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And Now Enjoyed The Mercy's Meeting On Jeremy McAbee Cartoon.

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Jeremy McAbee Presents

Mercy's Meeting

Mercy: (Offscreen) Those parts are in the theater.

In Mercy and Austin Meets The Brave Little Toaster.

Directed By Me. And the animated film by Hyperion Pictures Inc.

Mercy: Ahhh, I guess I save the rest of my hands, Huh?

Austin: Yeah. Whatever they say, Mercy.

Annie: Abasanasana boo boo wha bah.

Mercy: That makes sense.

DJ: Hey, mercy! I found my remote control! DJ will watch the TV by myself on High Definition Television. Oh yeah, Classic DJ.

Mercy: You know what, DJ, We're going to see to the Master's House.


Mercy: No, DJ and Annie. You gonna have to stay here.

DJ: Oh, flippin' froglegs.

Annie: Goo goo gah gah.

Mercy: Goodbye, DJ and Annie. Have fun!

(Mercy shuts the door)

DJ: Oh well, back to watch a TV.

(DJ watches the HDTV)

DJ: Oh yeah, son! Now that's what i'm talking about!

Annie: (Laughs)

Mercy: What are we supposed to do, Austin?

Austin: We're gonna go straight to Master's House?

Mercy: That's what I like it to hear! Let's go see the Master's House.

A Few Inches Later...

Austin: (Pant, Pant, Pant) Mercy, This is way too long to go to Master's House. I'm exhausted.

Mercy: You're not exhausted, Austin! We're here to the Master's House!

Austin: But it's too far! I'm fanished! Uhhh... (Fainted)

(Mercy picks up Austin and walks to the Master's House)

Mercy: Don't worry, Austin. It's hard to believe.

[Our story begins in an old countryside cottage which seemed abandoned for years & it's only inhabitants were a few appliances we see a toaster with a perfect reflection of the morning sun rising up & then under the stairs closet was a big vacuum & then up the stairs we go in the little boy's room where we see a picture of a young boy next to a smart red radio then all of a sudden…]

Radio: [turns on] good morning good morning good morning! That was a billion & one strings playing one of your all time favorite tunes! At the top of the news this morning there's monkey business in Utah oh but seriously now it seems a band of renegade chimpanzees have kidnapped a puddle surprise winning poet Lester Charles & on demanding…

Lampy's Voice: hey what's the big idea? I'm attempting to get some sleep!

Radio: look buddy I'm doin' a broadcast do ya mind? [Then a light hit the radio] WHOA! Not in the face pal! Now let me see uh oh yeah the chimps are protesting…

[Then a small brown lamp hopped on the bed to the radio]

Lampy: I've got a good mind to reset your alarm! PERMANENTLY!

Radio: sorry folks we seem to be experiencing a little technical difficulty but I'm sure it's noting we can't HANDLE! [Does more Radio gibberish until the lamp shut him off]

Lampy: hoo you can't even your own thoughts around here with all the racket around here

[Then the radio shot up & pushed the lamp right off the bed]


Radio: [turns on] I'm thinkin' you think too much pal what we need is some wake-up music!

[Then the radio started singing on a small yellow electric blanket until the radio fell off almost hitting the lamp & causing a huge thud to be heard downstairs where we see a huge gray air conditioner he turned his switches to On & Cool & then he coughed out a small piece of dust & the instant it fell on the floor the vacuum woke up & started cleaning the floor & screen at the same time he left smiling & in the kitchen we see the toaster waking up with steam coming from up top & then POP! Nothing came out then he heard the commotion going downstairs he unplugged himself & went down using a broom & putting it back in place meanwhile the lamp & the radio were still arguing then the blanket followed them & the vacuum was just annoyed but the toaster was interested then the lamp hit the wall when he was trying to get to the radio]

Toaster: [chuckling]

[Then the lamp had the radio cornered then the blanket slid down & was heading toward the lamp & the radio but the battle continued so then the toaster let the vacuum pass & then]

Kirby: [getting the blanket stuck in his sucker] OH WHOA! OH NO WHAT!

[This made the battle finally stop]

Lampy: hey what's going on? What's going on? Who turned out the lights?

Toaster: good morning everyone

Blanky: good morning Toaster

Radio: hey Slots!

Lampy: salutations

Kirby: [muffled speaking]

[So the lamp & the radio pulled the blanket out of the vacuum & Toaster put him upright again]

Kirby: ah thanks

Radio: so what's in our lineup today?

Lampy: what are our instructions?

Kirby: what do you mean what are we gonna do today? The same thing we've done for the last 2000 days! CHORES!

Blanky: chores?

Toaster: it'll be fun!

Radio: fun? Some fun! Listen to this! It's a broadcast from Evan fields & it's the top of the ninth...

Lampy: [turns off the radio] I don't understand how chores could be fun

Kirby: it's not supposed to be fun it's WORK!

Blanky: I don't like to work without the master

Toaster: well ok if you guys don't want to work why don't we play a game?

Radio: a game?! What sort of a game?

Lampy: what are the rules?

Toaster: there's only one rule you can't stop until the house is cleaned

Appliances: boo!

[Then Toaster whispered something to the radio]

Radio: gotcha, pal! leave it to me!

[Then Toaster popped the radio up on the stair rails]

Radio: hang onto your hats you devil dogs! Cause the master be-bop master of all time is gonna give you a SOUL INJECTION!

[Meanwhile about a few miles from the cottage I was walking on an old country road and got lost.]

Austin: Now where I am. Huh, I shouldn't of left town. I guess some things I never learn. [I say the cottage.] Hmmm... wonder if they could help me.

Mercy: Yeah. I Agreed. Just To Be Here Any Minute Now.

[Then all of a sudden]

Radio: Wop-bop-a-loo-lop a-lop-bam-boo


Austin: [after hearing the scatting] WHAT?!?

Radio: Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

A-wop-bop-a-loo-lop a-lop bam boo

[Then the appliances started work Lampy & Blanky looked between the books & Blanky took out a cobweb & shook it off making Lampy laugh]

Radio: I got a gal, named Sue,

She knows just what to do. .....

I got a gal, named Sue,

She knows just what to do. .....

I've been to the east, I've been to the west, but

she's the gal

That I love the best.

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

HOOO! Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy


A-wop-bop-a-loo-lop a-lop bam boo

[Outside I heard the thumping as the couch nearly flattened Kirby & Radio was dancing on the couch Then Blanky & Toaster were cleaning the windows soon I was almost to the door]

Radio: I got a gal, named Daisy,

She almost drives me crazy ....

I got a gal, named Daisy,

She almost drives me crazy ....

She knows how to love me ,

Yes indeed

Boy you don't know,

What she's doing to me

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

HOOO! Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy…

[Then all of a sudden]

Austin: [knocks on the door]

Appliances: [GASP!]


[Then everyone quickly got into their places and outside I twisted the doorknob & the door slowly opened]

Austin: [coming in] HELLO? is anybody here? I'm lost and need to know where I am, and how to get back to North Carolina.

Mercy: Hello, Everyone!

Appliances: [whispering] who is that? It's not the master it's gotta be some kind of wanderer of the woods!

Austin: who said that?! [Scared] o-o-okay you've had your fun I heard music! [Takes a bat] ok come out & I won't have to use this! [Goes over to the closet] I know you're in there! The jig is up! [Opens the door quickly]

Blanky: [springs onto my face] HA!

Austin: [screaming then takes Blanky off my face & trips over Kirby]


Austin: AH! [Backs onto a table where Radio]

Radio: watch the antennae boy!

Austin: ACK! [Backs onto a drawer table where Lampy was]

Lampy: don't break my bulb!

Austin: YAH! [Backs onto the wall like a chicken as the appliances slowly got closer to me] JUST EAT ME NOW! AND DON'T HURRY! I'VE GOT A FULL LIFE AHEAD OF ME!

Toaster: [goes up to me] hey easy fella we're not gonna eat you!

Mercy: you're not?

Radio: yeah what did you think this was? Halloween?

Austin: it's the middle of July.

Radio: no I mean the movie

Austin: oh ya I-I MEAN NO! What ARE you things!? Appliances shouldn't talk! I should know I have a few of my own!

Toaster: we should properly introduce ourselves my name is Toaster

Blanky: I'm Blanky.

Radio: Maximus T. Radio at your service but you can call me Radio!

Lampy: riiight and I'm Lampy.

[Kirby just stood there & didn't say anything]

Toaster: Kirby why don't you introduce yourself?

Kirby: [pulls Toaster away] what are you doing?! You know we appliances don't move around to humans! It's against our nature!

Toaster: I'm afraid it's too late for that now it seems this boy now knows that we can move

Kirby: [sighs] fine but don't expect anything! [Rolls over to me] name's Kirby just Kirby so there! [Backs away]

Mercy: uh yeah so uh my name is Mercy it's uh nice to meet you I guess.

Austin: And My Name Is Braden. That's Why.

Lampy: say how did you get here anyway?

Austin: I was walking outside of town and got lost. I need to know where I am and how to get back to North Carolina.

Radio: sure we'll tell you where you are and how to get back, but first how would you like to help us?

Mercy: help you with what?

Toaster: we were playing a chores game

Austin And Mercy: WHAT?!?

Toaster: and there's only one rule we can't stop until the house is clean

Austin: I uh don't understand this at all but I guess I can help [goes over to Kirby's handle]

Kirby: hands off the handle!

Austin: okay okay! [Backs up]

Mercy: Alright, Radio, You Can Continue The Song Now If You Like.

Radio: Alright, Mercy! That's Just What I Wanted To Hear. Now as I was singing…

[Switches back to the song]

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

A-wop-bop-a-loo-lop a-lop bam boo


[Then Kirby danced secretly until Lampy pulled up & Kirby left]

Radio: YEAH! Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

HOOO! Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy

A-wop-bop-a-loo-lop a-lop bam boo

[Then Braden, Mercy & the 4 appliances danced & then Blanky just spaced out Toaster noticed this]

Toaster: HEY! HEY! Shh! QUIET! It's the blanket!

[Then Austin, Mercy & the others stopped suddenly]

Mercy: What Is It, Blanky?

Blanky: [quietly] a car…

Toaster: A CAR?!

Appliances: A CAR?!

Mercy: wait what do you mean? What car? OH! [Kirby runs me over] OW!

[Then the appliances set up a tower going to the attic]

Radio: all right fellas steady a little to the left oh careful now!

Blanky: I'm gonna fall.

Kirby: keep climbing! & you get that light outta my eyes!

[Lampy turns off light & Blanky continues up to the attic then he looks out the boarded up oval window & sees the car coming down the road]

Toaster: can you see?

Lampy: is it him? Is it him?

Radio: any news? I'm dyin' down here!

Toaster: is it the master? Is it the master? [Echoes]

Blanky: it's him he's back! [Then he dreams that he & his master were together again] is the master! [then he flies down the stairs & the door opens] IT'S THE MASTER!

Young master: Blanky!

Blanky: master!

Young master: Blanky!

[Then just as they were about to hug he disappears & the car he thought it was drove by making the poor blanket whimper]

Lampy: well was it him? [Toaster glares at him] well I'm just curious asking whether or not it was him I hate being left in the dark you know [sees Blanky coming back down] I guess we can assume that it wasn't him right?

