The Mess Hall is the most visited place on GAJ. It is the place where people come to just chill and chat about whatever they want to talk about. They are pretty much given free reign here, with the exception of the few rules in place.

Topics in the Mess Hall

The Mess Hall started off with many topics that came and went, but the first topic that stuck around and was the first series of topics to recurr was the Mansion topics. It was about a mansion where people did stuff, and and randomness could take place.

Announcements used to be posted in there too, which were auto sticked. This was before a seperate Announcements board was made.

A Game Reviews topic was begun, and many many people posted various random reviews on widely varied games from all genres; ranging from the simple 7/10 to the well thought out review masterpieces.

Soon, once an old user called MasterJedi made a topic which showed a site with free useable smileys, stories utilising these in them appeared. The first of these were Ghost's Smile Wars, a Star Wars inspired story using smileys as illustration.

The next majorly read story was made by a user Matt44au, called James Smile. It was definitely the most successful of those stories; it spawned 2 novella sized sequels, but with no smileys.

When GAJ2 started, Decoy made an early topic calling for all newbies to the boards to introduce themselves. This has survived to this day, and is stickied.

The game review topic also came back around this time, with a less successful movie rating topic alongside it. Both were subsequently stickied.


One day, the Mess Hall topics and posts reached the milestone of 3 times larger than all of the other Jack boards combined. This aggrevated the admins and which spurred a campaign to get people to actually care about GAJ's mission: To stop Jack Thompson and raise awareness of the true nature of games. Bloodlust555666 tried to revitalise some interest by gathering all the info she could find on the subject and practically spamming the crap out of Jack Attack with it. The affects of this were felt for about a week, but the lure of the Mess Hall was still too great. A new rule was then instigated: 1 post in the Jack forums for every 10 Mess Hall posts. This worked for a good while, but the magnetic temptation of the Mess Hall came to light again a couple of months.

Fights began to break out in the Mess Hall. People were posting way too much and outside issues were brought to a head. Things were falling apart. The admins soon put their foot down. They gave the whole of GAJ a choice: Stop the fights, or destroy the Mess Hall.

The fights were soon curbed, and to keep things in check, the admins held mod applications. Eventually 2 mods were chosen: Miss Shiina and Ferrari Jones.

Not terribly long after his appointment, Ferrari's fanboy-ism got the better of him and he started a flame war with other users over Halo vs Half-Life. AdmiralFutch got angry, and de-modded Ferrari, who subsequently left GAJ, leaving Miss Shiina as the sole moderator of the Mess Hall. She was then promoted to Admin after Dead Decoy left.

Rules of the Mess Hall

The following rules were created by Miss Shiina and Ferrari Jones shortly after they became moderators. These rules were last updated on March 19, 2006.

The Rules

1. Please keep all randomness within reason. Excessive 1337, out-of-control randomness and spam will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. You may have topics specifically for randomness and goofing around, but please keep it within reason, with spamming and 1337 to a minimum, as well as the number of "random-specific" topics.

Also, please keep these topics PG-13.

2. Flaming and trolling are not tolerated. We understand that people joke, and that is perfectly fine, however, outright blasting someone for no reason is not, and such posts will be deleted.

Please keep personal disagreements to PMs, as they are not allowed in the Mess Hall.

3. Swearing is permitted, but please keep it to a minimum. Excessive swearing will be dealt with by either editing your post to remove the words, censor them (with embarassing things like "Fruitloops") or they will simply be deleted.

4. Please don't post links to pornography or anything that is similarly inappropriate or offensive, such as the Unholy Trinity or the Pains. (If you don't know what those are, then it's better that you don't.)

5. To avoid clutter, please don't quote more than 3 posts at once. We don't mind if you post them one at a time with little blurbs of text in between... but those HUGE solid blocks of quotes are really quite the eyesore, and will be edited to conform to this rule.

Exceptions will be made if ALL quotes are relevant. Otherwise, the least relevant quotes will be removed.

6. Please respect the admins/mods. If we ask you to do something, then please comply. We are at this status for a reason.

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