Merry Xmas Kuki is Kikatoons Adventures Episodes.


Numbuh 3 & Numbuh 4 throw a Christmas Party, but when they need help with the party prep, they send a special holiday request to their favorite magical dude, Fish Santa. Meanwhile, Spongebob tries out for the role of Mall Santa.

Featured Characters

  • Numbuh 3
  • Numbuh 4
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Timmy Turner
  • Cosmo
  • Wanda
  • Fish Santa
  • Jenny Wakeman
  • Vicky
  • Chowder
  • Mung Daal
  • Denzel Crocker
  • Jimmy Neutron
  • Danny Phantom
  • Panini
  • Numbuh 1
  • Numbuh 2
  • Numbuh 5
  • Bloo
  • Mac
  • Trixie Tang

Voice Cast

  • Lauren Tom as Numbuh 3
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Numbuh 4
  • Tom Kenny as Spongebob Squarepants
  • Tara Strong as Timmy Turner
  • Daran Norris as Cosmo
  • Susuan Blakeslee as Wanda
  • Bobcat Goldthwait as Fish Santa
  • Janice Kawaye as Jenny Wakeman
  • Grey DeLisle as Vicky
  • Nicky Jones as Chowder
  • Dwight Schultz as Mung Daal
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Denzel Crocker
  • Debi Derryberry as Jimmy Neutron
  • David Kaufman as Danny Phantom
  • Liliana Mumy as Panini
  • Ben Diskin as Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2
  • Cree Summer as Numbuh 5
  • Keith Ferguson as Bloo
  • Sean Marquette as Mac
  • Dionne Quan as Trixie Tang


  • Christmas Party
  • It's Magic


  • Numbuh 3: Merry Christmas! Were Havin a Party to Everyone Invited
  • Singer: Time Celebrate and Won't Don't Be Late us to When Wally and Kuki It's Annual Christmas Party!
  • Singer: Decorate your Tree Makes Some Memories When Wally and Kuki it's Annual Christmas Party!

[Music Ends]

  • Spongebob: Ho Ho Ho!
  • Numbuh 3: Well Jingle my Bells Christmas it is Spongebob?
  • Spongebob: No It is He The One and Only Spongebob
  • Numbuh 3: Well Ginger my Bread I Well Never Guess I You
  • Spongebob: Well you Are Talking to New? Big Mall! Fish Santa! Ho Ho Ho!
  • Numbuh 3: Well Wrapped My Present
  • Spongebob: [Laugh] Yeah I Toatlly there Know Auditions Pack Me Way There Off My Park Yet But Jingle Bell Diddly Doo!
  • Numbuh 3: Sugar Plum My Fairy Girl Ha Ha Come Over My Party will Celebrate will Big Break
  • Spongebob: Sound Great All The Detion.
  • Numbuh 3: I Can Just Abra Cadabra I gotta get Home get to Help Numbuh 4 Decorate.
  • Spongebob: Oof!
  • Numbuh 3: Merry Christmas!
  • Numbuh 3: Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa! Where all the decorations Hey! Numbuh 4 your have your Trot Triplity Tree and Egg on a Nog Proove the Cakes
  • Numbuh 4: Numbuh 3 we can Have to Own Parties! I Have Arnorvies Pimple
  • Numbuh 3: Pimple that tiny little thing here over reactives All smack it off with You
  • Numbuh 4: Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow! Numbuh 3 It Still There!
  • Numbuh 3: Oh! I Know got a Retives Chocolate Graved Cover Pizza!
  • Numbuh 4: Numbuh 3 No!
  • Numbuh 3: I Know Everything On I Have Shiny Beautiful Teeth Work It! Now Work It Girl!
  • Numbuh 4: Numbuh 3 Keep Off!
  • Numbuh 3: So It's Did'nt Work
  • Numbuh 4: No! It is Contralus got a Party Planning
  • Numbuh 3: Party Are Easy We Got Do His Clean

[Pimple Popping]

  • Numbuh 3: Decorate Cool Wrap Present throw the best Party Ever!