Toaster: let's get back to work!

[The appliances then put everything back]

Radio: sorry for that little interruption folks return to our regularly scheduled program at this time.

Mercy: would someone tell me what's going on?

Toaster: it's an old friend of ours

Lampy: he left a few years ago & for some reason he didn't come back

Austin: does this often happen?

Kirby: whenever there's a car.

Mercy: But I Thought Blanky Misses The Master So Much. Poor Little Girly.

[Then Blanky comes back holding the picture of his master and they Sobs] WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!

Kirby: Oh, CRY CRY! WEEP WAIL & SOB! IT'S DISGUSTING! EVERY TIME I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! EVERY SINGLE give me that stupid picture! [tries to vacuum it away from him]

Blanky: NO NO!

Toaster: I just put it away!

Kirby: in the garbage!

Blanky: no you can't!

Kirby: wimp!

Toaster: LET GO!

Kirby: he's not coming back anyway!

Lampy: he might the fact is there's just not enough facts

Radio: [does wrestling announcing then Lampy turns him off again]

[Then all pull on the picture making it go up high]

Mercy: what's all this fighting got to do with a-[CONK!] FIZZLING FIREBOXES! [faints then the picture shatters right next to me]

Austin, Mercy And Appliances: [gasps]

Toaster, Lampy, Blanky And Radio, Mercy And Austin: Awww!

Kirby: Oh No.

[then they all look at the picture of their master then all of a sudden gusts of wind appear along with laughing all coming from the air conditioner]

Toaster: what are you laughing at?

Air Conditioner: [stops laughing] absolutely nothing nothing at all.

Lampy: I think he was laughing at us.

Air Conditioner: you know something you're a real bright little lamp.

Lampy: Oh, thanks! [sees Toaster glaring] hey!

Air Conditioner: you guys really have an attachment for that kid don't ya?

Blanky: yes he was our master.

Air Conditioner: well that's real nice & any day now he might come romping back huh? Just come whistling right back in through that door & everything will be the same, real peachy keen like.

Blanky: uh-huh!

Lampy: it's a possibility.

Toaster: well at least we try to be optimistic.

Air Conditioner: optimistic?! Somebody untie the knot in this guy's cord & you've also got the backtubes to talk to a human I mean look at him he doesn't even look trustworthy!

Mercy: [wakes up] huh? Who says I'm not trustworthy?

Air Conditioner: I did stupid the name's Air Conditioner by the way I blow air as cold as the winter in the summer & I blow air as hot as the summer in the winter

Mercy: What?

Air Conditioner: why did you stumble here anyway? Were you trying to get us exposed?

Austin: No! I was walking outside of town & the next minute I knew I got lost & I thought someone here could tell me where I am so I can back home.

Air Conditioner: well you'd better try another cabin kid the we don't know where in the manufacturing world this place is.

Kirby: Oh, YEAH, Air Conditioner? Well, why don't you just shut off!?

Air Conditioner: hey I'm real scared there Kirby what are ya gonna do? Suck me to death?

Kirby: HUMPH!

Air Conditioner: what is it with you guys anyway you act like you just came off the assembly line now get this through your chrome we've been dumped abandoned! And we don't talk to humans!

Blanky: but he loved us

Radio: that's right

Lampy: besides Austin And Mercy looks trustworthy to me.

Mercy: that's right I never tell a friend's secret & these guys are my new friends

Air Conditioner: So, what? he's a kid, he has a family. they move away, he moves away. it's a package deal.

Toaster: but maybe they're all-

Air Conditioner: he's not coming back! Pure & simple & you guys have to kick that human out & make him forget this ever happened before he tells his friends about us.

Kirby: oh yeah! did you talk to him recently or something they could drive up any second.

Blanky: you really think so?

Kirby: I'm not talking to you!

Radio: and what have you got against Mercy And Braden? He says he'll never tell I believe him.

Lampy: you believe anything.

Air Conditioner: the whole bunch of ya gotta have a combined wattage of 5 maybe less it's been years! it's scrap metal time! And maybe worse if that human tells the media.

Toaster: well you can do what you like. we're not gonna give up hope or the trustworthiness of a new friend!

Air Conditioner: that's real touching, Toaster. you're gonna get me bawling like a baby anytime now.

Toaster: I think you're jealous!

Air Conditioner: Sure, I'm jealous of a bunch of dimwits.

Lampy: Dim?

Toaster: yeah, because the master never played with you.

Mercy: And You Are Never See That Evil Dorks Ever Again!


Mercy: yeah, I have any air conditioner back home he's never talked to me but he sure wasn't mean like you!

Austin: Yeah, that's easy for you to say, Mercy.

[Then the Air Conditioner began to splutter cold air]

Air Conditioner: so it's back to that stupid static again you think I don't know what's going on in here? I know what goes on in this cottage it's a conspiracy & everyone of you low watts is in on it just cause you can move around you think you're better than I am! I'M NOT AN INVALID! I WAS DESIGNED TO STICK IN A WALL! I LIKE BEING STUCK IN THIS STUPID WALL! I CAN'T HELP IT IF THE KID WAS TOO SHORT TO REACH MY DIALS!!!

Toaster: we didn't mean it really!

Mercy: Yes, Air Conditioner! REALLY!

Air Conditioner: IT'S MY FUNCTION!!!!!!!

Toaster: No wait wait!

Mercy: He's overheating!





Kirby: THE FUSE!

Lampy & Radio: Mercy And Austin! HIDE!

Mercy: [panics & tries to find a place to duck & cover but to avail] oh, puffing pistons!

Air Conditioner: [overheats & explodes]

[Then the appliances take a look & they see me covered in black soot & my hair was standing up]

Austin: I think I'm either medium or well-done [coughs]

Blanky: Poor, Air Conditioner.

Toaster: I didn't think he'd take it so hard

Kirby: Well, he was a jerk anyway.

Mercy: Yeah, the air conditioner back home never exploded like him.

Kirby: are we talking about your air conditioner?

Austin: um uh no?

Kirby: Alright. Whenever They Say... Always Help Others. Lampy: [hearing something] hey! Hey! What's that? What is it?

Blanky: a car!

Kirby: I don't want to hear another word about cars!

Toaster: you said it!

Mercy: don't be too sure.

Radio: sounds pretty close

Kirby: just don't even start!

Lampy: sounds real close

Mercy: sounds like… [Hears sounds] it's here!

[Then the appliances ran to their spots while I just stood there]

Kirby: PSST! Human! Act like an appliance act like an appliance!

Mercy: uh… [Goes over on the couch & acts like a life sized doll with a stupid looking face]

Kirby: [sighing] we're gonna be caught. [goes back to playing possum]

[Then there was sounds of hammering the appliances were curious even I was so all of us looked out the window & saw a guy hammering in a For Sale sign into the ground & when he was done Blanky leaned over the window in sad surprise]

Radio: [humming Taps]


Lampy: [moaning]

Austin: boy have I picked a horrible time to come here.

Mercy: Yup, You Said It.

Toaster: STOP IT! [Jumps on a box] we're going out to find him!

Appliances: WHAT?!?

Kirby: what are ya talkin' about? what do you mean?

Toaster: exactly what I said we're gonna go out & find the master!

Blanky: to the city?

Toaster: yeah! No matter what!

Lampy: how exactly would you propose we were going to do that exactly?

Toaster: I… I don't know!

Kirby: oh come off it! Be serious!

Toaster: I am serious!

Kirby: you're insane!

Radio: why if only we were all wiener dogs our problems would be solved!

Toaster: …what?

Mercy: wiener dogs?

Radio: or maybe it was a basset hound!

Kirby: you're ALL insane!

Radio: it was a news flash I picked up yesterday about a dog! "In an amazing show of loyalty & courage a terrier named Grover ran hundreds of miles to be reunited with his owner poor little critter was accidentally left behind on a fishing trip 3 weeks ago had to find his way across rugged mountain peaks & scorching deserts in order to get home little Grover turned out to be one spunky pup"

Austin: Wow, nice story man.

Radio: you should really thank the radio stations!

Mercy: Who Am I Gonna Be?

Radio: 10 Years Old, That's Why.

Toaster: Well, if a dog could do it, we could do it!

Blanky: but a dog has legs!

Toaster: Ahh, don't be a wet blanket.

Lampy: actually legs would help you know

Kirby: But the brains wouldn't hurt either!

Lampy: lay off!

Radio: yeah pipe down carpet breath!

Mercy: well I've got legs maybe I can help you guys out

Lampy: you can?

Mercy: yeah, I'm tough enough.

Kirby: Well, At Least We're SAFE!

Toaster: sure you can come with us.

Kirby: are you mad!? First we introduce ourselves to this human, then we nearly killed ourselves when the air conditioner overheated & now you want this human to help us?!

Toaster: yeah he seems like a nice guy.

Lampy: besides you never talked mean like this about the master

Kirby: that was different! You should know better!

Toaster: well I'm going with Austin And Mercy with or without you.

Kirby: I say we stay! We'll have a new master anyway as soon as someone buys the cottage maybe this human here would be willing to buy it.

Mercy: Hey! I can't afford this!

Radio: Yup, I Agreed On. And I Can't Afford This.

Kirby: Oh, Geez. It's Pretty Save To Me.

Blanky: but I don't want a new master I want OUR master

Toaster: well what about the rest of you?

Radio: you boys are gonna need a leader! Why alone you wouldn't last for 5 minutes out there! I used to be a mountaineer see? And together we can stand against the forces of nature!

Lampy: were you really a mountaineer?

Radio: sure! Ask anybody ask Teddy Roosevelt why we shot moose together on the Klondike.

Mercy: As Long As We Going On The Klondike, We Can!

Lampy: wow! Well you know I was thinking you guys will need somebody bright along too!

Toaster: Wow, Good idea! Maybe You Can Help Us Out.

Radio: Oh, Listen to this! "World War Two the Normandy invasion & who there but Lampy to light the way!"

Mercy: well you guys know I will help you including the leg.

Austin: That is the way you get out of him.

Radio: listen to this also! "A traveling bike boy assisting 5 appliances to help them get to their master!"

[Then me & the appliances looked over a Kirby]

Toaster: you know I though it'd be good to have somebody come along who really… strong,

Mercy: obnoxious,

Austin: and fierce,

Lampy: and loud,

Blanky: and grumpy,

Radio: and oblivious to reality!

Toaster: [slaps me & the others] [to Kirby] Well?

Kirby: [rolls over to me & the appliances] I just know I'm gonna regret this.

Appliances: [cheering]


Lampy: [takes out one fuse] wow this is our last fuse.

Toaster: see good thing we're getting outta here.

Radio: I've always loved travel anyway the open road, the smell of the wind in my face, the flies clogging up my grill!

Kirby: yeah? Well how are we gonna travel?

Mercy: Yeah that's what I think too.

Kirby: So, Where Are They Traveling For, Lampy?

Lampy: hey I got an idea! We can all pile on top of the bed you know & Kirby can push us & Mercy will pull?


Mercy: [pulling on the bed while Kirby pushed] Easy, easy.

[Then the bed started to fall on the stairs]

Austin, Mercy, Toaster, Lampy, Radio, And Blanky: AAAHH!!!


Mercy: Ouch.

Lampy: no no no hey! what about the master's pogo sitck? And Michael can balance us?

