Types of Missions

General Missions

  • Easy Missions - These missions have targets that are usually not too adept in combatm and mostly serve as training for newer members to the guild. Payouts are low, usually in the hundreds.
  • Medium Missions - These missions are for expierienced mercenaries. Although the are not the most difficult missions, they can be difficult if not handled correctly. Targets are usually skilled in combat, but are no match for those who are well-trained. PAyouts are usually in the thousands.
  • Hard Missions - These missions can be very difficult for mercenaries. The targets are well-trained in combat, and sometimes have guards with them. Payouts are generally around five-thousand.
  • Extremely Difficult - These missions are only available to Hardened Assassins and up. Their name speaks for itself, and targets will always have guards and be an excellent combatant themselves. If the assassin does not use caution, they will be killed. It is always recommended they bring support incase of an increased threat. Payouts are very high, with the Guild establishing a minimum price of ten thousand.

Exclusive Missions

These missions are those that are very hard to complete; almost every exclusive mission is devised of multiple targets. The targets will generally be in the same area or building with an ample amount of guards defending them. Back-up support is a must if it is available, or the assassin will be doing a lot of hit-and-run. Payouts are always high, with a twenty-five thousand minimum.

Sacred Mission

A sacred mission is literally the toughest mission to complete. There are very few sacred missions at a time, as it is the defining factor between an assassin and becoming a Mercenary Guild Leader. A sacred mission will always involve taking out a large organization, usually spread around the land. To complete a sacred mission is to strike fear in the hearts of all. The standard patout is two hundred thousand.

Top 10

Top 10 missions are only available to Mercenary Guild Leaders. They are a special type of mission in which the target is one of the Top 10 Wanted people in the land. In these missions, the target will be hiding and no location will be provided as to their whereabouts. Players compete against eachother to find these people, and clues must be gathered to find the target. Every clue will decrease the area of land to look in, but the player must hurry to make sure noone gets the target before them. Everytime a Top 10 fugitive is captured, a new one is added to the list immeadietely. If a player captures 10 of these fugatives, Kuroto will present them with the Mercenary Badge of Honor. Payouts automatically start at one-hundred thousand, with a reward increase for the amount of time the fugitive remains at large.

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