaan along with a mysterious hitchhiker from Jana's past. Despite narrowly avoiding the Imperial fleet, they soon find themselves up against none other than the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader. (Full Summary)
  • Episode III: Rhea
    • On a trip to Naboo, the crew of the Echo are caught by a traitorous Imperial captain who makes a deal with them. In exchange for their freedom, the crew must steal information on the location of an old Clone Wars-era vessel. Reluctantly, the crew accepts and attempts to con a Moff out of the information by sending Nic and Beryl in as a married couple. (Full Summary)
  • Episode IV: Fraught With Disappointment
    • In an attempt to rescue her lost love, Ryshana recruits the crew to help her infiltrate an Imperial prison facility and takes Beryl along for the ride. Meanwhile, Nic and the rest of the crew come across ghosts from the captain's past when the Echo is boarded by the Imperials for a 'routine inspection.' (Full Summary)
  • Episode V: Brothers in Arms - Current
    • With two of their own dead and another two missing, the crew of the Echo must find a way to recover. Meanwhile, Conn and Max scour the galaxy for Beryl. Nic plans an escape from Carida as Beryl is doing this same. But just how far towards the Dark Side will Beryl go to acheive her goals?

Pre-RP Side Stories


Current Crew of the Echo

Past Crewmembers

Significant NPCs

Bounty Hunters


  • Episode I: Bounty Hunters
    • The crew of the Scimitar accept a lucrative bounty offer to track down missing Jedi. Their search first brings them to the icy world of Bryndar, where they quickly realize they might have bitten more off than they can chew.
  • Episode II: Jewels of the Core - Current
    • Having lost two original crewmembers and gaining three new ones, the crew of the Scimitar seeks to recover and find new work, preferably work that pays and doesn't end with death. However, Captain Tannis starts hearing whispers in his head, echoes of the Jedi who sacrificed herself for him...


Current Crew of the Scimitar

Past Crewmembers

  • Headhunter Pilot: Kuun Lan - Deceased
  • Medic: Ray 'Stitcher' Brink - Deceased
  • Pilot: Ali D'Ayarra - Departed

Everything in this mini-wiki is original work by the Dantooine Theater Company role-players on LucasForums. All references to the Star Wars product is copyright of George Lucas and Lucasfilm Ltd. All pictures are copyrighted by their respective artists.

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