[Then all the appliances were piled on the pogo sitck hopping while I tried to balance it then they went out of control & I ran for it]

Mercy And Austin: AAAHH!!!


Mercy: Ouch.

Lampy: no that's no good hey! what about we're in a refrigerator on a skateboard & Kirby can pull & Austin will push?

[Then Kirby was hitched onto the fridge then the rope snapped & the fridge fell on me & Blanky froze]

Blanky: [chattering teeth]

Mercy: Ouch.

Lampy: no no no hey!

Radio: Shut up, shut up!

Austin, Mercy & appliances: SHUT UP!!!

Austin: you're killing me here Lampy!

Radio: let somebody else try for a change.

Mercy: good idea I got something.

[Builds a cardboard train]

Mercy: there all finished!

Kirby: how exactly is THIS gonna take us to the city?

Mercy: I uh… I... I don't know.

Radio: I'll give ya a good idea!


Radio: arise Hassan, arise o magic carpet.

Austin: really? A Magic Carpet? How Does Even Make Sense?

Radio: Oh, It Doesn't Matter. You'll See, Braden.

[Then Toaster made Blanky into a cape like Superman & tried to fly but fell]

Mercy: Nothing's working!

[Then Toaster found an office chair & it had wheels soon Kirby was pulling onto the chair with the other appliances riding on it while I was riding on the back then POP! Kirby's plug unplugged]

Toaster: I think we need a longer cord.

Mercy: [lifting Kirby's cord] Yep, It looks like it.

Kirby: Hey! WHAT THE?!?

Radio: why we need an alternate power source I say!

[Then me, Lampy & Toaster went into a room & Toaster lifted an old car battery he then rewired it & set it up on the office chair then the appliances took a look at the front door]

Toaster: I… I guess this is it

Kirby: uh-huh.

Mercy: Hey, Kirby.

Kirby: What, Mercy?

Mercy: Tell Blanky So We've Gotta Go.

Kirby: Oh, Alright. You'll See.

[Then Blanky took a look at his picture of his master]

Kirby: Hey, Blanket!

Blanky: [hiding his picture] Huh?!

Kirby: you ready to go, Blanket?

Blanky: yeah, I'm ready.

Kirby: How about you Human?

Mercy: it's Michael & yes I'm ready also

Toaster: Ok, Kirby.

[Kirby started his engine & then he opened the door & me & the appliances looked in awe as we looked over the countryside & our adventure began. I went and picked up my bike, I was soon riding behind them.]

Kirby: hmm! Shag carpet!

Mercy: well actually it's grass but it almost looks like a carpet doesn't it?

Kirby: don't try to humor me!

Austin: sheesh!

Radio: why look Lampy from here you can see the really big lamp!

Mercy: Yeah, it's called the sun.

Lampy: wow! I wonder where his switch is?

Mercy: it actually goes around the earth never going out & at night you can see the other big light of the sky the moon.

Lampy: wow!

[Then as Kirby picked up the pace I peddled faster to catch up with them]

Lampy: we are pioneers! [Falls backwards] whoa!

Toaster: I can't see the road anymore are we going the right direction?

Blanky: I don't think so

Mercy: welcome to the club, boys.

Radio: why you boys are gonna need a navigator!

Lampy: navigator?

Mercy: are you really good at navigating?

Radio: why sure I'll just tune in on a radio signal from the city see? I can take ya right there lickety split! [Dials to different signals until…] [Pleasant tune plays] north by northwest watch out for low-flying aircraft, I Think.

[Then we continued onto the road]

Lampy: [steps on Blanky]

Blanky: OW!

Toaster: what's wrong?

Blanky: He's Stepped On Me!

Lampy: Did Not!

Blanky: Did Too!

Lampy: Did Not!

Blanky And Kirby: Did Too!

Lampy: Did Not!

Austin: Quit It With The Fighting!

Toaster: yeah come on how do you guys expect us to get there if you're fighting all the time?

Blanky: you mean we're not there yet?

Toaster: no, no. not yet we got a long way to go.

Kirby: [sighing] Oh boy, you're tellin' me

Mercy: the least you can do is lighten up.

Kirby: Be quiet, Mercy.

Mercy: Alright, I Will Be Quiet.

Kirby: Good.

[Then as Kirby continued on the first song started to play]

Toaster: Life is like a journey on a road that's within.

Head says you should stay, but your heart says to begin.

So you go...

Mercy, Austin & appliances: But you don't wanna go.

Toaster: Any life worth living

Isn't life just filled with ease

You just stay forgiving through the forest and the trees

Toaster & Lampy: And you'll go...

Just where you wanna go.

Mercy, Austin & appliances: Time flies by in the city of light,

Time stands still in the country.

(Kirby Sighs)

There's no time for a fuss and a fight,

As we travel the land!

Radio And Lampy: And I'd be satisfied just to be not denied.

Mercy, Austin, Toaster, Radio, Lampy And Blanky: To reside with some pride,

While I ride,

To the city, the city of light!

Lampy: Light shines like a diamond in the city at night.

Radio: When that diamond shines you know that everything's all right.

Kirby: But you know...

We got a way to go.

Blanky: Let us meet the master,

We don't wanna make him wait

Blanky & Lampy: You just keep a-knockin'

He will open up the gate.

Mercy, Austin & appliances: To that city of light!

Lampy: Master is a man with a plan I can understand

Toaster: Master is a man of great reflection.

Radio: Master is a man who lays his hand across the land.

Blanky: Master is the man of our affection!

Mercy, Braden & appliances: Time flies by in the city of light,

Time stands still in the country.

There's no time for a fuss and a fight,

As we travel the land!

Radio And Lampy: And I'd be satisfied just to be not denied.

Mercy, Austin & appliances: To reside with some pride,

While I ride,

To the city, the city of light!

[Soon me & the appliances were in the wildest part of the countryside there was a lot of sharp branches then Kirby turned his switch to shag & then he rolled right through the branches with me following soon behind]

Kirby: [coughing after going through the branches]

Lampy: Hey, everybody! Look! A clearing!

Mercy: Yup, This Is So Amazing! Wasn't It, Kirby?

Kirby: Oh, Great. Let's spread out the blanket and have a picnic.

Blanky: But I'm full of stickers!

Kirby: Well, my bag's full of thistles and sticks and who knows what else! Who's idea was it to come this way, anyway?

Radio: Why, it was the lamp's, I tell ya!

Lampy: Oh, yeah? Who's supposed to be the big shot navigator around here, Mr. Loudmouth? Mr. Big Loudmouth?

Kirby: Yeah!

Austin: Hey, Guys! Guys! Stop fighting! Please!

Mercy: Yeah! Stop Saying "Mr. Big Loudmouth!" Because You Are So Annoying!

Toaster: Where are we, anyway?

Radio: Now, look here, fellas, just give me a second and I... Whoa, listen to this! It's the top of the ninth, the bases are loaded, and... PeeWee Reese is at the plate! There's the pitch, and he hits! [he hits a rock which bounces off everyone else] Oh, and it's a triple play!

Toaster: Knock it off, you guys! We should all settle down, set up camp and try to get some sleep.

[Suddenly, there was sounds of the trees or thistles]

Mercy: Hey, what's going on?

Blanky: is it a monster?!

[Then out of the branches was a girl all covered in scratches & cuts from the thistles]

Mercy: [hit to the ground] Oww...

Kirby: [saw the Mercy] Hey! What's that?

Lampy: [goes over to the Mercy] It's another human like Braden, except it's a girl named Mercy.

Blanky: Yeah, but look at her. She looks hurt from those sticks and thistles when she walked through them.

Austin: Hey! I still got my bag of First Aid kit. (takes out the First Aid Kit bag from my backpack and gave it to Toaster) Here you go, Toaster. I hope this will make her feel better.

Toaster: Thanks, Austin. [Turns to the girl] Hello, are you okay?

Mercy: [gets up and saw Toaster and the others] Who are you guys anyway?

Austin: I'm Austin and... Mercy?

Mercy: Hello!

Kirby: Oh, This Was Gonna See.

Austin: What are you doing here?

Mercy: Looking for you. What are you doing here?

Austin: Helping my new friends get to there master. This is Toaster, this is Radio, Blanky, and Lampy. And this is Kirby.

Mercy: Nice to meet you all.

Toaster: Don't worry, Rylie, we'll take good care of you, don't worry.

Mercy: Thanks.

Toaster: Anytime.

Mercy: so Braden said he's helping you go back to your master?

Radio: that's right

Mercy: do you think I can help you guys?


Toaster: [silences Kirby] uh sure you can

Kirby: [sighs]

[Later all of us were getting set on our sleeping spots Lampy was sleeping on a rock & Radio was making a circle in the dirt]

Radio: this is my sleeping space see? And nobody crosses this line!

Lampy: yeah, well, you'd better not wake us up at 6:00 a.m. as usual.

Kirby: what are you complaining about? You didn't do any work today!

Radio: Yeah!

[Then Blanky went up to Lampy]

Lampy: Go find your own place to sleep, you little fuzzball. [goes to sleep]

[Then Blanky went up to Radio's spot]


Kirby: good night! [Shuts eyes]

[Then Blanky went up to Toaster & cuddled with him]

Toaster: [pushes Blanky away] Come on, I'm not the master. Go snuggle somewhere else. I'm trying to get some sleep. now go on.

[So Blanky went to sleep by himself then in my sleeping spot I was freezing]

Mercy: [teeth chattering] [then I noticed Blanky all by himself] Hey, Blanky.

Blanky: Huh? What, Mercy?

Mercy: how about you cuddle with me for the night? I know I'm not your master but at least you'll be happy.

Blanky: Thanks Mercy. [goes over to me & covers me in his warmness]

Mercy: [sighs happily, and sees braden freezing also.] Hey Braden, why don't you come over her and sleep with me and Blanky?


Mercy: You Know, You Don't Freeze To Death.

Austin: Oh.. Okay. It's Pretty Safe To Me. So.. Good Night, Mercy.

Mercy: Good Night, Austin. (Yawns, Sleeps)

[She came over too us and Blanky covered her up. She was soon warm. Toaster saw us and smiled. In the morning, we were on our way again. I was riding my bike, while Mercy rode on the pegs. Blanky soon got caught in some branches.]

Blanky: help! Don't leave me!

[Then we went back to help Blanky & then…]

Blanky: listen! Listen! What's that?

[The sounds got louder]

Mercy: you got me!

Toaster: over there!

[Then all of us followed the sounds]

Blanky: Oh, look!

[As the branches moved out the sounds got louder]

Lampy: The Light! I see light! Then all 7 of us were amazed as we saw a beautiful field full of flowers, a pond & trees then we saw frogs, dragonflies & all kinds of things then a frog's tongue hit Toaster the frog took his tongue off Toaster & then the frog saw his own reflection there was a ton of music everywhere]

Radio: why that's the same riff I used when I was drumming for Cab Calloway like this! [Drums on Kirby]

Kirby: cut that out!

[Then a fish jumped out]


Frogs: [SPLASH!]

