• Narrator: New from VeggieTales - Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas.
  • Lawrence: I was hoping you guys could turn up.
  • Turnip: Is that a "turnip" joke?
  • Narrator: It's going to be big...
  • Philip Fleagle: Maybe a little too big.
  • Narrator: It's going to be bright...
  • Lawrence: Wanna put on some sunglasses!
  • Narrator: It's going to celebrate the true light of Christmas.
  • Christinia: All I really want for Christmas is to help one of my neighbors.
  • Narrator: Featuring Si Robertson from Duck Commander.
  • Silas: Just a fact, Jack.
  • Narrator: And new music from Owl City.
  • Philip Fleagle: Whoah!
  • Lawrence: Guess that could've been worse.
  • (BOING!)
  • Narrator: Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas. Available on DVD October 15th.

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