[More Pimple Popping]

  • Numbuh 4: AUGH! How got to throw the best Party get Shown My Face!
  • Numbuh 3: There There Now Look at Me Look at Me It's My Christmas Gift to You all Handle to Party Peporation You Can Stay Here take Hem Pretty Little Face!
  • Numbuh 4: Awwww! It's Really Sweet!
  • Numbuh 3: Mwah! Your Greasy Smile Set It Hope
  • People: Wow Whoa Ha Ha Ha!
  • Vicky: Calm Down your Babies Santa Will Be There
  • Spongebob: Hi! Santa is Ready for Action
  • Vicky: Your are Not Santa? Your Elf!
  • Spongebob: Well I Best to Never Playing Santa
  • Chowder: It's a Bear Shereme It's Chowder!
  • Spongebob: Why!
  • Vicky: It's Red or Not It's Not Orena
  • Spongebob: But Chowder to Get to Have it Left!
  • Chowder: I But you What and with the Kiddies with the Toy begin have to Five bucks! First
  • Spongebob: That why are you doing that Super Money!
  • Chowder: Yeah!
  • Vicky: See Perfect So Big
  • Chowder: Psst! Santa Make your Think very Naughty Girl


  • Numbuh 3: [Humming] Oh My Gosh Our Rainbow Monkey! aw Where Never to world I Can to work us to Party Christmas to Everybody! Eh Eh Whoa Whoa Whoa! Oof Fish Santa? Can I Won't to Somewhere I Really to Can't you we got holiday Magic Right Now Please
  • Fish Santa: Now Fish of That is
  • Numbuh 3: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Not a Fish don't forget Toshi
  • Fish Santa: Well Settle Down I'm Santa!!!!!!!!
  • Numbuh 3: Santa! Huh! Hmm Seen Real Bigger Okay Belly full of Jelly Okay Okay Turn Around Gasp!
  • Gingerbread Man: Hey!
  • Numbuh 3: Only Have a Tatoo it's a Bread Mills those Candy Canes That's was hundred Precents Real Deal I Love You Santa
  • Fish Santa: And I Love you Numbuh 3 Now Let get Decorate To Rainbow Monkeys only Place Here Load Of This

[Music Intro]

  • Numbuh 3: Wowster
  • Fish Santa: Let's Get Action Check out These Boots Oh Yeah!
  • Pilot: Ho, Ho, Ho It's Magic You Know Never Believe it's Not So It's Magic You Know Never Believe It's Not So

[Music Ends]

  • Numbuh 3: Awesome! Everthings Perfect!
  • Fish Santa: Hey Ya Guest What We Still Got a Tree!
  • Numbuh 3: Santa?
  • Fish Santa: What!
  • Numbuh 3: Eh Eh! Can I Be Santa Little Helper?
  • Fish Santa: Boo Yah! Whack
  • Numbuh 3: Eh Eh You Feel a Christmas Hee Hee Hee Hee


  • Numbuh 3: I Did It!
  • Fish Santa: Now All I Need I Got Tree Topper
  • Numbuh 3: I Gotta Make Sure Perfect
  • Numbuh 3 and Fish Santa: Hmmmmmmmm!
  • Chowder: Guess I Want for Christmas
  • Spongebob: Ha Ha Actually Santa Chowder My Does'nt He Tell What you Want for Christmas
  • Chowder: Not Interested


  • Kid: AAAAAAH!!!!! Oof!


  • Spongebob: Chowder You Caught to Stop Him
  • Chowder: You Right It's Just Safe I'm You Home
  • Spongebob: GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHH! Get It Off Me Get Off
  • Vicky: What is Going On Here
  • Chowder: I Will Trying to Enter That Adorable Children and that he get Attack Me!
  • Spongebob: But It's Not True! He was Ruining Christmas
  • Vicky: Spongebob! It is You was ruining your Christmas you we the Nore Now!
  • Vicky: and Don't Forget to Getting off that True!
  • Spongebob: Huh!
  • Numbuh 3 & Fish Santa: Hmmmmmm!
  • Fish Santa: Where are getting on top on that tree! this defection for only not My Christmas! Mocking
  • Numbuh 3: Don't Worry I Would God I Lost for you lot of Things Numbuh 4 Numbuh 4 Come On I Need Ya Now
  • Fish Santa: this is Serious all whole party and off this
  • Numbuh 3: Aw do it Make it Fish Santa Cry!
  • Fish Santa: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!!
  • Numbuh 4: Wait Fish Santa is Here?
  • Fish Santa: That's Right!
  • Numbuh 4: Guards Hi Fish Santa
  • Fish Santa: AAAHHH!!! Go Away Oh Aaah! Oh Ow Ow Oh! Whoa My Prickles
  • Numbuh 3: AAAAAAAAHH!!