Blanky: [chuckling]

[Then Blanky noticed a couple of mice were all over him he was happy & he hugged them meanwhile a worm was tossed out of the branch by a red bird then all the frogs were after the same worm then the worm stopped to see the bird the bird grabbed onto the worm along with the fish then a drumroll was set as the fish let go of the worm & the bird let go of the worm]

Fish: [singing]

[The worm was in a bubble & he scurried away meanwhile Toaster was being annoyed by the same frog]

Frog: [babbling like a moron to his reflection]


Austin: sheesh! I never really liked frogs!

[Then 3 squirrels came in & looked over their reflections on Toaster, Toaster was never this annoyed]

Mercy: come on Toaster! [Grabs Toaster & ran from the squirrels]

[Then they stopped & hid behind a bush where a beautiful flower was Mercy put Toaster down & looked to see if the coast was clear then the flower saw it's reflection Toaster turned to the flower quickly & then the flower started to move weirdly around him]

Toaster: no no, it's just a reflection. I'm not a flower.

[The flower hugged Toaster & Austin & Mercy ran from it]

Austin: what a weird flower.

[Then Toaster started to feel bad about the flower he looked & he saw the flower was wilting away Toaster & Mercy went back to the pond they were feeling sad for the poor flower. Meanwhile back at the pond me & the other appliances were having fun then Toaster & Mercy came in & then we all saw Blanky getting pulled into a hole]

Blanky: come on help me! Help! They're pulling me!

Toaster: hey! You leave him alone!

[Then Toaster pulled Blanky out of the hole then Blanky gasped as he saw one of the mice gnawing on his picture of his master]

Blanky: [takes the picture back] stop it! Give me that! [To Toaster] he was chewing on the master [puts his picture away]

Toaster: time to go!

[Soon all the animals waved goodbye to us & all 7 of us were on the road again then we came across a huge red wood forest]

Toaster: you sure this is a right direction?

Radio: why certainly I'm as sure as I am honest

Lampy: in that case we're defiantly lost.

Austin: I hope not.

Blanky: but there might be lions in there!

Radio: and tigers & bears oh my!

Mercy: now where have I heard that line before?

Lampy: he's such a baby! [Mocking] wah wah!

[Then Toaster pushed both away from Blanky & he gave his friend a petting on the head]

Austin: aww that's really sweet.

Mercy: And So Adorable.

[Soon all of us went deeper into the forest it was dark & scary in there soon it was nighttime & it was even more dark & scarier then Kirby started to lose power]

Toaster: what's the matter Kirby?

Kirby: ooh battery's runnin' low! We should give it a rest [to Lampy] turn out that light!

Lampy: [turns off himself]

Austin: jeez this place is really spooky.

Mercy: yeah it's giving me the willies!

Kirby: pfft! Scardy cat humans

Mercy And Austin: Hey!

Mercy: It takes a lot to get me scared!

Austin: Oh yeah, huh, then why were you scared of me in the 7th grade? That's Because you kept on threatning to punch me everytime I do something that irratates you.

Mercy: Oh yeah?

Austin: YEAH!

Mercy: OH YEAH?!

Austin: YEAH!!

Mercy And Austin: WHOOAAA!!!

Kirby: Uhhh, Mercy And Austin, I Think You Can Stop Now!



Lampy: (Gasps) GUYS! LOOK OUT BELOW!!

[Mercy And Austin Falls Down The Floor]

Toaster: Well, I Think It's Too Much Hard To Spin You Know, Blanky?

Blanky: Yeah.

[Then something rustled]

Mercy: what was that?!

Blanky: do we have to stop here?

Toaster: only for a while.

Radio: just long enough to lose our minds we'll be cannibals within a few days I've seen it happen

Kirby: then you'd be the first to go dial-face along with those two humans.

Mercy And Austin: Hey!

Austin: besides it's only humans that become cannibals why you guys I think would be appliacneabbals I think it's called.

Mercy: Austin! [Punches me in the shoulder]

Austin: OUCH! SEE THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! You always punch me.

Lampy: hey fellas! We can stay in here look!

[Then Lampy turned on his light & underneath him was a monstrous looking tree all of us gasped & ran to hide]

Mercy, Austin, Toaster, Kirby, Blanky And Radio: AAAHHH!!!!!!!

Lampy: what's the matter?

Mercy: mo-mo-mo-mo-mo-mo-mo-mo-mo

Austin: So What? A Monster?

Radio: Eaten Alive, The Poor Sap!

[Then Lampy turned his light on the tree]

Lampy: (Gasps) WOWWWWOWWWOW!!!!!

Radio: oh I thought you were a goner!

Lampy: Ah, you wish!

Toaster: you know guys we are gonna need some kind of shelter

Kirby: yeah shelter from the likes of them!

Radio: come over here & say that chrome dome!

Kirby: what?!

Radio: oh sorry about that I meant to say vacuuius vacuum

Kirby: [snarls]

[Then Radio did some more radio gibberish as he & Kirby battled then Toaster tried to stop it]

Mercy: guys! Guys! Guys! Please stop it! It's really giving me a headache!

Lampy: hey look!

[then all of us saw Blanky was looking like a tent soon all of us were in the Blanky tent Lampy's light was on & Radio was playing Star Spangled Banner]

Radio: and that concludes our broadcast day this is Lowe Winchell signing off good night America! And all the ships at sea! [Shuts off]

Toaster: [patting Blanky] thanks.

Blanky: oh that's all right [yawns then goes to sleep]

Austin: I tell ya it's been a long day time to hit the hay. [goes to sleep]

Toaster: [goes over to Braden] good night Austin. [gives her a good night hug]

Austin: Good Night, Toaster. (Yawns)

[Then as me & Lampy were about to sleep we both saw that Toaster was giving Blanky a good night hug too]

Lampy: so uh… what's this thing with you & the blanket

Toaster: what thing?

Lampy: you know all of a sudden you're being so darn nice to him all of a sudden.

Toaster: oh that well I was just thinking & I got this feeling that I should be nicer to him for a change you know & now I feel better.

Lampy: well, that's weird.

Toaster: what's weird about it?

Lampy: I don't know I mean you were never this nice to him before & now all of a sudden you're nice to him all the time & I don't know I'm uh I'm just trying to understand friends figure out you know exactly what it all means

Mercy: Yeah & I think you're almost doing the same thing to your new friend Mercy almost like a love interest, which isn't fair.

Toaster: well what's not fair about it?

Mercy: I loved her first!

Toaster: well sorry, it's kinda hard to describe it's like being next to a new loaf of bread hmm it's uh let's see it's like a warm toasty feeling inside like a glow that just…

Lampy: a glow?

Toaster: yeah!

Lampy: I think I know what you're talking about!

Mercy: Yeah, me too.

Lampy: it's like the feeling I get when I think about the master

Mercy: Yeah & it's kinda like a feeling I get when I think of my mp3.

Toaster: yeah, that's it.

[Then a flashback from the past was seen when Lampy was with his master]

Lampy: I remember the first time my bulb burned out.

[Then Lampy's bulb turned off & his master took the bulb out]

Lampy: and I thought "THAT'S IT! IT'S OVER! I'M BURNED OUT! 86th TO THE SHOWERS!" but then the master put in a brand new bulb… and I just glowed.

Toaster: well, that's all there is to it.

Lampy: that's very interesting… good night slothead [goes to sleep]

Mercy: yeah we got another full day tomorrow [sighs] I sure hope I can see my sweet mp3 again well good night Toaster [goes to sleep]

Toaster: good night. [yawns then goes to sleep]

[Then Toaster was having a dream that he was with his master & he was toasting some bread]

Young Rob: [makes a face at Toaster] NYEH!

[Then some toaster popped up & the master took out one then Toaster opened one eye & looked at his master as he put some jam on it & ate it]

Young Rob: [makes another face at toaster & swallowed the toast]

[Then in came Mercy & Austin]

Dream Mercy: that's a very nice toaster you got there kid

Dream Austin: a very cute one too.

[Then all of a sudden black smoke began to appear & it was coming from Toaster! The smoke formed 3 hands & it took the master, Mercy & Braden away & the door slammed Toaster couldn't believe what he saw & then out came a huge scary firefighting clown he put his head in front of Toaster]

Clown: run…

[Toaster then ran for his life as face as he could then the clown took out his hose & the water formed into a big wave with a toaster's worse enemy forks! He ran & then he was hanging from a bathtub full of water losing grip & he fell into the water & was shocked! Then he woke up from thunder & so did mercy, Austin & the other appliances it was now stormy in the forest then Blanky was taken by the wind]

Blanky: [screams] HELP ME! [Screams] HELP ME! [Screams] TOASTER!

[Blanky then disappeared into the trees]

Toaster: BLANKY!

[Then Mercy And Austin & the appliances got out into the storm & all of us called out for Blanky Lampy tried to look for him with his light but then he started to lose his power he then put his plug onto the battery outlets but none worked]

Kirby: the battery's gone dead!

Radio: we're trapped here like rats! 4 small rats with no hair & one leg along with 2 tall rats!

Toaster: BLANKY!

[Lampy tried his best but nothing worked then he noticed the lightening bolts then he looked over at Toaster, Kirby ,Radio, Austin And Mercy who were looking for Blanky out in the forest I was doing the same but close to the chair Lampy had an idea]

Lampy: AUSTIN! Stand on the chair & lift me up!

Austin: what?! But what about…

Lampy: just do it!

[So I stood on the chair & Lampy jumped on my hands then he plugged himself in & was ready for the most then a lightening bolt hit me & Lampy & the electricity got into the battery! But it also shattered Lampy's bulb & electrocuted me! Braden & the other appliances looked over at us]

Toaster: Lampy! Austin!

Mercy: NO!

[Then both of us fell onto the ground really hurt, Mercy & the others looked over at their friends & then over at the newly charged battery all 4 of them were sad that they possibly lost 3 good friends]

Mercy: Oh No! What Have We Done?! [The next morning in the forest all of us were still looking for Blanky. Mercy was riding my bike behind us.]

Toaster: Blanky! Blanky where are you? BLANKY!

Mercy: Where Are You, Blanky? Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

Lampy: [woozily] come on Blanky speak up for Pete's sake! [Electronic coughs]

Austin: [woozily] yeah where are ya kid? [Coughs black smoke]

Toaster: no no just relax you guys have done enough we'll look for him

Lampy: I am feeling a little burned out

Austin: yeah & I think I'm shocked.

Radio: listen to this "The lamp was awarded a purple heart today for being wounded in the line of duty and so did his human companion lamps across the nation were switched off for a moment of silence in respect for their acts of bravery"

Austin: thanks man.

[And then]

Blanky: HELP!

Toaster: hey listen!


Toaster: I hear him

Lampy: but I can't see him anywhere

Mercy: yeah, I can't find him.

Radio: maybe he's calling from Blanket Heaven he's a little puffy yellow angel with a knob nose

Mercy: oh the poor little thing.

Kirby: he's just stuck in a tree that's all look!

[Then from up a tree hanging onto a branch was Blanky!]

Blanky: HELP!

[I then lassoed Kirby's cord up over the branch, Kirby plugged himself in & like a winch Kirby was lifted towards Blanky]

Toaster: hang on tight Blanky!

Blanky: I am!

Radio: don't let the tremendous height scare you

Mercy: you're not helping!

[Then as Kirby finally got to Blanky, Blanky jumped on Kirby And Kirby started to lose control & they both fell to the ground safely]

Blanky: that was kinda fun!

