These are the military ranks of the Mercenary Guild. Unlike the two main factions in All the King's Men, the Mercenary Guild's ranks are based on amount rather than skill. Keep in mind attaining the rank being read about is done as the previous rank.

Low Ranks

These ranks are given to members who have just joined or have a low number of kills.


This rank is bestowed on those who have only entered the Mercenary Guild, and have completed their training featuring one "training kill" (a kill in a virtual world to protect the mercenary for his first mission and prevent a job possibly being wasted). They are not, however, told the kill is not real until afterwards. If they perform well, they will be excepted into the guild at this rank.


A Private must make 5 kills, the first of which is covered in training. They take missions from the various "mission depots" located all across the land, and deal with low-risk targets, usually someone not skilled in combat and for a low amount of money. Five successful kills gains this rank.

Lance Corporal

A Lance Corporal must make 10 kills, 5 of which are already done. Like Privates, these missions are low-risk and low-pay to help the mercenary hone their skills.


A Corporal must make 20 kills, 10 of which are done already. At this stage, targets may increase a bit in difficulty. This is the time to see how cut-out for being a mercenary one is.

Medium Ranks

These ranks have members who have a good amount of kills, but can rise much more with greater numbers.


A Sergeant must make 30 kills, 20 of which are done already. Sergeants missions increase in difficulty from Corporal signifigantly, as a Sergeant has proven they are cut-out for the job. As a Sergeant, the "Medium" level of difficulty at mission depots become the variation used.


A Mercenary must have 50 kills, 30 of which are done already. Mercenary is the stage where missions from both depots and people can be taken. The Guild member Augustus Gutenburg has 5 missions available for Mercenaries, which must be completed to rise to Lieutenant. These must be done with the 75 kills needed to attain the rank of Lieutenant, like all other missions of the type.


A Lieutenant must have 75 kills, 50 of which are done already. A Lieutenant is known as a proficient killer, and their missions are done so well they speak for themselves. Of course, their missions are not at the pinnacle of difficulty (yet). The Guild member Eduardo de las Cases has 5 missions available for Lieutenants, which must be completed to gain the rank of Captain.


A Captain must have 100 kills, 75 of which are done already. A Captain is the point between a member of the Guild and a person of signifigance in the Guild. Though is much more for a Captain to do before becoming particularly notable, they are not looked past for important missions. The Guild member Jack Lockheart has 5 missions for Captains, which must be completed to gain the rank of Major.

High Ranks

These ranks have members with an excellent kill record and are worth mention in the Guild.


A Major must have 150 kills, 100 of which are done already. At this stage, a mercenary can receive "Hard" missions from the mission depots. Majors are those who have a great aptitude for what they do, and many go onto higher ranks. The Guild member Rodrigo Felipe has 10 missions for Majors, which must be completed to attain the rank of Colonel.


A Colonel must have 200 kills, 150 of which are done already. Colonel is the rank between greatness and good. If one surpasses the rank of Colonel, they are recorded in the archives of the Mercenary Guild. The Guild member Hector Estrada has 15 missions for Colonels, which must be completed to attain the rank of Killer, Class 1.

Notorious Ranks

These ranks are reserved for those who have had an exceptional career as a Mercenary, and are on their way to greatness.

Killer, Class 1

A Killer, Class 1 must have 225 kills, 200 of which are are done already. Once this rank is obatained, mission depot missions no longer count towards toal kills; only missions taken from the designated Guild members will. These members are held in high-priority and are used often in various missions, as they are known as their uncanny amount of proficiency. The Guild member Edward Barbados has all 25 of the missions that must be completed to attain the rank of Killer, Class 2.

Killer, Class 2

A Killer, Class 2 must have 250 kills, 225 of which are done already. These members, despite their rank increase, are not considered much better than Killers, Class 1, and thus do not get many more difficult missions. Edward Barbados will continue to give out all 25 missions needed to attain the rank of Killer, Class 3.

Killer, Class 3

A Killer, Class 3 must have 275 kills, 250 of which are done already. This is the defining step in an exceptional assassins career: the step between a mercenary and assassin. Edward's older brother, George Barbados, will give out the 25 missions needed to attain the rank of Assassin. These are missions will not be easy.


An Assassin must have 300 kills, 275 of which are done already. The rank of assassin is the highest most people will obatain; many fear their safety too much in going for a higher rank, and choose to stay at their current rank. This is not to say they aren't important, as the people who cannot afford to make their mission exclusive (or those that don't need it to be) readily hire assassins. They take missions from their portablemagic scroll, which they can check to be up-to-date with any missions, which are now done for money rather than further noteriety. However, for the few that wish to continue their career, Geroge will give them the exclusive assassination needed for their promotion to Hardened Assassin. All should be warned exclusive missions are the pinnacle of difficulty, and if taken lightly, will not end well for the assassin.

Assassins of Assassins

These ranks are reserved for the best of the best. These mercenaries work special jobs, and are in high demand for taking out powerful adversaries, sometimes taking out several targets in one mission.

Hardened Assassin

A Hardened Assassin must take on one excluisve mission. These are some of the most respected people in the business of assassination. A Hardened Assassin gets the option of "Extremely Difficult" on their job scroll, and although they don't count towards promotions, they have extremely high payouts. Exclusive missions to get promoted once again are given out by Robert de Kere, one of the most respected assassins to ever grace the guild. Four more exclusive missions must be completed to attain the next rank, and they should never be underestimated.

Precise Assassin

A Precise Assassin must complete five exclusive missions. A Precise Assassin almost always desires to become an Infamous Assassin because, unlike other ranks, they are already halfway there. Robert de Kere continues to give out exclusive missions for these assassins, which get harder with the promotion. If all are completed, the rank of Infamous Assassin is theirs. However, many assassins meet the end of their professional killing career at this stage.

Infamous Assassin

An Infamous Assassin must complete ten exclusive kills to gain this rank. An Infamous Assassin is the highest rank most of the best of the best will ever achieve. These are the proudest men to walk the land, and the most feared. They take the highest paychecks, the toughest missions, and the richest of rewards from the pinnacle of society. But, with just one more promotion, they could become the greatest assassins to ever live.

Mercenary Guild Leader

This is the toughest promotion to gain in the Guild. Not only do they have to make a total of twenty-five exclusive kills (15 more), but they also have to complete a sacred mission, handed to them directly from the Mercenary Guild Head Kuroto the Assassin. A Mercenary Guild Leader can take "Top 10" missions from their scrolls. What these are can be found at the Mercenary Guild. A Mercenary Guild Leader now does their work for handsome sums of money, albeit their missions are nearly impossible. The best assassins in the world reside right in this rank.