Below is the entire text of Merlyn's Study on Joe Marks.

Joe Marks

Driven by his lust to overcome his father's fame, Joe Marks is a rather intriguing character, but at his core is rather simple.

Chapter I

Joe ranks very poorly on the Testosterone Side Economics PPC Chart.

See, Joe sucks

If the PPC Chart could be negative, Joe would be negative. Pure friendship, no sex, I feel the subject is driven more by food than by sex though. The subject is only 15, however, and may not even have reached puberty. This complicates matters.

Chapter II

The thesis of a food driven behavior led to my creation of the word "CuliQueer" ( a mix of Culinary and Queer ). This thesis is based on my experience of watching Joe interact with females. 80% of the time, he will only seriously sit down and "talk" with a girl if she has food. Through deductible reasoning, I concluded that Joe's favorite food is Mexican food. This is based on his fascination with David Palacios. A..."larger" mexican, it is obvious that David has eaten quite a bit of Mexican food in his life. Joe was originally turned on to Dave, but through my affiliations with Dave (lover) and the subject's realization that if Dave were skinny, only then would their be food left over for Joe. So Joe moved on. While in search of his next "meal ticket" he was provided with countless opportunities to traverse the PPC Chart. I myself took part in daily rituals to "hook up" the subject with girls who showed even remote interest in Joe. But he declined all offers. Much to my astonishment, Joe's lust for mexican food (which was unknown to me at the time) led him to ask out the lesser attractive mexican sister of a trifecta of short wierd little minorities. My reasoning is that, because of the small shape of the female, their is a surplus of mexican food. Thus his quest began. But unexpectadly, the sister refused him. This relates directly to the PPC Chart, and is an example of the sister's knowledge of TSE . She knows through this, if Joe were to ask again he would appear desperate and be easy to manipulate. In a TSE, this is known as "pussy-whipped". But, due to the lack of "pussy", Joe was merely "whipped".

Chapter III

All of this combined leans toward a "secular" view on the public economy as opposedd to the popular "balls-first" view, used by many jocks, blacks, and well, 90% of the male population. Don't be confused by the numbers. Joe's lifestyle and view is not by choice. He is not a part of the 10% to be cool, but rather because he has to, because of his evangelical mother. Any deviation from the normalcy of the highly-Christian, Corporate Whoring Capitalist promotion is condsidered sinful, and immediatly struck down. Any ideas of "liberalism" is immediate condemnation to hell, (through the eyes of his mother) and through his father's endless years of supporting the Corporate Death Machine, Joe is instilled with a work-aholic Christian view. Also, through his father's relations with Joe's teachers, this leads Joe to be a kiss ass out of fear of his dad, (who has a mustache) instead of fulfilling his own desires. Based on Joe's physical stature, the subject has very high metabolism considering his lifelong habbits of video games and junk food. He may have ADD, and he is Hyper-Active (this would help with burning the calories) and he is spontaneous. But also somewhat lazy. No desire to try "new" things. This relates to his fascination with Nintendo. Nintendo's overuse of and fear of abandoning the famed character Mario is idealic of Joe, who only tries the same things over and over."

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