Kirby: now get offa my face!

Toaster: thanks Kirby

Lampy: great idea Kirby.

Blanky: you saved me!

Radio: I knight thee Sir Vac.

Mercy: you did a great job Kirby.

Austin: I should say so!

Kirby: not just cut it out! All of you! I only did it so we can be on our way! We're wasting time! [Rolls away]

Mercy: my guess is old habits never change.

Radio: Yeah, I Agreed On, Mercy. Just A Little In My Age.

[Soon all of us were on the road again & then Kirby saw something that made him short out]

Kirby: Wh-What The?! What The! OH NO! OH NO! I DID.. I Did Uh.. I Did.. Uh...

[Kirby saw a waterfall! Then he started to bite on his own cord!]

Toaster: KIRBY NO!

Mercy: [tries to pull the cord out]



[Then Toaster switched Kirby off all of us were wondering if Kirby was ok Later mercy & Toaster were running Kirby around to make him come to his old self]

Lampy: just shorted right out

Radio: cracked up he snapped, sold the farm poor chum

Lampy: how's he look?

Radio: a little better than you actually keep it up Slots & Mak! Even carpet sweeping motion! He should come around sooner or later

Toaster: hey I think it's working!

[Then all of us surrounded Kirby]

Toaster: Kirby? Kirby can you hear me?

Mercy: you ok, fella? Speak To Me!

Blanky: wake up! Wake up!

[Kirby started to wake up]

Blanky: Kirby!

Toaster: you're all right!

Austin, Mercy & the appliances: [cheering]

Kirby: [growls] LAY OFF JUST LAY OFF!

Toaster: what's the matter?

Lampy: we were worried about you.

Mercy: yeah we almost lost you.

Austin: And We Almost Doubted You.

Kirby: I'm a WHAT?!?

Radio: you gave us a real scare, pal.

Kirby: well there's nothing; wrong with me PAL! So just BACK OFF!

Blanky: don't be angry.

Mercy: Yeah, Kirby! Don't Be Angry!

Kirby: just keep your antennas & knobs & wires & hands & rivets off my chrome! Who needs you guys anyway? Gotta drag ya around all the time buncha dead weight I'd be better off without you!

Blanky: but Kirby…

Kirby: especially you you little rag!

Austin: hey the least you can do is be grateful!

Kirby: I'm Not Grateful, Braden And Especially You! Why Didn't I Think Of That?!

Mercy: But I Thought He Was An..

Kirby: and that goes double for you 2 humans! No one asked you to help us! My only human friend is the master you got that?!

[Mercy & Austin didn't say another word]

Kirby: so uh how do we get across this thing anyway?

[Soon all of us were preparing an appliance & human chain to reach the other side Mercy was holding onto Toaster. My bike was also tied to it.]

Radio: I think Houdini did this once why if I remember right he was out of the hospital in no time!

Lampy: well that's encouraging.

Toaster: Hurry Up, Kirby!

[And I was holding onto Kirby on the other side]

Mercy: easy now, Kirby.

Kirby: [nervously] don't tell me what to d-do!

Austin: you ok Toaster?

Toaster: I think so [to me & Kirby] ok guys!

[Soon me & Kirby swinged the chain & Mercy was flung onto the other side & Toaster grabbed onto the ledge of the cliff & climed up both Toaster & Mercy were pulling the others to the other side of the waterfall]

Lampy: hey! we're not dead!

Radio: yeah where's some wood to knock on? [To Toaster & Mercy] Toaster! Mercy! Are you ok?

Mercy: I'm ok!

Austin: How about Christine? Is she alright?

Mercy: I think so Austin, I think so.

Radio: Who's Christine?

Mercy: My bike.

Radio: Oh.

[But Toaster didn't reply he just looked down scared]

Radio: Toaster!

Mercy: And Whatever They Do, Toaster, Don't Look Down!

Toaster: uh y-yeah I uh [to me & Kirby] give us some slack guys!

Mercy: you got it!

[Soon me & Kirby were pushing while Mercy & Toaster pulled but Toaster was still scared]

Austin: you ok?

Toaster: uh uh whew!

[Then he left go of the line! Pulling him & Mercy back to the other side]

Austin, & appliances: [screaming]

Mercy: OH JEEZ! [Pulls on Kirby & then]

[POP! The chain disconnected & everyone but mercy & Kirby went into the waterfall]

Mercy: Oh no! GUYS! CHRISTINE!

[Kirby was nervous he didn't know what to do]

Mercy: [sitting over the ledge] now what do we do Kirby?

[Kirby didn't answer he just backed away without another word]

Mercy: Kirby? Oh he must be going home man now what do I do? I lost some friends & now I can't even get back home because I don't no where I am and I lost Christine. Oh man this is just [gets pushed by Kirby] CONFUSING!

Kirby: [roars as he jumped over the ledge with me & into the rapids]

Mercy: [riding on Kirby] HEY WHY'D YOU PUSH ME!?

Kirby: don't talk just steer!

[Then both of us found Blanky & we both gave him a ride then we found Lampy & then Mercy and…]

Radio: damn thee! Thou cursed whale! From the depths of hell I stab at thee!

Kirby: climb on your idiot!

Radio: oh it's you

Kirby: where's Toaster?

Lampy: he sank!

[Then we found Toaster, and I found Christine. I tried grabbing for Christine, but instead went to Toaster.]

Radio: boy are we glad to see you!

Lampy: I really thought I turned in my warranty that time!

Radio: yeah until Baggy & Mak here showed up!

Kirby: I just slipped & fell in that's all.

Mercy: slipped? You pushed me in!

[Mercy & the appliances besides Toaster laughed]

Blanky: you can't fool us we love you!

Radio: that's right like Mrs. Roosevelt loves her husband

Kirby: yeah yeah well here's the shore everybody off!

Radio: listen to this! "This is President Roosevelt awarding the vacuum the Medal of Honor!"

Kirby: [blows leaf away]

[Mercy, Austin & the other 3 appliances laughed except for Toaster and me.]

Toaster: where are we?

[Then we all found ourselves in a swamp]

Toaster: I can't believe this I'm really sorry [walks away]

Radio: aww come on now it's not your fault things could be worse you know!

Lampy: how?

Radio: how what?

Lampy: how could they be worse?

Radio: they wouldn't I lied

Mercy: the poor little fella he seems upset.

Radio: So do you.

Austin: I'll go over & see if he's ok.

[Toaster looked over his reflection in the swamp water he was really upset & sad]

Mercy: Toaster? Are you ok?

Toaster: yeah I guess it's my fault all of us are stuck in this swamp you probably should have let go the moment I let go of the line

Mercy: well there's a reason I didn't Toaster

Toaster: what's that?

Mercy: you cared for me & now it's my turn to care for you.

Toaster: [shedding a small tear] thanks [hugs her]

[Meanwhile I was about to cry when Mercy And Toaster showed back up. Then...]

Mercy: Austin! LOOK! IT'S CHRISTINE!

[I turned around and saw her float to the bank of the river that we were at.]

Mercy: Oh Christine, I'm so glad I found you! I thought I lost you forever! I love you Christine!

[I gave her a big hug. Later Radio was trying to find a radio station.]

Lampy: can you find anything?

Radio: I'm lucky my backup batteries work at all!

Toaster: well I just hope we're not going in circles come on

[Then mercy, Austin & the appliances were pulling Kirby. The rope that I have had on Christine was used to tie her to the back of Kirby.]

Mercy: it's too bad we lost the office chair & the car battery it would have been better & more smoother. [Then Kirby fell over & fell into some quicksand sinking quickly all of us gasped]

Kirby: I knew I shouldn't have let you guys drive!

Austin: OH NO!

Mercy: QUICKSAND! Oh, This Is Bad!

Toaster: come on! Come on! PULL!

Blanky: KIRBY!

Kirby: oh this is great fun let's make these outings a regular thing ok?

Toaster: Kirby! Inflate your bag!

Kirby: help me! Help me oh! [Gets sunk]

Mercy: CHRISTINE! Oh puffing pistons, not again!

Blanky: [screams]

[All the other appliances were getting sunk too]

Lampy: wow the poor guy didn't have a chance just SSSS & that's it


Lampy: what?! Whoa! [Gets sunk]

Toaster: Blanky can you let go? Try to untie yourself!

Blanky: I'm not scared [gets sunk]

Toaster: Blank…! [Gets sunk]

Mercy: TOASTER! Michael! We gotta help those guys!

Austin: right let's grab onto Radio &… [Hears an engine roaring] oh boy [grabs Mercy's arm] come on we gotta hide! Radio can you stay where you are?


Mercy: ok come on Austin! [Goes with her to hide]

Radio: well that uh concludes our broadcast day uh week actually it concludes all future broadcasting of any sort! We'll sign off now with a suitable tune! [Switched to a song just as he sank but just as he was about gone a huge hand came out of nowhere & pulled Radio out]

Mr. Peters: oh I though I heard a Radio! [tries to take him but was pulled by the cord] whoa!


Mr. Peters: [humming while taking the appliances to his truck] whoopsie daisy! [Throws Toaster, Blanky, Lampy & Radio on the truck & then throws Kirby and Christine up] WHOOP there ya go! [Then he climbs up to the wheels of the truck it was a monster truck then Mercy & Austin were following him until we got to the truck]

Austin: what the heck is that?! it's looks like a monster truck! And it looks like it's got our friends come on! We'll ride underneath [goes over to the truck]

Mercy: uh right behind you!

[Then the guy started his truck not noticing mercy & Austin going under the truck]

Mr. Peters: hehehehe [petting his dog] good boy Quadruped you remembered you seatbelt

[Under the truck Mercy & Austin were hanging onto the pipes & bars of the monster truck]

Mercy: are you sure you've done this before?

Austin: Ummm... never in my entire life have I done this before.

[Then the guy hit his foot on the gas pedal & zoomed his way out of the swamp & into a small countryside town until finally stopping at a parts store me & Rylie were hanging onto the bars & pipes real tight]

Austin: And I'm never doing it again!

Mercy: shh! [Then she saw the guy walk into the store with the appliances in hand]

Austin: a parts store?

[Inside the store the guy was taking to appliances somewhere Blanky looked up & saw strange looking things Toaster did as well then the guy went in through a door & it said private]

Mercy: oh great now what do we do?

Austin: Hmmm... Do you have your phone on you?

[Back in the shop the guy placed the appliances down & the appliances saw some strange looking tools meanwhile the guy was mixing himself a drink with his blender & he drank it he placed the cup back down & had a few red marshmallows]

[Door dinging]

Mr. Peters: [gasps] a customer! [Leaves]

Radio: seems like a nice enough fella dingy but nice

Mercy: Well, I Guess The Cost Is Clear.

[Then from out of nowhere was strange chuckling]

Green Lamp: [chuckling while going down] yes Mr. St. Peters is quite an amusing follow isn't he? [Notices Lampy] oh! You poor baby your bulb is burned out here you can have one of mine [throws his bulb at Lampy & then Lampy tossed his broken blub away & Toaster screwed it in & Lampy's light shone again] use it in good health… while you stil can HEHE!

[Meanwhile outside Austin was going to prank call the shop, while I got Christine out of the back of the truck.]

Mercy: are you sure this is necessary?

