The most well known Meta-Human gang in Dakota. It's members seem to grow and decrease over certain times.


The head of a group of Bang Babies including Shiv, Talon, and Kangor. Ebon is a transmorph; a living shadow and inter-dimensional portal able to hide and become one shadows, as well as transport others to locations of his choice.



Hot-Streak was one of the gang members at the docks when the Big Bang occurred. After being exposed to the gas, Francis Stone became Hot-Streak. His powers added to his already hot-headedness by giving him the ability to create and shoot blasts of fire.



A juvenile delinquent gangbanger, who was another of the victims of the Bang Baby gas incident at the docks. A Jamaican American in his late teens, Kangor speaks with a Jamaican accent, and Jamaican music starts to play whenever he shows up or starts a fight. Kangor’s exposure and reaction to Big-Bang gas has super-developed his lower body, starting at his waist, down his legs and especially his heavy, powerful feet; the mass of Kangorr's bones and muscles are noticebley larger than his upper body, endowning him with incredible lower body strength. Kangor's fighting style made use of his powerful lower body strength; enabling him to leap up and attack high, delivering kicks with enough power behind them to break through walls of solid brick and buckle and crush steel cars and any other obstacles in his way.


Puff & Onyx

A Meta-Human duo who're never seen without each other. Puff’s Bang Baby powers includes creation of different vapors in her breath (including a strong acid vapor and knock-out gas) and the ability to make her legs turn into a “puff” cloud, which allows her to float and fly through the air. Onyx is her longtime friend and together they were exposed to the Big Bang gas. Onyx was transformed into a giant, purple strong man, who is able to crush and smash things in his way with very little effort. Onyx is usually more forgiving than Puff, but is willing to do what she tells him to in order to get the job done.



He is the immature jokester in the Meta-Breed. Can generate "light energy", which he could blast at opponents, and fashion into weapons which he could hold, throw, or fashion around his arms and hands.



A teenage girl who was transformed into a half-human/half-avian creature and is bitter about it. Talon was covered in orange feathers, had claws and talons, and could fly; plus, she could emit a destructive hyper-sonic shriek from her mouth, like a harpy.


Carmen Dillo

A human mutated into an armadillo-like form similar to an Armadillo, Carmendillo possessed a bulletproof hide and could be launched like a projectile. He lived in garbage cans and stole food.He joined they meta-breed after repeated defeats but was scared after Ebon heard hsi brother was a good guy guy he was taken into custody after trying to rob a store he was broken out with the other members of the Meta-Breed he ran away after another battle with Static.



Another victim of the Big Bang gas, Ferret’s nose became much larger and gave him an incredible sense of smell.


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