  • Fish Santa: It's Okay to Finger
  • Numbuh 3: Santa in his Hands!
  • Fish Santa: Oh Hey No Hey's Guys Just Watch I Crack it show on


  • Fish Santa: All Try Again It's Alright Awww Oh No I Magic Doesn't Work I Can't Learn Our Present Look it All Tored Up
  • Numbuh 3: He Scared Children
  • Fish Santa: Hmmmmm!!!! It Only or Someone I Play the Play thing Mean
  • Spongebob: Hey Guys Worst Christmas Eve Ever! Gasp! Fish Santa
  • Numbuh 3: Spongebob! your Just in Time Can I help us
  • Spongebob: Ummmm!! Why is Exam is in Living Room and why is the and make it and are the head on arms Broken!
  • Numbuh 3: No Targlet Wank We Can't to acting skills by Santa!
  • Fish Santa: And Says Christmas!
  • Spongebob: Oh My Gosh! Yes We Me I Can't Play Santa!


  • Spongebob: Ho Ho Ho!
  • Fish Santa: It's Like a Mirror
  • Numbuh 3: Alright Here the Plan Spongebob and I go Save Christmas Numbuh 4 You Can't Stay Here you make me Santa Kaboom!
  • Spongebob: Ah I Can't Believe It My Christmas Wish Finally It's Finally Coming True.
  • Timmy Turner: Wheee!! a Pony Cosmo and Wanda!
  • Horse: Neigh!!!!
  • Jimmy It's a Secret of Universe!
  • Trixie Tang: Santa Popular Sweet! Lookin Good!


  • Numbuh 3: Merry Christmas Denzel Crocker!
  • Denzel Crocker: First!
  • Vicky: Walk at Late to Christmas My Favorite About Things to Do
  • Spongebob: Now I Can't Play to Santa [Raspberry]
  • Vicky: Oh Sweet!
  • Fish Santa: Wow This Oragel making My Hands to Feel so Lot Better Thank You
  • Numbuh 4: Uh Well The Nothing well Looking Like Thing My too Christmas
  • Fish Santa: Don't Say That
  • Numbuh 4: How Can't I Not! Look It My Face
  • Fish Santa: You I Would Like See on Your Face! A Big Own Bright Star ooh! Guest What
  • Numbuh 4: What!
  • Fish Santa: I Would Great Idea
  • Numbuh 3: We All those Present Christmas is Safe

[Rock Guitar Music Play]

  • Spongebob: Ooh! It's a Last Time I Part of Sleigh Gasp! Numbuh 3 Look!
  • Numbuh 3: Well Rum My Pump Pump Pump! Your On My Treetopper


  • Numbuh 4: Yay Look at My Beautiful Christmas It!
  • Fish Santa: Give it All Totally of Low
  • Numbuh 3: It Just in Time to Party!
  • Fish Santa: Oh My Gosh! Guys What a Special Moment to Having Oh Whoa It's Was Specialness Time My Hands Aw Let's Get Says The Best Costume More Magic!
  • Timmy Turner: Yeah This is the Party Ever
  • Cosmo: Yeah
  • Wanda: Cosmo!
  • Jenny XJ9: Cool
  • Mung Daal: Yeah!
  • Denzel Crocker: What a Place!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Alright
  • Danny Phantom: Awesome
  • Panini: Oh Yeah!
  • Numbuh 1: Sweet
  • Numbuh 2: Whoa!
  • Numbuh 5: Numbuh 5 Plan!
  • Bloo: Hey!
  • Mac: Oh My Gosh!
  • Trixie Tang: Cool
  • Fish Santa, Spongebob, and Numbuh 3: This is the Greatest Christmas Ever!
  • Numbuh 4: Yay!
  • Chowder: Yay!
  • Panini: Under that Mistletoe Pucker Up Chowder
  • Chowder: Whoa!
  • Fish Santa: Ho Ho Ho!

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