Austin: you saw what that sign on the door said we can't just walk in & say "can we go into that private room?" This is better than that it'll be fool… [Hears growling] that was your stomach right?

Mercy: Uh, no? Your's?

Austin: Noooo... I ate before I left the cottage. Why Didn't I Think Of That?!

[Then we noticed Mr. Peters' dog Quadruped snarling at us!]

Mercy: Oh boy. [Then I noticed a stick in the back of the truck. I grabbed it.] Here boy, you want the stick, you want the stick? GO GET IT! [I threw the stick.]

Quadruped: WOOF! [Goes after the stick]

Mercy: Nice thinking!

Austin: Thanks.

[We climb up the side of the building on an escape ladder. Meanwhile back in the shop the dinging was heard again & then we hear sounds from another guy]

Customer: [woodenly] hello compradre I am in deep need of a blender motor

Mr. Peters: huhuhuhu a blender motor?

Blender: [gasps then hides]

Mr. Peters: why sure I got a whole shipment of blender motors in last week!

Customer: oh boy heaven sent you to me

Mr. Peters: I can have it for in 2 shakes of a lamp's tail [humming then notices the blender is gone] now what did I do with that blender? I could have sworn I left it here just a second ago I'm getting as loopy as a polecat without any whiskers [then…] THERE YOU ARE! Haha I found ya! [Moves the appliances out of the way & into a baby carriage] gotta move you guys outta the way.

[Then Mr. Peters set up some paper on his work table then placed the blender on it & took the cup out then he put on his rubber gloves then he put it on a work scale & tightened the blender real hard the appliances were scared then Mr. Peters snapped the plug & cord right off the appliances then hid their cords & continued watching the progress then Mr. Peters took out his flathead screwdriver & then he stabbed it on the blender & screwed until it cracked then with his scissors he cut the motor out wincing Kirby with fear Mr. Peters then put the motor into a box & on the top it said "Blender Motor $5.95" & walked away all the appliances could see now was oil dripping from the table]

Mr. Peters: boy are you some lucky guy! This is the last one left can you believe it! [shuts the door to give the customer the motor & then…]

Mercy & Austin: [come in through the roof] Hey!

Appliances: [screaming in fear & then they hide]

Mercy: guys! Guys it's us Mercy & Austin!

Lampy: Austin?

Toaster: Mercy?

Kirby: humans?

Radio: how did you get in here?

Mercy: never mind that we have to get you guys outta here!

Toaster: I couldn't agree with you more there's a murderer here

Austin: MURDERER?! [Hides] where?!

Radio: I think he meant to say an appliance murderer

Mercy: do you mean that fat guy?

Blanky: yes! [Points at the work table where the blender was] look!

Mercy: [Looks at the table.] Uhhh... [shrugs] seen it before. I mean... AAAAHHHH!!!!

Green Lamp: [chuckling then hits me on the head by accident]

Mercy: OW!

Green Lamp: you see? You never quite know what he's going to do! He's so spontaneous.

Austin: you sound kinda familiar.

Lampy: w-w-w-well how do we escape?!

Green Lamp: did you hear that boys? They want to know how to escape! HE! [laughing & so did the other broken appliances then an old record player played spooky haunted house music as our next song played]

Broken appliances: Watch yourself

Don't fall off of the shelf

Tape Recorder: You must be the new boys in town

Lampy: What's that sound?

Is someone movin' round?

Green Lamp: Sit down for a spell

You don't look so well

Food Processor: Wait a minute, I feel great

You just leave yourself to fate

You might as well just hang around

Broken appliances: It's too late

We've got to operate

Green Lamp: Just try to relax

It's a house of wax!

Broken appliances: Oh, I remember Frankenstein

Shivers up my spine, wo-oh

Kirby & Austin: I'm for getting out of here

Broken appliances: No need to shout, my dear, no-oh

Who will go to the cellar down below?

Trouble is a-bubblin' in the brew

And while you're down there Mr. Vincent Price

Will give you good advice

Green Lamp: He'll know what to do

You just tell him "Boo!"

Broken appliances: He will put the voodoo in the stew

I'm telling you!

It's like a movie

It's a B-movie show

It's like a movie

It's a B-movie show

[Then in came a strange looking appliance]

Mish-Mash: look at me! I mean really barf barf barf I'm a can opener, a lamp & a shaver OH-HO-HO-HO god! I'm a mishmash!

Mercy and Kirby: This is weird.

Radio: It's much worse than I feared.

Lampy: I'll close my eyes and make it disappear.

Appliances: Yes, they're strange!

Oven: It ain't home on the range.

Broken appliances: You just tell St. Pete,


That you got cold feet.

Mercy, Austin & the appliances: There goes the sun, Here comes the night! Somebody turn on the light. Somebody tell me that fate has been kind.

Broken appliances: You can't go out,

You are out of your mind!

It's like a movie

It's a B-movie show

It's like a movie

It's a B-movie show


[Then the bell rang again & all the broken appliances went back to their places]

Customer: excuse me the missus loved the blender motor was wonderin' if ya got some radio tubes too

[Radio was shocked when he heard that]

Mr. Peters: radio tubes? Hu why sure I got a whole shipment of radio tubes in this morning

Radio: [begging] you gotta help me gotta hide me I'll do anything! Bread! I can get ya bread! Mounds of hot cross buns!

Toaster: come on pull yourself together!

Austin: hide!

[The appliances ran on the shelves while Braden & Mercy Hid behind it]

Mr. Peters: now what did I do with that radio? I could swear I left it right here in this very very spot! What did it do just get up & walk away? I really should drink more coffee [passes by the shelf where Radio was hiding then he noticed the antenna] AHA! There you are! [Chuckling & takes Radio to his work table & started work]

Toaster: Kirby what should we do?!

Kirby: I uh I don't know!

Lampy: hey! I've got an idea!

[Meanwhile Mr. Peters was using the pliers to get the antenna off Radio then Toaster closed the curtain making it dark]

Austin: [in an old man voice] good evening sir.

Mr. Peters: Huh? What's going on here? Who are you? how did you get in here?!

Appliences: [Kirby is moaning and Lampy is howling like a wolf.]

Mr. Peters: [Sees them and starts to scream and run. Then he hits a pole.]

Lampy: see? It worked! I told you it worked I told ya I told ya I told ya! I knew I knew I knew it worked! And Austin good old man voice! Austin: [in regular voice] thanks I got it from my grandpa

Mercy: I can see why.


[All the broken appliances made a break for it Quadruped ran into the truck & put on his seatbelt & drove out of sight & so did all the broken appliances]

Mercy: [pushing the baby carriage full of appliances] come on let's get outta here!

Austin: right behind you!

Mr. Peters: whoa uh [notices the big hole] wha?

Customer: did I catch ya at a bad time? Just wonderin' if ya got my radio tubes.

Mercy: Come on, you dirty appliances! Let's move it!

(the phones ring, Mercy calls DJ)

Mercy: Hello, DJ. Mercy is speaking.

DJ: Mercy, I be sure you go straight to the Master's house and save all my friends. Unless I'm having a babysitting with Lily.

Annie: Goo goo gah gah gah.

DJ: See what I mean?

Mercy: Okay, I'll be back then.

Austin: Okay, let's go for a RIDE!

Radio: Wow, I love rides.

Lampy: Me too!

Kirby: Me three!

Toaster: Me four.

Blanky: Me five.

Mercy: ME SIX!

Austin: Mercy.

Mercy: What? It's just all about me. Why don't you just join the ride?

Austin: I know what i'm doing. [Later that night well of us were on the road yet again this time the appliances were riding on the baby carriage from the parts store & I was riding Christine, while Mercy was riding on her pegs]

Lampy: wow!

[All of us made it to the city Kirby had a running start & we all went down the hill & to the city! Blanky was especially excited as he took out his picture of his master & gave it a big hug]

Mercy: We're almost there, Austin.

[Then we see another picture of the kid then we see another only he looked a bit more like a teenager & then the last picture of him looking like a fully grown graduated adult then we see the kid who was looking like a swell young man as he was packing his things]

Rob's Mother: honey? Are you taking enough underwear?

Rob: mom your brought me enough underwear to stock the whole dorm you know

Rob's Mother: do you have enough socks?

[Then he looked over at his 11 stacks of perfectly aligned socks]

Rob: look mom I'm not going to Jupiter or anything I'm going to college it's just college

Rob's Mother: so let me worry a little bit [with his son] I'm your mother


Rob: oh that's probably Chris we're going out to the cabin today & pick up like the old lamp & radio & stuff I could use them at the dorm

Rob's Mother: oh terrific!

[Then he opens the door where a girl wearing a pink baseball cap & a red jacket was wating]

Chris: hi Rob you ready?

Rob: yeah [to his mother] goodbye mom! [Leaves]

Rob's Mother: take a sweater!

[After Rob & Chris left we see a huge stereo television & a purple lamp the stereo looked if the coast was clear]

Stereo: hey Pluggsy

Pluggsy: yeah?

Stereo: did you hear that? He's taking some old… stuff to the dorm instead of us


Toaster: all right go!

[All of us ran across the road & over to the city unknown to us that Rob & Chris were going the other direction to the cottage]

Rob: you're gonna like this cabin too bad we have to sell it

[Meanwhile in the city all 7 of us were amazed of what we saw]

Blanky: how are we gonna find the master in this big place?

[Then we all went into a phone booth & looked at the telephone directory Lampy scrolled around until…]

Lampy: here it is.

[Then Toaster ripped the page off & we were on the search again until we stopped by a traffic light]

Toaster: excuse me could you tell us how to get to uh… to uh…

Lampy: 2470 McBean parkway

[Then the traffic light pointed to the right & meanwhile Rob & Chris arrived at the cottage & back at the city we arrived at an apartment & found the right room]

Lampy: A113 this is it!

Toaster: go ahead.

[Lampy then knocked quietly & the appliances played possum again while mercy & Austin hid but nothing happened]

Blanky: he's not home.

Toaster: we'll have to wait.

Radio: so let's wait inside! Relax!

Lampy: but it's locked.

Radio: luckily my war training including inter appliance code I will simply render the secret appliance knock & we'll be welcomed by the native machinery stand aside my meeker companions.

[Then Radio did his knock & hit every one of us too]

Mercy: the least you can do is be careful!

[Then the door opened & Pluggsy answered it]

Radio: hiya pal!

Pluggsy: [gasps then ducks back inside]

[Then some indistinct whispering was heard]

Pluggsy: how do yas do? Tary not upon our doorstep please feel free to enter all a youse.

[Radio looked inside & he saw a lot of new looking appliances & meanwhile at the cottage]

Chris: boy! You were some lucky kid!

Rob: yep every summer for as long as I can remember we'd be running all over this place.

[Meanwhile back at the apartment]

Radio: "I looked at her looked straight into those big blue eyes! Why it was you who killed Johnson if I could find out & you've killed him too & you've tried to get me tired to get me to turn my back well it's your turn sweetheart now you're takin' the fall there was a shot! BAM! A puff of smoke! He ran like the dickens!" and that's how we got here

Lampy: wow!

Toaster: yeah well sorta like that.

Computer: and all on your own too along with 2 humans.

Pluggsy: how convenient I mean, uh,

Computer: remarkable

Pluggsy: yeah.

Mercy: they seem kinda strange.

Austin: yeah & those smiles are creeping me out.

[Then we zoom into a sewing machine with 2 talking parts talking or chatting like teenager friends then they saw Blanky pass by]

Sewing Twins: oh! How do you do?

Blanky: how do you do? [leaves then] HEY LOOK AT THIS!

[Then the sewing twins put on their smiles as me, Mercy, Austin & the appliances pass them by then the new looking appliances followed us into Rob's room]

Lampy: boy! He sure has grown

Radio: look at him! What a hard breaker!

Toaster: he graduated too

Kirby: of course he knows how to work hard!

Mercy: this guy can almost remind me of… myself almost.

Blanky: he's all big now! I hope he still needs us

TV: still needs you? That's the silliest thing I ever heard!

Austin: what the?

Radio: why if it isn't old rabbit ears!

TV: why if it isn't old loudmouth! [Hugs his friends]

Blanky: hi TV!

Lampy: how ya doing?

TV: oh I've got a few more seasons left

Toaster: the cottage just wasn't the same after they took you away

Kirby: yeah, it wasn't as noisy.

TV: well I see you haven't changed a bit.

Radio: kinda gives you a sense of security doesn't it?

Mercy: say what do you get on that set anyway?

TV: I get almost anything international outernational anything that's good for TV here's something from the United Kingdom [switches to a UK channel & the Thomas the Tank Engine intro played]


Austin: Tell me about it!

TV: And Most Of All, Here's A TV Show It Will Be Extremely Funny!

Lampy: Yeah! Tell Me What's Something Funny!

TV: [switches to a cartoon network channel And the Uncle Grandpa intro played]

Mercy: (Laughs) Oh Wow! Now That's Uncle Grandpa. (Sighs) I Love That Funny Show.

Kirby: Yeah, Of Course There Is.

Blanky: where's the master?

[Pluggsy then ran in]

TV: didn't anybody tell you? Boy is he going to be surprised when he gets back he just left a little while ago to drive out to the ca…

[Pluggsy switched him]

TV: [speaking Spanish]

Lampy: HEY!

Radio: what's the idea?

Pluggsy: oh many pardons was you watchin' that channel?

[Meanwhile back at the cottage]

Rob: come on in it's the greatest isn't it?

Chris: you guys did some weird stuff with your furniture

Rob: huh?

[Rob looked & saw a broken pogo stick leaning on the chair then he saw Air Conditioner still broken & then he saw his bed on the stairs & then he saw the refrigerator lying on it's back]

Rob: what happened? This is… JEEZ! Somebody trashed the whole cottage!

Chris: you big dumbo didn't you lock the doors?

[Meanwhile the new looking appliances slowly crept over to me, Mercy, Austin & the appliances]

Radio: why I don't believe I've ever seen quite so many smiles before!

Kirby: I've never seen contraptions with so many… buttons & knobs & dials before!

Computer: naturally… we are on the cutting edge of technology

Lampy: wow

Radio: well what does that mean?

Lampy: I don't know what does that mean?

Mercy: [puts hand on my face] you just had to ask didn't you?

Austin: Yeah, What Does That Mean?!

[Just then bouncy electronic music played as the next song started]

New Appliances: Since you came here uninvited

We all knew you'd be delighted

This is not the time or place to hedge

No one here would be so bold to

But since you asked and no one's told you

Let us take you to the cutting edge

Computer: I can process words, accounting too

And my pixel screen displays for you

Computer graphics locked into your memory

Telephone: With fiber optics cast in plastic

For natural sights and sounds fantastic

Just reach out and talk to your dear old Uncle Emery

[Just then all of us were on a chessboard of the tile & the computer made Toaster, Blanky, Radio, Kirby & Mercy, Austin disappear leaving only me & Lampy]

New Appliances: More! More! More!

Everything you wanted and more

More! More! More!

Sewing twins: Let me tell you what it's for

Here's the printout with the score

Get yourself together on the edge

[Then a cake mixer took me & Lampy to the stereo & then it turned on a screen where Toaster, Kirby, Radio, Blanky, Mercy And Austin was they were trapped in a tropical paradise then the screen fell over & dumped everyone back in the living room]

New Appliances: You want to go to old Rio De Janiero, my dear

You want to join in any Club Paradise

You'd really rather stay at home where the picture is clear

You get it on the stereo and you don't even have to go

More! More! More!

Everything you wanted and more

More! More! More!

Pluggsy: Any time or place you wish

You might meet up with some dish

Pull yourself together on the edge

Lean Machine: If you want a lean machine to whip you up some mean cuisine

I'm on the scene totally automatic

Toaster Oven: Hey, I can bake your biscuits too

Pop some dough boy out for you

I'm micro solid-state and that's no static [ZAAP!]


New Appliances: More! More! More!

Everything you wanted and more

More! More! More!

We're the bytes and chips to call

You just have yourself a ball

It's all hyperactive on the edge

[Then the song started to get to the end]

New Appliances: From LEDs to CRTs

Woofers, tweeters, antenna trees

An ultra-nylon life of ease

Everything you dreamed of on the edge!

And more

Mercy: I have a bad feeling this isn't gonna end well. [Meanwhile back at the cottage Rob was looking around for his stuff]

Rob: well where's the toaster?

[At the apartment Pluggsy kicked Toaster into a dumpster down below]

[At the cottage]

Rob: [opens the stairs door] where's the vacuum?

[At the apartment]

Kirby: [screams as he fell]

[At the cottage]

Rob: what's going on?! Where's the radio? Where's the lamp & blanket?

[Then the last 3 appliances fell into the dumpster]

Austin: TOASTER!

Mercy: guys are you ok?

Toaster: I think so!

Mercy: [turns to the new appliances] you sick pieces of machinery! If I had my rights to do so I would grab a baseball bat & SMASH YOU ALL INTO A THOUSAND TINY PIECES UNTIL THERE'S NOTHING LEFT!

Computer: …push them out

[The new appliances got closer to Austin & Mercy. I grabbed Christine.]

Austin: oh boy uh I didn't mean about what I said about you being sick I mean HELP! [Runs off with Mercy but there was tons of appliances at every turn until they got us & when they tried to throw us out the window we got stuck]

Mercy: hey! we're stuck!

Austin: HAHA! We sure showed those junk heads.

Pluggy: we got a sticky situation here 'ey Sterero! We need a push!

Stereo: my pleasure [backs up]

Austin: what are they doing now?

Stereo: [charges] CHARGE! [Pushes Austin & Mercy out the window. I accidently let go of Christine]

Austin And Mercy: [screams as we fell into the dumpster]

Radio: welcome to the trash party.

Mercy: just shut up!

[Then the new appliances pushed Christine out of the window.]


[Luckily I caught her.]

Austin: HA! GOT YA!

[The new appliances left in happiness but TV was concerned for his friends he jumped in front of the window to see if we were ok then a dump truck arrived & dumped us in TV was surprised then as the truck was ready to leave TV looked over on the sign that says Ernie's Disposal then the truck went away meanwhile back at the cottage Rob was fixing up his air conditioner he turned it on & cold air was blowing once again then he turned it off & patted it & left & after that Air Conditioner opened his eyes & twisted his air vents, then gasps & smiled happily with tears on his eyes outside Rob took one last look at the cottage & went back home with Chris back at the city the dump truck was rolling along the road so was Rob & Chris they passed the dump truck not even knowing me, Mercy, Austin & the appliances were in there soon the truck arrived at the scrapyard known as Ernie's Disposal it then dumped us on a pile of scrap & at the apartment Rob sat on the couch feeling upset meanwhile at the scrapyard the appliances were sad & me & Rylie were trying to cheer our friends up]

Blanky: I'm glad the master has such good appliances.

Radio: yeah couldn't get any more modern

Lampy: t-t-they're wonderful!

Austin: oh come on things couldn't possibly get worse.

[Then a huge shadow loomed over us & it fell fast!]

Mercy, Austin & the appliances: WHOA! [Gets out of the way]

[What almost hit us was a huge orange magnet crane as it carried the scrap over to a conveyer belt & at the end of the conveyer belt was a crusher looking like a giant metal monster with teeth as it took the scrap & made them into small cubes]

Austin: [to mercy] that saying is a curse to everyone!

Mercy: oops.

[Meanwhile at the apartment]

Rob's Mother: now honey I mean it you can just take some of our things oh this lamp would look so cute in your dorm room

Chris: go for it!

Rob: well what are you gonna read by then?

Rob's Mother: oh I'll buy some candles, I won't read I'll go out

Rob: thanks mom but I'm not gonna take your stuff come on look I'll just go try to pick up a few cheap things this afternoon & you know whatever

TV: that's right ladies & gentlemen! Appliances cheap appliances! Available now at Ernie's Disposal!

Rob: where's a good bargain place around here?

Chris: you should have gone for the new stuff

[Meanwhile at the scrapyards mercy, Austin, Christine & the appliances were trying our best to dodge the magnet]

Mercy: we have to try & get outta here. come on! Let's Go Ditch Some Ghost Town.

[Then Radio bumps in front of a blue car]

Radio: oh uh were you in line first here well after you of course pardon me! [Runs off]

[Then some music played as the magnet got closer to the car then our next song played]


Stan: I can't take this kinda pressure

I must confess one more dusty road

Would be just a road too long


Cars: Worthless...

Sandy: I just can't, I just can't

I just can't seem to get started!


Don't have the heart to live in the fast lane

All that has passed and gone

Cars: Worthless!

Sarah: There ain't nothing you can do about it

Cars: Worthless!

Parker: Pardon me while I panic!

Cars: Worthless! Worthless! Worthless!

[Back at the apartment]

Rob: no no that place is too expensive

TV: cheap! We're talking REAL cheap!

Chris: hey! what about Roonie's down on 53rd? they got like used vacuums & junk

TV: this uh just in! Roonie's vacuums' found to be uh uh carcinogenetic in recent lab tests big big tumors on those rats UCK! We've got photos to prove it & I don't even want to look at 'em BLUH!

[At the scrapyard]

Ricky: I come from KC Missouri

And I got my kicks down on Route 66

Every truck stop from Butte to MO

Motown to Old Alabama

From Texarkana and east of Savanna from Tampa to Old Kokomo

Cars: Worthless...

Rosser: I once ran the Indy 500


Mercy: [running while grabbing the appliances] RUN!

Rosser: I must confess I'm impressed how I did

And I wonder how close that I came

Now I get a sinking sensation

I was the top of the line, out of site out of mind

So much for fortune and fame

[At the apartment]

TV: a bargain in every buck a buck in very pocket a pocket in… uh every trouser! Ernie's Bargain Circus where you ride the Ferris wheel of values for the better tomorrow!

[At the scrapyard]

Vixen: Once took a Texan to a wedding


Mercy: RUN!

Vixen: Once took a Texan to a wedding

He kept forgetting, his loneliness letting

His thoughts turn to home and we turned

Graver: I took a man to a graveyard

I beg your pardon, it's quite hard enough

Just living with the stuff I have learned

Cars: Worthless...

[At the apartment]

Chris: [putting on her jacket] why don't we just go cruising & see what we can find?

TV: why wonder into the streets of the sprawling wasteland they dare to call the city? When you're dreams are all under one roof? OUR ROOF! Corner of 3rd & E CRAZY ERNIE'S AMAZING EMPORIUM of of TOTAL BARGAIN MADNESS!!!!! [Laughs insanely then faints]

Rob: have you ever heard of this place before? Looks pretty neat

[At the scrapyard]

Woodie: Once drove a surfer to sunset

There were bikinis and buns filled with weenies

Believe me, just couldn't forget


Pico, lets go up to Zuma


Pico, lets go up to Zuma

From Zuma to Yuma the rumor was I had a hand in the lay of the land

Get up and go hit the highway

[Soon Rob & Chris were on their way to what they think is a bargain emporium & back at the scrapyard the song was almost over]

Cars: OOOOoooo

Jack: I worked on a reservation

Cars: HooHoo!

Jack: Who would believe they would love me and leave on a bus back to old Santa Fe?

Once in an Indian nation

I took the kids on the skids with a Hopi

Who was happy to lie there and say

You're worthless


[All 8 of us were scared we had very little hope]

[Soon Rob & Chris arrived at the scrapyard]

Rob: this sure doesn't look like Crazy Ernie's Amazing Emporium of Total Bargain Madness

[In the scrapyard the magnet was magnetizing the appliances]

Lampy: MMMMM AH!

Mercy: LAMPY! [Pulls on Lampy to get him off the magnet]

[At the entrance]

Chris: it's the right address

Rob: hmm

[Then Christine, Toaster & Radio were pulled into the magnet as well & Mercy tried to hang onto Toaster & at the entrance Rob & Chris shrugged & went into the scrapyard meanwhile me, Mercy, Austin & the appliances were hanging from the magnet Blanky took a look at his picture of Rob thinking he may never see him again then he dropped his picture as it glided towards Rob & Chris Blanky smiled happily]

Radio: at least we'll all go together! Yeah that's looking at the bright side isn't it?

Blanky: NO NO! The master's down there look!

Lampy: it's him!

Kirby: what?! Where?

Radio: why look it IS him!

Blanky: maybe he still needs us!

Lampy: yeah!

Austin: [calling out to Rob] HEY HEY SIR!

[Then the magnet dropped us on the conveyer belt meanwhile Rob was looking around the scrapyards for stuff like an old radio until it's speaker blasted off he went to pick it up but then he noticed the picture of his young self he picked it up in disbelief]

Rob: Chris?

Chris: HEY! These are hard to find! [Struggles to get a car's grill off]

Rob: this is me!

Chris: what? I can't hear you!

Rob: I don't get it

[Rob went off to investigate & Chris got her grill of the car meanwhile mercy, Austin & the appliances were almost close to the crusher]


[All of us bolted off the conveyer belt & ran off to hide the magnet was watching soon we found Rob]

Blanky: there he is!

Lampy: I can't believe it!

Toaster: Freeze! Freeze! Here he comes!

[The appliances played possum & Mercy & Braden hid Rob was still confused then the magnet grabbed the appliances again!]

Austin And Mercy: HEY! Whoa!

[The magnet left in a hurry Rob thought he heard something but he continued on his search later on the conveyer belt Toaster was whispering his plan to mercy, Braden & the other appliances]

Toaster: GO!

[All of us jumped off the belt the magnet tried to go for Toaster, then Kirby, then Blanky then I came up in front of his face]

Mercy: [teasing the magnet] NYEH NYEH NYEH! [Grabs Chrisitine and runs off]

[The magnet was really angry now!]

Lampy: boy! I'm glad we don't have to do this everyday!

Blanky: look!

[Then we saw a shadow mercy & Braden hid while the appliances played possum]

Chris: hey rob! Come here!

Rob: what? [Leaves]

Kirby: doggone it!

Blanky: he's coming back!

Toaster: He'll see us this time!

[But it wasn't Rob it was the magnet!]

Mercy: uh g-g-g-guys?

Austin: MAGNET!!!

Kirby: RUN!

[All of us ran for it as the magnet rammed his way through the scrap this made him really furious! That he grabbed a lot of scrap including the appliances!]


[The magnet just dropped big chunks of scrap on top of me & pulled mercy & austin in while I was holding some scrap soon the magnet dropped all the scrap on the conveyer belt Mercy, Braden & Toaster were nearing the crusher when I tried to get up]

Mercy: [leg cracks] AAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

[I broke my own leg after the magnet dropped the scrap on me & the crusher was getting closer meanwhile a bit farther from the crusher]

Rob: [spotted Blanky] This looks just like my old blanket. [Picks Blanky up from the treadmill and smiles] I think it is my blanket!

[Then the magnet turned & saw Rob not noticing mercy, austin & Toaster jumping off the belt]

Toaster: (whispers) Shh! Follow me, guys!

Mercy: [limping] I'm trying my best!

Rob: [rubbed his face against Blanky until he spotted Radio on the treadmill with a smile] Well, that's my radio! [Picks Radio up] Hey, Chris! [Sees Lampy] oh! All right, and the lamp! [Picks Lampy up and carries the appliances] hey Chris!

[The magnet was real angry now he followed Rob as his eyes faded away then Mercy, Austin & Toaster found Rob collecting his things not even noticing the magnet]

Austin: [sees the magnet above Rob and the appliances. Then gasps and ran towards him with a broken leg] Look out!

Mercy & Toaster: Braden, wait!

Rob: Huh? [Looks over at me & then the magnet as it grabbed the appliances and Christine] [Falls backward] Hey, wait a minute! [Stood up] Hey! [Grabbed onto Kirby's vacuum handle]

Mercy: Hey! Wait! I don't want you to get hurt! [Grabbed onto Rob's legs]

Rob: These are mine! Let go!

Rob & Austin: [look down and screamed] W-whoa!

[Then the magnet carried us closer to the end of the conveyer belt towards the crusher]

Mercy & Toaster: (gasps)

Rob: let us down!

[Then the magnet dropped me, the appliances, Christine & Rob & we landed on the conveyer belt with some scrap preventing us to move]

Toaster: [saw the stack of wrecked cars and turned to Mercy] Come on, Mercy! climb up and follow me!

Mercy: Why?

Toaster: Just do as I say!

Mercy: Okay!

[Then Mercy & Toaster climbed up to the stack of cars while me & Rob tried to move the scrap off us]

Rob: Chris, help! Help!

Chris: [looking for Rob and calls out] Where are you? Rob!

[Then Toaster & Mercy made it to the top of the cars]

Mercy: Now what? (hears Rob's voice)


Chris: Rob, where are you?!?

Toaster: [sees the sprockets and turned to Mercy] Mercy, I'm afraid I have to sacrifice myself and save the master.

Mercy: [picks up Toaster on the top of her hands with tears on her eyes] Toaster, no! I don't want you to die! I love you! [Kisses him on the lips]

[Then Toaster's eyes spiraled & a black puff of smoke formed the shape of a heart]

Toaster: [blushes] I love you too, mercy, but Austin loves you. Just let go of me. If I'm fixed, I know you hoped to see me alive. [put his head down sadly] But I have no choice.

[Mercy's eyes verged with tears]

Mercy: Toaster...

Mercy and Toaster: (hearing mine & Rob's screaming)

Rob and Austin: Aaaaaahhhh!!!

Austin: [sadly] This is the end of us. Goodbye, mother. Goodbye, father. Goodbye, Music. Goodbye, mother earth and father time.

Toaster: [spotted the sprockets and jumped off from Mercy's hands] Goodbye, Mercy! I love you!

Austin: [reached out her hand sadly] TOASTER, NOOOO!!!!!

[CRACK! The conveyer belt & the crusher began to slow down with Toaster mangled in the gears then the crusher finally stopped before it crushed Rob's hand]

Mercy: [watched Toaster who is now mangled between the gears and started to cry with tears] Toaster! [Crying and fell to her knees while she was on the top of the stack of wrecked cars) What Have We Done?! Toaster Is Dead! Why Me?! (Sobbing)

Rob: whew!


Chris: would you cool it? Now get down here you're scaring me to death.

Rob: [turns over to me] you ok?

Austin: only a broken leg but I'm ok. Right, Mercy?

Mercy: (Sadly) Yeah, Braden. I Always Left It On A Comfortation.

[Later, TV was doing a puppet show. I was laying in the bed while Mercy was sitting in a chair, she looked at me and I knew that she knew that I stilled loved her. Rob was fixing Toaster.]

Chris: really now why don't you just go out & buy a new one?

Rob: are you kidding? Where could I find another toaster like this?

Chris: like that? Probably nowhere

Mercy: yeah there's no other toaster like it.

[Soon Toaster was fixed up & Rob made a face at Toaster & toast popped up]

Rob: aha! [Bites on the toast]

Austin: [on crutches] is that an old trick of yours?

Rob: ever since I was a kid!

[Toaster opened one eye & looked over at his master soon Rob had his things packed for college but before he goes to college he & Chris had to take Austin & Mercy back to North Carolina.]

Rob: Bye, mom I love you!

Rob's Mother: I'll call you tonight!

[Then Rob, Chris, Austin & Mercy drove away]

Rob's Mother: you forgot your sweater!

[In the trunk]

Blanky: we did good didn't we?

Toaster: yep. [sighs] we did good.

Lampy: you know I've been thinking & this college business seems like a good idea I can absorb a lot of interesting facts.

Radio: why listen to this! I'm picking up something I think it's a news flash! "President Roosevelt has declared today a national holiday! In honor of those 5 amazing appliances & two heroic humans we've all been hearing about! So lock up the office, take sown the top & open that rumble seat! Last one to Coney Island is a party pooper! From the starlight roof high atop the rits we wish our intrepid little friends the best of luck & a fond farewell!"

Kirby: ah you're all a bunch of junk!

[The appliances then laughed as the camera zoomed out from the car & into the clouds later Rob & Chris dropped Braden and Mercy off in North Carolina]

Mercy: hey thanks again for the ride home you guys and for making sure there was space in the trunk for Christine. I appreciate it.

Rob: no problem you get better soon ok?

Austin: I will [to Mercy] will you help me get Christine out of the back please?

Mercy: Sure.

[Austin and Mercy went to the trunk.]

Mercy: [To the appliances] Hey guys, thanks for the great adventure!

Toaster: Ah, don't mention it, it was kinda fun.

Blanky: will we ever see you again?

Mercy: I think so.

Radio: if we do we'll be ready for ya!

Lampy: that's right what are friends for?

Kirby: well I sure hope we all see you again Hu... I mean Austin and Mercy.

Braden: oh thanks guys. [hugs his appliance friends & Mercy grabbed Christine] goodbye.

Radio: see ya around Mak!

Mercy & Austin: [waves at Rob & Chris] goodbye!

[Rob & Chris waved back at me & so did the appliances]

Mercy: [limps over to Mercy's house.] You think your dad will give me a ride home?

Austin: Ya, I think he will.

Mercy: Let's hope so.

[We walked into the house.]

DJ: Hey, Mercy and Austin! Did you have fun with Toaster and friends?

Mercy: Yeah.

Austin: Yes, DJ. It was.

Annie: (Giggles)

Mercy: It sure is fun to watch.

[The camera soon pans forward to Christine. The screen soon turns to black.]

(Plays Merrie Melodies Music Closing 1941)


A Jeremy McAbee Cartoon

Thanks For Watching On Jeremy McAbee Cartoon.

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